Game Account Network Approved By New Jersey's Regulator

Published Sunday, April 23, 2017 -
Game Account Network Approved By New Jersey's Regulator

Getting a licence to operate an online gambling enterprise in the USA is the holy grail of the industry for some entrepreneurs. Established in the United Kingdom in April 2001, GAN operates a network of gaming websites dedicated to person-to-person games of skill for real money. The Game Account Network consists of blue chip eGaming operators and attracts thousands of connected players in over 130 countries. GameAccount offers its partners a customized stand alone white-label service or a fully integrated single-wallet service for sports book, casino and poker operators looking to provide high-stakes skill-gaming to their established customer base. The GameAccount skill gaming software is provided only to regulated and licensed operators targeting non-U.S. markets until now.

GAN is pleased to announce it has received a privileged gaming licence to operate from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE). GAN submitted an initial licence application back in 2013 and has experienced the in depth investigation by the NJDGE in recent years clearing the path to a license. The award-winning developer and supplier of enterprise-level B2B Internet gaming software, services and online gaming content is proud to have gained approval for its services in the USA.

The CEO of GAN, Dermot Smurfit, commented, "We have long maintained that a key benefit of choosing GAN is the guaranteed integrity and strong compliance profile of our current and historic business activities, clean source of investment funds and the unquestioned suitability of our major shareholders, directors and employees to be licensed in New Jersey. Here is the proof of those long-standing statements. GAN has been thoroughly and professionally investigated by the NJDGE, and we welcome the grant of our first privileged gaming license in the U.S. In the heavily regulated world of internet gaming, the significance of this gaming license cannot be underestimated and is a major asset for our Company and will deliver our shareholders significant value over time."








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