143rd Kentucky Derby A.I. Assisted Predictions Revealed

Published Saturday, May 06, 2017 - Online-Casinos.com
143rd Kentucky Derby A.I. Assisted Predictions Revealed

Horse race betting is completely legal across the United States on a federal level and a very exciting two minutes of horse racing the 143rd Kentucky Derby is running today May 6th 2017. Churchill Downs, the racetrack that hosts the Kentucky Derby, also owns an online gambling company called Twinspires that will allow punters to bet on today’s race.

Twinspires offers a number of opportunities for each race, there are three most basic bets. Win wager: The horse you choose must win the race in order for you to win. Place wager: You win if your horse finishes in the top two and a Show wager where you win if your horse finishes in the top three.

The use of artificial intelligence to make a bet has been popular for a few years now with bettors waiting patiently to make their wagers after the computers do the job. In 2016, Unanimous A.I. used a technology called “swarm intelligence” to coordinate a group of racing fans to correctly predict the Kentucky Derby superfecta with the swarm intelligence beating 540-to-1 odds.  Now, the A.I. application has revealed its predictions for the 2017 race.

Founder of the A.I. program Dr. Louis Rosenberg described the prediction method, “A swarm of bees is an emergent intelligence that’s faced with a really challenging problem,” Rosenberg continued, “Every spring, a full colony of bees splits in two. A group of about 10,000 bees now has to find a new home.” Scientists  discoveredhow the bees were doing this, and it turns out their swarming approach to problem-solving looks a lot like the function of neurons in the brain. Dr. Rosenberg has created a similar approach for the Unanimous A.I. program. The program prediction has a confidence level of 75 percent that Classic Empire will take the win while McCracken, Irish War Cry, and Always Dreaming will come into the first four places. Unanimous A.I. did predict the results correctly last year and maybe again in 2017.





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