Internet Betting Take Over Imminent

Published Tuesday, May 30, 2017 -
Internet Betting Take Over Imminent

Looking for a thrill and not wanting got go out, turn on your phone and find a reputable online betting location but even better fire up your 4K television and play with the sound up. The notion that online gambling will replace the terrestrial casino environment like the ones all over the world some in exotic locations seems ridiculous when looking at the massive amounts of money already invested.

The online gambling experience is different is so accessible though there are some vague concerns that the pastime may take over. The world is becoming more digitized and virtual and the internet betting industry is growing in leaps and bounds. The terrestrial casino may be doomed to being inhabited by those who don’t have a smart phone. The huge cost of the terrestrial casino and people deciding travel is too expensive or time consuming are also markers for the demise of the big buildings and large staff.

The gambling industry is huge and people bet on everything. It is always great news to hear about the winners but very few want to hear about the squandering of fortunes. Last year it was revealed that David Milch one of the most creative writers in modern prestige television had done just that.  The creator of the classic shows NYPD Blue and the acclaimed western Deadwood, made a sizable $100m fortune during his forty year career and blew it all on betting.

Mr. Milch said to the U.K.’s Independent newspaper, “I would say gambling became a problem for me. It distorts relationships, the way you want to live.” He added,  “If you don’t realise when it has you in its grip, shame on you.”

The addictive personality is blind to their issues until the end of the line when the river runs dry and one’s life has changed forever.

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