Probe Reveals Money Laundering in B.C. Casinos

Published Friday, June 16, 2017 -
Probe Reveals Money Laundering in B.C. Casinos

A story that broke a few days ago is creating a bit of a stir in Canada’s western province of British Columbia where it is alleged that a criminal organization has laundered millions of dollars through the casinos there. This seems to come as no surprise to many who can see the difficult task the government of British Columbia has in controlling its vast coastal area from illegal transactions and criminal intent.

CBC news reported that a large amount of cash was seized as part of a year-long investigation into money laundering at British Columbia’s casinos.  The investigation has been going on for a year and resulted in the detention of nine people according to B.C.'s gang task force.

The assistant commissioner Kevin Hackett of the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit (CFSEU) said that the investigation started last May when it was revealed that a number of illegal betting parlours were laundering drug money and were also involved in extortion, kidnapping and excessive money lending practices.

Assistant Commissioner Hackett stated at a news conference recently, "It's safe to say that we're looking at millions of dollars being laundered,"  "Money laundering, loan sharking and illegal gaming provide an attractive source of income for organized crime," Hackett said.

"Clients who utilize these services need to be aware that often the cash being provided to them is from illegal activity, and that using such services provides financial support to criminals and funds their illegal enterprises and operations."

No charges have yet to be laid. Investigators are revealing little about the alleged criminal group, saying the investigation is still ongoing and that more arrests are anticipated. The casinos in question have not been revealed other than that three or four illegal gambling establishments have been identified.

The CFSEU's new Joint Illegal Gaming Investigation Team, including members of the provincial government's Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch have taken responsibility for this probe with more results forthcoming.




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