Liquidity for Poker in Europe Coming Soon

Published Friday, June 30, 2017 -
Liquidity for Poker in Europe Coming Soon

The regulated online poker industry in Europe has been going through changes for years with certain jurisdictions struggling to maintain customers and attract new players. Poker players need other participants to fill in the tables and make for exciting games. Liquidity is a key element that has been on the back burner for regulators in the European poker market for some time now.  Regulators in some of Europe’s largest poker markets have finally found some common ground and will step up the game with an agreement that will be the first steps towards European online poker liquidity.  

The agreement is expected to be signed July 6th in Rome and will include regulators from France, Portugal, Italy and Spain. A statement released recently from the French gambling regulator ARJEL confirmed the agreement saying it will, “set the basis for cooperation between the signing Authorities in this context and will be followed by further necessary steps within each of the jurisdictions involved in order to effectively allow for liquidity poker tables.”

The agreement has been long in coming to the diminished online poker industry in Europe and the hope of operators in the sector is that the liquidity arrangement will stem the downward spin and revitalize interest in the activity.

More information will emerge after the signing of the agreement relating to taxes timeframes and responsibility of the various regulatory bodies involved. It was noted that the agreement will create a framework for cooperation and negotiation between the four regulatory authorities, and most of the details of implementation have yet to be negotiated.

The announcement of this proposed historic agreement between international regulatory bodies has been hailed as great news by poker players and operators in the various jurisdictions. The hope is that implementation of the liquidity agreement won’t take as long it did to get to this stage.




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