Australian Government To Curb Gambling Adverts

Published Thursday, July 13, 2017 -
Australian Government To Curb Gambling Adverts

Online gambling on sports gets to be an issue when the operators are aggressive with their efforts to attract new punters. The problems arise when the balance between the moral code of the citizens is upset by the operator’s insistence on advertizing their products to everyone without concern for the harm the ads may do. The government of some countries have taken steps to reduce the harm caused by early exposure to gambling.

The exposure is massive in Australia which has been overwhelmed by promotions for wagering. The sports betting nation have created gambling losses of A$23 billion ($17.7 billion) per annum. These figures reveal that Australians bet more than most other nations. Those with some responsibility in government are looking to restrict the influence of advertizing broadcasters, operators of gambling firms and sports organizations.

It has been suggested that as many as twenty five percent of Australian youth bet on sporting events.

A specialist in sports, culture and media and professor at Western Sydney University, David Rowe, said, “In people’s minds, and especially children, the concept of sports and gambling have become so intertwined that they can’t think about one without the other,” Rowe continued, “That’s what people regard as really dangerous.”

Action is proposed by the current government to impose a prohibition on adverts for betting  during all daytime live matches. These laws will do the job for now but then the Aussi government faces another issue of how to keep major sports funded while keeping youth from being unduly influenced by gambling ads.  

Australian Human Services Minister Alan Tudge, commented ,“I hear parents’ concerns that their kids can name the odds on every game and talk about that rather than who’s playing well,” Tudge added, online gambling, “has all the growth and is where the problems of the future will arise unless we start to get control of it now.”




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