Harm Reduction Aim of FOBT Stake Reduction Demands

Published Thursday, July 20, 2017 - Online-Casinos.com
Harm Reduction Aim of FOBT Stake Reduction Demands

Gamblers in the U.K. are being looked after by the government which has been attempting to limit the stake on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals that are claiming a massive amount of revenue from punters. Back in January this year the Association of British Bookmakers (ABB) issued a press release “demanding an urgent inquiry into a new report” by the All-Party Parliamentary Group that was given the task of assessing the potential harm that Fixed Odds Betting Terminals cause.

The ABB called the report “deeply flawed,” claiming the report was funded by “commercial rivals of Britain’s bookmakers” that stand to “directly benefit if [the report’s] recommendations are ever implemented.” The Association of British Bookmakers contends there isn’t clear evidence that stake reduction results in a decrease in problem gambling. The GambleAware organization also revealed a “stake-only reduction strategy” was “not the most effective option for minimizing gambling-related harm.”

The All-Party Parliamentary Group chairperson, Carolyn Harris said she supported a responsible gambling industry, “but there is nothing responsible about how FOBTs are currently being operated.” The report revealed that the UK Gambling Commission is not taking a more “active role” in curbing FOBT abuse, and advised the UKGC to “look into accusations of any malpractice by bookmakers or gambling premises more widely.”

Now in July of 2017 the issue has become a campaign called ‘Cut the stake. Reduce FOBT Harm’ and is receiving media attention. John White, Chief Executive Officer of the British Amusement Catering Trade Association commented on the campaign in the U.K. “Bacta is an associate member of the All Party Parliamentary Group, alongside supporting organisations representing bingo, pub, adult gaming centres, coastal amusements, councils and the Royal Society for Public Health – all of which share concerns about the social implications of FOBTs. It’s essential that this issue remains firmly on the radar and that government recognises there is deeply held cross party support for a significant reduction in the FOBT stake.” Both bacta and the pub industry have called for a maximum stake of £2 and a maximum prize of £150.


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