Tasmania Debates Poker Machine Online Gambling Restrictions

Published Sunday, August 06, 2017 - Online-Casinos.com
Tasmania Debates Poker Machine Online Gambling Restrictions

The Tasmanian Parliament report on the gaming industry is expected by the end of September this year. The inquiry established a review of the gaming industry in Tasmania once the Federal Hotel’s exclusive license on poker machines expires in 2023. Tasmania’s welfare groups continue to advocate for a ban on poker machines in pubs and clubs in the state.

Social groups are arguing the placement of poker machines should be regulated to casinos.  Groups who want the use of poker machines to remain where they are debate that should the machines be removed the gamblers would be attracted to online gambling offerings. Federal Hotels and the hospitality industry said they believed online gaming to be a bigger threat. Managing director of Federal Hotels Greg Farrell revealed that the Treasury’s biennial study of the social and economic impacts of gambling  exposed the fact that seven per cent of Tasmanians have participated in online betting.

Social service organisations maintain that problem online gamblers were of little consequence in the  overall problem gambler situation. 

Meg Webb, Anglicare Tasmania Social Action and Research Centre manage, stated there was no evidence to suggest that restricting access to poker machines would change the interest of the troubled gambler to online betting, “There is no link between these two activities in any research,” Webb continued, “The motivations between these two forms of gambling are different.” “While participation in online gambling is growing, it only accounts for a small part of problem gambling activity in Tasmania.” “The clear and present danger is pokies.”

Brad Watson of the Salvation Army’s said unlike poker machines, online gambling was a private activity and the real effects are not well understood in Tasmania.  Poker machine gambling was identified as a concern by many of the clients who sought support for problems.  “It is our understanding that the demographic engaged in online gambling – suggested to be mostly younger, employed men – would be different to unemployed or socially isolated people seeking community and activity through centres such as a gaming venue,”


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