Online Gambling Bonuses To Be Restricted in Czech Republic

Published Saturday, September 02, 2017 -
Online Gambling Bonuses To Be Restricted in Czech Republic

The many regulated online gambling jurisdictions in the European Union have reached a point where the rules are being challenged by a number of governments. The Czech Republic has recently amended its laws regarding gambling and it continues to try its level best to control the activity.

The Czech Republic has pledged it will restrict free bets and other bonuses offered by online gambling operators. The reasoning behind the latest move by the Ministry of Finance which has officially revealed that it has serious concerns regarding the offering of bonuses by the various online gambling service providers which the Ministry claims is inducing consumers to possibly develop unhealthy gambling issues and should be controlled.

The  government report said, “The casinos, appealing to instant and seemingly easy winnings, have become typical not only of the suburbs of the Czech cities, but also of the centres of smaller municipalities, and all of the related socially harmful activities pose a threat to public order and peaceful coexistence,”

The Czech Republic’s strict Gaming Act has been the bases for the restriction of bonuses that the administration says there is a connection between these types of promotions and problem gambling.
The lawmakers passed the Gaming Act to defend consumers’ rights and protection by controlling  spending.

The recently published article claims that “given the fact that gambling is an area of business that carries a negative social cost, as it causes pathological gambling and associated undesirable manifestations in a particular part of the population, a new legal framework has been put in place to improve consumer protection, the conditions under which gambling can be run, and not only the conditions relating to the direct provision of gambling, but also related activities such as advertising and others.”

The Czech Republic has good intentions and the restricting methods are considered helpful and a step in the right direction in harm reduction caused by excessive online gambling.


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