Lottoland Australia's Proposal Considered Not Genuine

Published Sunday, October 29, 2017 -
Lottoland Australia's Proposal Considered Not Genuine

The internet provides global access to news sports and entertainment which online gambling is a big part of for many people. The number of jurisdictions that allow or don’t allow the use of the internet to place real money bets is staggering. There are places that allow certain kinds of online betting and those that don’t allow it at all. There are other issues that the industry faces such as competition among providers of certain gambling products.

The government involvement in the gambling industry is sometimes a monopoly and at other times a battle to keep a legal lid on operator’s actions on the internet. Australia is an example of a nation in flux with the gambling industry at odds over the continued competition between international gambling operators and lotteries and local product suppliers. The so called war of words has been going on for some time in Australia between Lottoland and Australia’s newsagents. The recent proposal from Lottoland Australia that asks Newsagent’s customers to nominate their local agent and that agent would receive 10% of each wager the customer places on the website. In return, agents are requested to advertise Lottoland on the premises, providing all advertising is limited to only lotteries from other domains.

Lottoland’s CEO, Luke Brill, said: “Lottoland has listened to Australian newsagents and this model is recognition that we need to work together. Newsagents will always have a longstanding cultural link to lotteries, but as it stands there is no infrastructure for them to take advantage of overseas lotteries and online betting. This needs to change.” Brill added, “Every bet on an overseas lottery is incremental revenue, part of which can now flow fairly to newsagents. This model complements in-store lottery purchases and opens a channel for these businesses to benefit from the emerging pool of ‘online only’ punters.”

The competition is still on with agents saying it is not a “genuine or helpful idea”, with some considering it “insult added to the injuries already caused by Lottoland”.


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