Belgium’s Gambling Laws Too Restrictive

Published Saturday, November 11, 2017 -
Belgium’s Gambling Laws Too Restrictive

Regulations are always trying to keep a lid on the internet and what is available through it. Governments all over the world are struggling with enforcing the regulatory platforms for online gambling which they insist are for the protection of the general public. Most of the regulatory regimes are in place by law and are necessary to give the industry direction in particular jurisdictions.

The issue however is the uncontrollable internet that provides all forms of entertain without restriction. It is only imposed laws that attempt to control the exploitive nature of the web. The European Union has been trying to unify the rules for international online gambling operators to include all of the nations. Unfortunately the task is failing due to certain jurisdictions not willing to comply.

An example of this issue is obvious in Belgium where a recent court ruling may create an even more restrictive environment for operators there. Belgian media reported recently that there is a challenge to the Belgian Gaming Commission and the Constitutional Court which prohibits different types of games of chance on the same internet site. It is said that the Belgian Gaming Commission had no authority to issue a single gambling license to any online operator that offered more than one type of gambling product using the same web domain location.  Licensing practices imposed by the Belgian Gaming Commission were brought into question by terrestrial gaming operator Rocoluc NV, which offers online casino games utilizing the domain. Rocoluc is asking why online gambling operators are not treated the same as terrestrial operators under the current laws.

Belgium’s gambling laws are probably the most restrictive in the world and are it seems about to become even more restricting. Recently lawmakers approved a plan that would ban gambling advertizing on television while sporting events are taking place and the possible removal of all online gambling affiliate marketing.


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