Pennsylvania Upsets Adelson Plan To Ban Online Gambling

Published Wednesday, November 15, 2017 -
Pennsylvania Upsets Adelson Plan To Ban Online Gambling

The current situation in the USA regarding legal online betting is still up in the air as more jurisdictions in America decide to allow or ban online gambling. The battle to prohibit internet wagering is headed up by mega casino owner Sheldon Adelson who seems to be losing the fight after the Keystone State of Pennsylvania has made the move to allow online betting.  

Adelson the CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corp. and along with his wealth and the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling, Adelson tried to point out the evils of online gambling but those efforts failed. The casino magnate had enlisted a number of politicians that were on his side to stop the proposed legislation. The coalition alleges that online gambling leads to gambling addiction and can have harmful effects on youth and the vulnerable.

Now however Pennsylvania’s Governor Tom Wolf has signed into law a massive gambling expansion package that in addition to allowing for more casinos in the state, also includes provisions to legalize online poker, online casinos, and daily fantasy sports betting.

Adelson had some allies in the political arena including Sen. Lisa Boscola, who represents the district which houses the Adelson owned Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem.  Boscola however saw the benefits of the bill approving a gambling expansion and voted for the gaming bill which made economic sense for Pennsylvania which is already the nation’s second largest commercial casino state.

The debate over expansion and the introduction of legal online wagering went on for years. Governor Wolf was on the Democrat side of the political fence and struggled with a Republican Legislature while looking for options to balance the deficit budget. Wolf said, “There’s been a lot of pressure from a lot of places in the commonwealth to actually expand this, and we do need some recurring revenue.”

Adelson is not a happy camper with this legislation but time will tell what steps he will take next.


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