UKGC New Five-Step Strategy Announced

Published Saturday, November 18, 2017 -
UKGC New Five-Step Strategy Announced

One of the most successful online gambling jurisdictions in the world, the United Kingdom, has adjusted its rules of engagement. The UK Gambling Commission recently announced its revised strategy that is intended too, “shape a well-regulated gambling market that works for consumers”. The all encompassing UKGC five-step strategy revealed on its web location will be valued by consumers, gambling operators and all those involved with the gambling industry.

The Commission has reviewed research on the industry and found that as many as 63 percent of U.K.’s citizens had placed a bet of some sort within the last year and the regulatory body claims it will “balance consumer choice and enjoyment against the risks and impact gambling can have for individuals and wider society”. The initiated plan is committed to protecting the interests of consumers; preventing  harm; raising the  standards for the gambling market; optimising returns to worthwhile causes from lotteries; and to improve communications between consumer and the authorities for real issues.

Bill Moyes, the United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission chairperson commented on the strategy proposed,  “This is an ambitious strategy to deliver fairer and safer gambling over the next three years; we can only be successful in this by engaging with consumers and by working closely with all our regulatory partners and the industry.” “In the same way that this strategy challenges the industry, we also challenge ourselves – as the regulator – to deliver effective, targeted and innovative regulation.

“At the end of three years we expect to see an industry that strives continuously to raise their standards, treat customers fairly, and protect vulnerable people.”

Last month the commission said,  “We have seen online gambling grow rapidly and we need to protect players in this space, while also making sure those experiencing harm relating to gambling receive the help they need.”





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