Impeachment Of Trump May Come Sooner Than Expected

Published Tuesday, January 30, 2018 -
Impeachment Of Trump May Come Sooner Than Expected

There have been a few interesting presidents elected in the USA but none has brought the world of gambling into the spotlight like the election of Donald Trump. Before he was elected the campaign was show of utter drama that upset the status quo in Washington and without a doubt brought a great deal of attention on the possible outcome. The new leader of the western world has disturbed a huge number of politicians and people with some of his outrageous tweets and speeches. Millions of women marched recently on the one year date of Mr.Trump’s inauguration as president, making it obvious there are number of people that don’t like him.

It is illegal in the USA to bet on politics but in Europe the pastime is enjoyed and the impeachment of Trump is a going concern for many bookies. Although the general public is keen on the positive aspect that the president will be impeached the opinion of those who interpret the actual data in Washington don’t think that it will happen any time soon. At Slate, Ben Mathis-Lilley looks at the data and lays out odds of Trump being impeached and it appears the facts suggest caution, for now and Mathis-Lilley puts the odds of Trump being impeached at 45 percent.

Washington Post writers David Weigel and Sean Sullivan both point out that the topic of impeachment rarely comes up in Washington and that most congressional Democrats are wary of even saying the word.  In Europe there is a feeling that the odds of Trump being impeached for wrongdoing is making a strong showing as the State of the Union address comes closer with the added feature that Trump has been accused of trying to fire special counsel Robert Mueller who is investigating the charges that Russia was involved in his election campaign. Listening to the news is futile these days though as Trump disregards most of it as fake.

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