Chinese Roulette An Innovation From Win Systems

Published Sunday, February 04, 2018 -
Chinese Roulette An Innovation From Win Systems

The online gambling industry has certainly evolved over the years and every once and awhile a new innovation comes to light that deserves mention. The reinvention of an old game has a cultural bent that will appeal to the Chinese gambler but also anyone else that likes to explore something new.

WIN Systems is a provider of casino solutions for the global gaming industry which specializes in management systems and gaming machines for all varieties of casinos and lotteries. It has created a new electronic roulette game under its Gold Club brand, called Chinese roulette.

This new product is very different form the version everyone is familiar with in the west. The table is laid out as a figure of eight and has the same 36 numbers plus zero. The gambler can wager on the alternative set of numbers which are based on the Chinese zodiac signs which include the dragon, tiger and dog as well as others that include the elements water, wood, fire and metal.

A unique feature of Chinese roulette is the Zero 50/50 protection aspect. If a card dealt sees the ball landing on zero, players are able to recover their bets if the value is higher than an eight and it is lost if lower than eight.

CEO of Win Systems, Eric Benchimol, commented on the innovation, “Win Systems continues to drive innovation in the electronic roulette space, and Chinese roulette is the latest addition to our quality range.

“Featuring a brand-new bet table, new symbols and the regionally-tailored figure of eight layout, all players, but particularly Asian ones, will enjoy the fresh approach to the established game.

“We’ve boosted our Gold Club range significantly in recent weeks with the launch of Ventura and Knockout, and this latest addition will confirm our position as the leading electronic roulette supplier to global operators.”






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