Super Bowl Betting Beats The Record In Nevada

Published Wednesday, February 07, 2018 -
Super Bowl Betting Beats The Record In Nevada

Super Bowl LII turned out to be one great game for spectators and gamblers who reportedly wagered a record amount on the contest. The underdog Philadelphia Eagles took home the trophy and some serious money changed hands in the process.

There was a record $158.58m (€128.1m) put down on the game in the state of Nevada which is one f the few states in the USA where it is legal to place bets on sporting events. The win by the Eagles upset the favourite team the New England Patriots by taking away the chance for the Patriots to win a sixth title during this historic game. The 41-33 win by the Eagles caused a few gamblers to step up and count their winnings which for those who bet large on the match, was substantial.

The 2017 Super Bowl between the Patriots and Atlanta Falcons realized a record $138.5 million which was beat by the 2018 numbers by $20 million. Books in Nevada were not that happy with their take on the game taking home only $1.1million the lost amount since 2011. There have only been two years since the Nevada Gaming Control Board began taking notes on the Super Bowl in 1991 that the books haven’t gained with 1995 and 2008 the only negative profit years.

The ESPN sports network revealed that a $3 million dollar and a $1 million dollar wager was placed on the Philadelphia win. The sports betting situation may be changing if the New Jersey attempt to have sports betting legalized in all of the USA goes as planned. Currently the US Supreme Court is about to decide in June the fate of the federal 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA).

Major sports organizations such as the National Basketball League and the National Football League and others are arguing that the PASPA should be removed with over sixty percent of US citizens surveyed reportedly in favour of legalized sports betting.


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