Best Casino Games

If you want to beat the online casinos you have to start playing the games that offers you the best possible chance of walking away as a winner - on this page you can learn about the best casino games in terms of expected long run return - the games with the best odds.

Casino Games With High Payouts

Depending on the exact rules, the great game of blackjack is one of the best casino games for the player. That is of course, if the player is interested in playing a casino game with a high expected return compared with the other casino games.

The exact expected long run return in blackjack depend on many small variations in the blackjack rules - how many decks of cards are in the shoe? Can the player only split and double their bet on a few hands? Does the blackjack dealer peek for blackjack before the players make their moves? Is it possible for the player to surrender his hand if the dealers up card is an Ace? And things like that. Most online blackjack casino games offer very good odds - a few even used to give the player the edge (if played correctly), but unfortunately they changed it so the odds now a bit in the casinos favor - even if the player plays his hands correct according to proper blackjack strategy.

If you want to win in blackjack and have a chance of getting close to the expected long run return of this casino game - you have to play the casino game the right way... Don't worry, it's not difficult at all. You simply just have to play according to proper basic blackjack strategy.

You can get a free copy of my Basic Blackjack Chart right here on - simply visit my Blackjack page to read more about one of the most popular casino games ever - Blackjack.

Another very fine casino game for the player looking for a game with a high expected payout is video poker - but not all kinds of video poker. Just like in blackjack - there are different kind of videopoker with different expected returns. You should really take a very good look at the paytables on the videopoker machine in front of you before you start playing. Compare the video poker machine to other similar video poker variants; you are giving your money away to the casino if you choose a machine with the bad paytables. ALWAYS play the videopoker machines with the highest paytables.

When you have found the right machine with a good payout table - you are playing a casino game that actually will be in your favor - above 100% expected return in the long run. You don't even have to be lucky - if played correctly some videopoker variants give the player a small edge over the casino. But of course, that is if you don't make mistakes now and then - and trust me, we all do make mistakes.

You can read more about the great casino game - videopoker - on my video poker page - on that page you can also get a free videopoker strategy - and practice your video poker skills.

When talking about videopoker compared to blackjack - Yes Videopoker do have the highest expected return . BUT - the variance of videopoker is much higher then the variance in blackjack. What does that really mean - well if you play videopoker your bankroll will go up and down like a roller coaster - that will probably not happen in blackjack and other casino games because this casino game has a low variance.

This is due to the fact that much of the "high expected return" that videopoker offers comes from the Royal Straight Flush hand - those very nice hands only happen once every 40.000 videopoker game - so you will have to play a lot of videopoker to get close to the 100%+ expected return.

On the other hand videopoker offers the chance of a single BIG win - with a small bet. A opportunity blackjack don't offer.

Blackjack and videopoker are great casino games for the player.

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