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A three-reel, one-payline, two-coin slot machine with a Jurassic Park theme, brought to you by Microgaming Software. The maximum payout for this slot machine is 1600 coins.

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Starting with 200 demo credits players choose their desired denomination, which can be increased and decreased by using the (+) and (-) buttons. Players use the BET ONE button to decide whether to bet between $.50 and $10.00 per spin. The BET MAX button can be used as a shortcut key to bet the maximum number of coins and to start the reels running automatically.

This jackpot slot machine has a wild Jurassic Park symbol which substitutes for any symbol to complete winning combinations. A single wild symbol will double a payout that it completes, while two wild symbols quadruple's the payout. Three Jurassic Park symbols will pay out 800 points on one coin and 1600 on a maximum bet.

Players can access the paytable by pressing PAYTABLE 'sign' located on the top left of the screen, and return to the reels in the same way.

The interface of this game is decidedly entertaining, with realistic prehistoric sounds, including wild bird songs and other animal noises, reminiscent of the original Jurassic Park movie. Tense music is played when the reels are pulled and giant dinosaur footsteps are heard when the reels come to a standstill. When a winning combination comes up, a frightening tyrannosaurus roars in protest. This game is highly engaging for the player.

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