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Mapau Casino:

Mapau Casino is a member of Sunny Group Casinos, which has been in the online casino business since 1997. In addition, The Sunny Group has been in the gambling industry for 25 year - owning land based casinos in the Caribbean and South Africa. Other casinos in the Sunny Group include, Casino Fortune, Miami Beach Casino and Golden Gate Casino, which, like Mapau Casino host Playtech casino software.

Like all Playtech casinos, the download is a quick process and you shouldn't experience any problems. You have the option to play the casino in three different currencies, US dollars, UK sterling or EU Euros. After downloading the software you have the option of playing for real money or just for fun, giving you the chance to take a look at some of the casino games without putting real money on the table. I took the NETeller deposit option, which was issued to my account almost instantly.

New players get the option to receive a massive 200% bonus on a first deposit, on deposits between $25 and $100. You've not going to find much bigger first deposit bonuses on the internet, but be warned that this bonus imposes some unattractive terms and conditions on players. Firstly, the bonus has to be wagered 50 times the value of the deposit and bonus before you can make any withdrawals on your winnings. Plus, if I understand correctly, the bonus can never be withdrawn, only winnings that you make of it once the wagering requirements have been completed. Feeling that I didn't have much chance of meeting the huge wagering requirement, I emailed customer support and asked them to remove the bonus, which was done within a couple of minutes. If your thinking to playing at Mapau Casino for the first time - I strongly suggest that you look into the terms and conditions of the bonus to see if they suit you. It has to be noted that the casino also hosts some excellent monthly promotions available on their website that tend to offer bonuses with fairer conditions.

The first thing that I noticed when I began gaming at Mapau Casino was that it doesn't host the live dealer games that most Playtech Casinos tend to have available. I expect that this must be case for all Sunny Group casinos, so if you want to play some live dealer games in a Playtech casino, then maybe Sunny casinos are not the place for you. I started my gaming session playing a series of hands on the table game Pai Gow Poker. To begin, you place your chips in the 'Bet' area. What is interesting about Pai Gow Poker at Mapau casino is that you are able to bet as little as 10 cents and as much as $300 per game. In fact, most of Mapau Casino's table games allow you to bets as little as 10 cents per hand. If you like making small wagers (maybe as part of a bet management strategy), then Mapau may be the place for you. It also worth noting that many of the slots and video poker games, (compared to other casinos) allow small wagers per spins and hands. Returning to Pai Gow Poker - after you make your bet you and the dealer are dealt seven cards, with the dealers hidden. The objective is to make two poker hands, one with five of your cards, and the other out of two remaining cards that have the best chance to beat the dealers two hands once revealed. This can be undertaken by yourself manually or automatically by the casino software by taking the 'houseway' option. The houseway splits the cards into the most attractive two poker hands for beating the dealer. I always use the houseway, because it speeds the game up and reduces the houses advantage. Once your two poker hands have been created then the dealers cards are revealed. If both of your hands lose then your bet is lost. If one hand wins and the other loses, then you bet is returned. If both your hands beat the dealers your bet is returned with an extra 1 to 1 profit, minus 5 per cent commission for the casino. After my session on Pai Gow Poker I finished about $10 up on the original kitty.

Returning to the Mapau Casino lobby, I spotted a simulated horse racing game called 'Derby day', which I've never seen at a Playtech casino before. Compared to other simulated racing games I seen on other casinos, Darby day looks superior. There are six horses in the race with the opportunity to bet on the outright winner, and if you've after longer odds then you can bet on the first and second place winners of the race. I played for about half an hour and finished a couple of dollars in the green after watching my balance fluctuate. It has to be said that the game was fun, and may suit you if you've looking for something a bit different in an online casino session.

After finishing on Derby Day, I took the Mapau Casino slots tour, which includes a wide range and quality of games. I found some beginners luck on the 8-liner 'Vacation Station', making some nice gains on my balance. After that, I skipped through some older Playtech slot machines including 5 Dragons, Forbidden City and an old favorite of mine Funky Money. However, what was really on my mind was the Sunny Progressive, which is unique to Sunny Group casinos. With an $800,000 progressive jackpot at the time of playing I couldn't resist having a crack at the big money. It's a simple one liner, where you have to bet max ($3) to have a chance at the progressive jackpot. The jackpot is won if you if you get all three 'sun' symbols (which are also wild) on the line. I wagered for about twenty spins betting max, but experienced a steady decline in my balance, which eventually diminished to $10, while only making a few small wins along the ways. But at least I gave myself the chance of hitting the progressive jackpot. With my depleted balance I attempted to pull back some ground on Blackjack Switch but was met with limited success. I finally spent the remainder of my balance on French Roulette, placing 10 cent wagers.

Mapau Casino hosts a live help function from inside the lobby, I found it to be highly responsive with an excellent level of customer support. During the two times that I contacted Mapau customer support via email, I received a quick reply with a helpful and meaningful responses from consumer support. The live help, phone and email support are all available 24 hours around the clock.

It has to be said that I was impressed with my time at Mapau Casino, the software looks great, functions smoothly, with great customer support and huge range of games. I experienced a few problems on the casino website in the form of dysfunctional links, but inside the casino my gaming session went without problems.

Mapau Casino carries the strong reputation of Sunny Group Casinos, and should offer some reassurance to players looking for a safe casino. First time players should be warned that the first deposit bonus may not be appealing as it first looks.

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Mapau Casino Lobby

Mapau Online Casino Lobby

Pai Gow Poker - Houseway

Pai Gow Poker - Playing The Houseway Offers the Best Odds

Derby Day - At The Races

Derby Day Horse Racing Game

Derby Day - Hazy Daisy's big race

Derby Day - My Horse Wins Again

Mega Ball Lottery Game

Lottery Game - Mega Ball

Roulette: Playing' the cents away

Play Roulette With A Single Zero - Bet from 10 Cent to 300 Dollar

Seas of Battle Slots

Seas Of Battle Slots

8 Line Slots - Vacation Day

8 Line Slot Machine - Vacation Station

Sunny Progressive Slot

Sunny Progressive Slot Machine With a 800.000 Dollar Jackpot.

Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch - A Fun Variant of The Classic Casino Game

Forbidden City Slots

Forbidden City Slot Machine

Mapau Casino Strong Points:
  • Small minimum wagers
  • Huge Sunny Progressive jackpot
  • Wide range of games
  • Excellent customer support
Things Mapau Casino Could Improve:
  • No Playtech live dealers
  • Unattractive bonus terms and condition

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