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Peach Casino:

Peach Casino is powered by one of my favorite casino software providers - the online casino software from Cryptologic. Peach Casino offers all the standard casino games for Cryptologic and boasts some beautiful graphics on both their website and the casino in my opinion.

For this Peach Casino review, I opened my old real player account and started out by making a $100 deposit. If you want to play at Peach Casino for free you can simply download and install the casino and open a Demo Account - you should do this before you decide on playing for real money or not.

New real players at Peach Casino are offered a 20% bonus on top of their first deposit - up to $200 Free.

Peach Casino also used to have a very good bonus to returning players - a very nice 100% match deposit bonus EVERY MONTH - up to $90 free. Not a bad monthly bonus at all. However this monthly bonus is not available at the moment - but I hope it will be again soon.

I started out playing blackjack - the minimum bet at the standard table is $1. Peach Casino also have a single deck blackjack game that offers the players good odds - but the betting limits are a bit higher at the single deck table, so I decided to play at the regular blackjack tables. My bankroll went up and down like a roller coster when I played blackjack, but I did end up winning about $40 at the blackjack table.

Then I played Let it Ride Poker. The minimum bet at this poker table is also $1 only - or more 3X$1 as you start out placing 3 bets - but during the game you can pull two of the bets back if you don't think you will win. I did not do very well at all playing Let it Ride Poker - in fact, I did terrible. I lost my $100 and it all happened very fast as I played with 3X$5. So I had to make another $100 deposit to keep playing.

I did win it all back - and more - playing Caribbean Stud Poker. In fact I left the Caribbean Stud Poker table with $643 - a very nice win. I did get '3 of a kind' several times in a row - and as I had made the initial ante bet from $5 to $25 I won big playing Caribbean Stud Poker. The minimum ante bet at the Caribbean stud poker table is $1. In general, Peach Casino offers very good betting limits at the table games - both for the casual players and the high rollers.

The next game I played was the European Roulette. If you have read some of my other casino reviews you will know that I always bet on number 17 when I play online roulette.

I 'completed the number' with 9 bets of $1 each - covering every border and corner of number 17 - and a single straight bet on number 17. Such a bet costs $9 - and when/if the ball lands on number 17 I win $144. I have had great success following this roulette strategy. I guess I have been lucky so far. If you scroll down on this page you can see that I did also win this time using my roulette strategy at Peach Casino. I left the roulette table with $741.

The I tried playing some different video poker variants. Peach Casino offers many different versions of video poker - and every game can be played in a single hand version or versions where you play on 3-5 or 10 hands in one game.

Even the progressive video poker games can be played in a ten hand version. Below you can see a screenshot of the Double Bonus 10 hand video poker game.

The I played some online slots. Peach Casino has a very good suite of online slot machines, ranging from classic slots to 9 payline slots with bonus features and progressive slots with big jackpots.

Jungle King is a very fun slot machine with 9 paylines - I won $50 on a single spin when I entered a bonus round game where I should scratch some cards. You can see the screenshot of this win to the right.

Reel in the Cash is a fun video slot with 5 paylines. I won 500 coins on a single spin by lining up 5 of a kind on one of the paylines - then I went on and lined up a single caviar can on the left payline. This started a bonus round game where I won a bit more. I left this slot machine with more then $800.

Rags to Riches is a progressive slot with a big Jackpot. When I played at Peach Casino I Noticed that the jackpot was above $200,000 - so I thought I would give it a shot. I lost $100 playing this progressive slot and I did not win the Jackpot - maybe next time :-)

I cashed out $700 - so that adds up to a nice $500 profit.

I will definitely be back playing at Peach Casino again - they are powered by great software from Cryptologic, and offer a nice monthly 100% match deposit bonus to returning players. I can definitely recommend Peach Casino to you they offer a rock solid online casino gambling experience.

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Peach Casino Lobby

Peach Casino Lobby

Blackjack Game @ Peach Casino

Blackjack @ Peach Casino

European Roulette @ Peach Casino

European Roulette - I Won $144 on This Spin on a $9 Bet

Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker @ Peach Casino

Jungle King - 9 Line Slot

Jungle Fever 9 Payline Slot

Jungle King - Bonus Round Game

Jungle King - Bonus Round Game

10 Hand Double Bonus Video Poker

10 Hand Double Bonus Video @ Peach Casino

Rags to Riches Progressive Slot

Rags to Riches Progressive Slot

Peach Casino Strong Points:
  • Great Cryptologic software with many casino games to choose from.
  • All the table games have very good betting limits from $1 and up - and Peach Casino also have low limit slots and video poker.
  • New players receive a 20% welcome bonus of up to $200 free + returning players will receive a monthly 100% match deposit bonus up to $90 free every month.
Things Peach Casino Could Improve:
  • The only thing that irritates me a bit is the cash out process - if you win the very first time you play at Peach Casino you can not cash out before you have received the PIN code - they will send the PIN to you be regular mail.

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