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Speedbet Casino:

The name Speed Bet Casino conjures up in my mind an exciting place to be, so when the opportunity arose to review this Net Entertainment-powered casino, I was eager to see if the experience lived up to the name.

Like all casinos powered by software from Net Entertainment, the games available to play at Speedbet Casino are all no-download which is great for players who do not want to spend time downloading and installing software. As such, to play any of the games available at Speed Bet, a visit to the website is a necessity.

The Speed Bet website itself is loosely based around a motor racing theme, with the home page adorned with a racing car shooting around a roulette wheel and a black-and-white racing flag waving in one corner. While I find some casinos go overboard with themes (one pirate-themed casino recently referred to me as 'ah ha me hearty' in an email), I actually find the Speed Bet theme OK. Despite sticking to the theme, the operators have still put together a logical website which is easy to navigate.

To place a bet a player must firstly sign up by completing a pretty standard form. This only takes a few minutes to do and so, after signing up with the username 'OnlineCasinos', I headed to the cashier to make a deposit. Speed Bet has only a limited number of deposit options (NeTeller, prepaid ATM and credit card), but having said that, these are by far the most popular deposit methods for casino players. I opted to deposit $50 into my account. Unfortunately I could not find any kind of sign-up bonus when I joined, but from time to time Speed Bet do run special promotions to entice new players. Having said that, it was nice to start playing knowing that I did not have onerous wagering conditions hanging over me.

After depositing, I clicked the speedbet casino lobby icon from the left-hand menu bar and was taken to a page that shows all the games available. Games are grouped by category headed as 'table', 'slots', 'video poker' and 'other'. I decided to click the BJ icon and was quickly taken to the Blackjack page. At Speed Bet players are given the choice of either playing on the $1-$40 table or, for the high-rolling whales, a $5 - $500 table. While I would have loved to throw around some $500 bets, my small bankroll meant I had to settle for the lower denomination game.

Although I usually find no-download casino games a little bit of a let down, especially when compared to the offerings of some download casinos, I was very impressed with the Blackjack games presented at Speed Bet. The graphics are rich and vibrant and the game is played at a good speed. There are even subtle sound effects on show to enhance the overall gaming experience. The play also seemed fair; whilst I lost my first couple of hands, I then placed $2 on three hands (you can play up to three at once). After making my playing decisions I ended up with 19,20 and a Blackjack. With the dealer getting 18 this meant I won a nice $7. My play continued on an up and down basis. Of course it would have nice to have a long winning streak, but similarly it was satisfying not to meet a long losing streak as I have done many times before at other casinos.

Deciding not to push my luck too much, I went back to the lobby and clicked on the Caribbean Stud Poker game. Opting to bet $3 as an ante I proceeded to click the deal button. My first three cards were all sixes! At this point my heart started racing a little - would that fourth 6 appear? Unfortunately it was not to be, but then again two 10's did appear so I had a full house on my first ever hand at Speed Bet Stud Poker! Unfortunately the best the dealer could manage was jack-high and so my great hand (which would have paid off very well) only returned a $3 profit. Sadly, this turned out to be the only good hand I had playing Stud Poker as well. But even though I wasn't a winner at this game, it was nice to see the same great playability on show again in this game.

Feeling a little disappointed at my near big win I returned to the lobby to see what other table games were available. It was at this point I realized that Speed Bet did not have a massive array of games - only roulette was left on the table games menu and I didn't feel like playing that. Instead, I had a look at the Video Poker menu. Again, Speed Bet only offered me 3 different types of VP (Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild or 3-hand Jacks or Better).

I opted for the Deuces Wild video poker game and started playing hoping that some more big hands would appear! Again, my luck appeared to have run dry, although a few four-of-a-kind hands appeared keeping me in play for some time. The game play of this game was again good, with the graphics once more being pleasing on the eye and the odd sound effect enhancing the experience on offer. It is just a shame that Speed Bet doesn't take these good foundations and apply them to more games.

At this point my balance had reduced by around $20 so I decided to spend the remainder on the few slot games that are available to play. In total, I counted 6 different slot games that could be played. While this is definitely not many, it was nice to see that each game was quite different unlike at many casinos where all that changes from slot to slot is the graphics.

Speed Bet Casino does offer some progressive jackpots for those that like to chase big payouts, and the GoldRush game was offering nearly $2,500 to the lucky winner when I visited. However, I have seen this game offering above $25,000 in the past, which really would be a nice win! The Racing Feature Game slot also proved to be a lot of fun, with the main feature awarding me 1000 coins (unfortunately I was testing the play-mode function at the time!).

Although I had some fun playing the slots at Speed Bet, I don't think they would hold attention for too long, especially for big slot fans. However, as a break from table games they make a nice change, at they were sufficiently enjoyable for me to lost the rest of my bankroll to!

While on this occasion I did not have anything to withdraw, Speed Bet is a highly trustworthy casino, with the Net Entertainment company floated on the Swedish stock market. As such, any withdrawals are processed without fuss.

In terms of support on offer at Speed Bet, this is only offered by way of email. However, when I sent a test email it was responded to within a few hours in a polite and courteous manner. It is good to know that if things go wrong that there is somebody available to contact.

To conclude Speed Bet is a solid casino with nothing particularly wrong with it. It is no download, which is a plus, and the games available are all good recreations of the 'real thing' each displaying a high graphics and sound standard. It is just a shame that there are so few games available. Whilst this casino is OK for a play every now and again, it is not one that I would rush back to. Having said that, it is still a recommended casino and the main thing is that if you win, you will get your money. After all, I would value security and fairness above all the bells and whistles on display at a dodgy Speed Bet competitor. All in all, a sound choice for a break from the usual.

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Blackjack: Three winning hands at this Speedbet Casino table game

Speedbet Blackjack

Deposit and withdraw in just a few clicks at the Speed Bet web-cashier

Casino Cashier

Caribbean Stud Poker - A full house would have paid nicely if the dealer had qualified

Caribbean Stud Poker

Deuces Wild - Four-of-a-kind in this much-loved Video Poker game

Deuces Wild Video Poker Machine

Feature Game: A 1000 coin win - unfortunately in 'free' mode!

Racing Slot Feature Game

A three-reel progressive for all those jackpot hunters

Gold Rush Progressive Slot

Keno: Pick the numbers and hope they hit in this casino mainstay

Online Keno

The Speed Bet casino lobby showing all the games available

Speedbet Casino Lobby

Racing Slot: A 5-reel slot being played in free mode

Racing Slot Machine

Roulette is well created at the Speed Bet online casino

Roulette Table @ Speedbet Casino

Speedbet Casino Strong Points:
  • No download casino
  • Good graphics and sound
  • Unlikely to have payout problems
Things Speedbet Casino Could Improve:
  • Very few games available
  • Little by way of bonuses
  • Few deposit methods
  • Support only available by email
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