How Do I Make Cash Deposits At Online Casinos?

In all cases you will have to deposit money up front before you can gamble online. This will mean sending online casinos money via Western Union, Moneygram, cashiers checks, money orders, wire transfers, credit cards or other means.

Guide To Making Cash Deposits at Online Casinos

In order to play for real money at any online casinos a player firstly has to make a real cash deposit. Casinos do not allow players to play on credit unless by very special prior arrangement. For the vast majority of players this therefore means depositing before play.

The majority of players want cash to be available instantaneously and as such 'real time' deposit options are usually favoured by both player and casino. This means funding options such as personal checks are rarely accepted as it can take weeks for funds to clear. Similarly, whilst bank wire transfers are accepted slightly more often than personal checks, again it takes time for funds to clear. Players should understand time restrictions associated with deposits before using any deposit method.

Cash depositing at casinos used to be a fairly simple process as players simply used to use their credit cards to deposit cash. However, many credit card companies have stopped allowing customers to use credit cards for cash deposits. American Express have completely banned credit card use at online casinos and holders of Visa / Mastercard cards are finding more and more that deposits attempts are rejected.

As such, e-wallet solutions (e.g. NeTeller, Click2Pay, Eco Card etc.) are a popular way of funding accounts. These e-wallets are basically electronic online accounts. These can be funded via a number of methods such as bank wire or credit card. A player can then move funds in and out of the on-line account. As such, deposits to casinos can be made and withdrawals can also be returned to the account.

However, more recently even this method of depositing has become more difficult to use, particularly for US and Canadian players. This is because of recent American legislation which made it illegal for financial institutions to process gambling transactions. Nevertheless, some e-wallet providers are still accepting US players.

Ultimately, the best advice to be given is check with the casino you are intending to play at. Casinos want people to play and will be happy to discuss appropriate payment methods. Similarly, good casinos will detail fully the different deposit options available. It is worth remembering though that a player should always play at a reputable casino. Just because a player finds their chosen deposit option is accepted does not necessarily mean the casino is a good one - full research should be carried out to ensure games are fair and more importantly that any winnings will be paid without hassle.

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