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Titan Poker:

Just recently the Internet seems to have been swamped with poker sites trying to cash in on the poker craze currently sweeping the globe. Of course, some of these are good, and some of these are bad, and so I decided to see which category Titan Poker fell into.

The vast majority of online poker rooms require a software download to be initiated by the player, and Titan Poker is no exception. As such, the first stop for the poker gambler is the Titan Poker website which, while nothing to rave about, is still perfectly acceptable with all important sections such as promotions, support and game preview being present. Of course, it is the download section that matters - and after clicking on the appropriate link, the 349k installer application is activated.

Installation of the software is simple, and a nice touch is that the language the software installs with is user configurable - English, German, French, Spanish and Italian are all available options. Similarly, new account creation is straight forward, with a player having to provide a few key details about themselves to have a new account registered.

When loaded, the different poker tables available are presented in a lobby format, although a trip to the cashier is necessary before you can sit down at a table. With that I proceeded to the cashier to make a deposit. It was at this point that I had a nice surprise…

Out of nowhere a live chat window appeared and a Titan Poker representative typed a welcome message to me! I thought this was a lovely touch - to get a real person acting as a greeter when signing up at a place is almost unheard of. Even better, the representative said he would add a 10 credit bonus immediately on top of any deposit I made! This was in addition to the huge 100% sign-up bonus (up to $500 free) available at Titan! And so, I made a £40 credit card deposit and true to his word, Frank added the £10 bonus. Also, I noted the sign-up bonus pending in my account (which is available upon playing a set number of hands).

Incidentally, the cashier at Titan Poker offers a number of deposit options ranging from credit card, bank draft and wire transfer to e-wallet solutions such as Click2Pay and NETeller. Also, it should be noted that whilst the tables at Titan are denominated in US $, a player can fund their account in a home currency (such as UK £ and Euros). Any funds held by the player are then converted to US $ when they sit at a table.

So, with just over $100 sitting in my account and a smile on my face from the pleasant welcome I had received, I decided it was now time to see what games Titan had to offer. A quick look around the lobby revealed the answer to be 'a reasonable number'. As well as Texas Hold 'Em games, Titan also offers Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo. However, I could not see any Stud games, which was a shame. Also, I have to say that the Omaha tables had pretty low numbers of people playing. Nevertheless, a decent number of tables are available for each game ranging from micro-limit games ($0.02 / $0.04 at Texas Hold 'Em) all the way up to high-roller games ($10 / $20 No-limit games).

There are also a good number of tournament games available in addition to the cash games. These again offer choices ranging from low-limit, single-table tourneys to huge multi-table tournaments offering access to huge prizes. There's even a $500,000 free roll available for those who refer friends to the poker room!

Although some of these tournament games looked tempting, I actually decided to start my play at a cash game. To be specific, a $1/$2 No Limit game. I chose to sit at a 10-player table, but only 6 people including myself were actually present. I didn't mind this though as I thought it might give me a better chance of taking down some pots!

With regards to game presentation at Titan, the poker room is perfectly acceptable. The graphics, while not being of the highest quality I had ever seen, were still good and more importantly, very clear. At the end of the day, it should be easy for a player to see the cards they hold along with those dealt as community cards, and Titan certainly passes this test. More importantly, the interface is really easy to use - meaning that no silly mistakes can be made while playing. Along with the subtle sound effects, I think it's fair to say that Titan is at least on a par if not slightly better than the majority of poker rooms available.

As for my dreams of becoming rich from playing poker, it soon became apparent that I wasn't going to realize my dreams this day. However, I did win a few nice pots, although to be honest more with luck than skill! In one hand I won $20.90 by holding on to some dodgy cards, but then hitting running 7's on the turn and river to give me trip-7's! I am sure the other players at the table were not impressed!

To be honest though, I never really found myself with great cards at this table and as such, I decided to see if I could do any better at a tournament game. I decided to play at a 6-person no-limit $30 buy-in Hold Em' game. As stated earlier, a good number of tournaments are available at any one time and as I discovered, it doesn't take too long for a tournament table to fill up.

Disappointingly, my luck at this table didn't improve much either. I have to admit that I did start to get frustrated at the lack of good starting hands, but I am sure many players have gone though being 'on tilt' as it is known. Despite the lack of luck though, I did enjoy partaking in this tournament, thanks partly to the decent game speed. I hate it when poker rooms are slow, but even on a dial-up connection I am positive player's will be happy with the speed available at Titan.

Although I was knocked out in 5th place in this tournament, I was enjoying my tournament play so much that I decided to play in another. This one, however, was a heads up game where play is against just one other person - winner takes the lot. Sadly, despite starting off reasonably well a bad beat meant the winner once again wasn't me.

At this point my bank balance was pretty much near zero, and in fact was completely wiped out with some low-limit Omaha play. Oh well - I guess that's the way it goes sometimes!

Although this time I had no money to cash in, according to the in-game help notes, withdrawals are held in a pending state for 4 days before then being processed. While this is not a terrible turn-around time, I do know some poker rooms process cash-ins quicker than this. Of course, many players will keep money in their account instead of always cashing in and as such I am sure this withdrawal policy would meet the approval of the majority of online players.

Finally, although I had no need to contact support for a real reason, I did test them out. Support is available through email and telephone, although toll-free numbers are disappointingly only available for the US and UK. To compensate for this, live chat is available inside the poker software. However, I actually couldn't get hold of anybody through this means - all support personnel were probably busy welcoming new customers! Seriously though, although support is available, I was a little disappointed with this side of Titan.

In conclusion, I think Titan must be considered to be, overall, an 'average' poker room. The software is decent and a good number of players are connected at any one time. However, it is mainly the Hold 'Em tables that are busy. Similarly, no Stud games at all are available. While the banking function works well and the personal welcome was great, the support function did disappoint me slightly. I guess at the end of the day if players find they do well here, there is nothing wrong with Titan. For me though, the bad luck I encountered coupled with the downsides of this poker room means this is one I probably won't be back to.

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As soon as I have registered, a customer support personnel opens a chat window to offer me £10 free on top of any other sign-up bonus!

Titan Poker Room Lobby With Live Chat

I get lucky on the river by getting a third 7 to obtain the winning hand

Nice River Card

I get the fifth diamond I need to get the nut flush. A jack on the river would have given me a Royal Flush!


Tournaments are also available for those who don't like risking it all at the cash games

Poker Tournaments

Me taking part in a No-Limit Texas Hold 'Em tournament

No-Limit Texas Hold 'Em tournament

Heads up tournaments are also available at Titan Poker

Heads Up Poker Game

I hold the straight but my opponent folds when I bet

I Bet - He Folds

I get dealt some decent cards at the Omaha table

Omaha Poker Table @ Titanpoker

Players can play at micro-limit tables if they only want to risk small amounts of cash

Micro-limits and High roller betting limits

My aces pay off for a very healthy $147.98

Winning Pair of Aces

Holding on to my 10's pays off here when a 10 on the river gives me a full house

Full House

Titan Poker Strong Points:
  • Large number of cash and tournament games
  • Micro limit games are available as are tables for the high-rollers
  • Huge $500 bonus available for first-time depositors
  • Customer support personnel provide a great welcome
Things Titan Poker Could Improve:
  • Withdrawals are in pending for 4 days before being processed
  • Live chat does not seem to work at all times
  • Only the Hold 'Em games appear to be popular
  • No Stud games are available

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