How Do I Collect My Winnings From Online Casino Gambling?

Getting your winnings from online casino gambling sites is actually very easy. The biggest problem you will most likely run into is deciding just how you want your money to be sent.

How Do I Collect Online Casino Winnings?

Collecting winnings is an important part of playing online. Players don't have to withdraw their bank balance at the end of a playing session, rather any positive balance is remembered by the casino for the next time a player logs in. However, when a player wants to cash-in this is usually relatively easy with the cashier being the way in which a withdrawal request can be made.

Players should always be aware of a casino's withdrawal policy. Some casinos may only process withdrawals at a set time of the month or have limits on the minimum and maximum amounts that can be withdrawn. It is for this reason that players should fully understand a casino's policies before depositing. Some casinos may also ask for proof of ID and of funding authority (e.g. copy of a used credit card) before releasing funds.

When it comes to processing the withdrawal the casino will firstly check that you are allowed to make a withdrawal. This may consist of checking that all required paperwork has been received or that any bonus wagering conditions have been met. A casino will then make the refund usually after checking with the player about the best way to make the withdrawal. However, some casinos will enforce a specific withdrawal method.

Some casinos are still able to send funds back to a player's debit or credit card if this has been used to deposit. However, this is distinctly rare as many card providers are now blocking gambling transactions. When this method is available though it's often quick and easy with funds usually appearing in the player's balance within 3-4 days of the transfer being made.

Online wallets such as NeTeller, Firepay or nucharge are popular ways in which casinos release funds. However, certain countries (e.g. USA) have outlawed the use of these e-wallets for gambling and as such a player should check whether they are able to use these facilities.

More traditional methods of withdrawing are also often used. This includes the sending of a check by mail or courier. However, 'regular' checks can take 4-5 weeks to arrive as they are often mailed from obscure places. Whilst courier checks are much faster, players should expect to be charged around $30-$35 for this facility.

Finally, wire transfers are often also available for the sending of funds. However, again there may be a $30-$35 charge for this service making it uneconomical for small-value withdrawals.

In addition to the above casinos may also offer alternative withdrawal solutions. However, these will be detailed on the casino website - a player should look for sections headed 'banking', 'withdrawals', 'my account' or 'cashier'.

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