Free Webmaster Content: Visual Gambling Instructions

Having quality content on your Web site is the both the best way to keep your visitors coming back and attract new ones. Now you can use our popular visual instructions on your site at absolutely no cost!

Visual Instructions:

Some people learn best by reading, most people learn best by watching.

Our visual instructions teach viewers how to play popular casino games quickly and easily through animated presentations complete with voice overs. Our animated tutorials created in Flash are lightweight (load quickly) and can be viewed by just about everyone with a browser.

Click on "See It In Action" next to a particular game to watch it, or click on the "Get Visual...For Your Site!" link for instructions on how to quickly and easily add it to your site!

Visual Baccarat Instructions

Let your visitors learn how to play mini-baccarat with ease. How to bet, how the game plays out, how hand values are calculated, all about the Banker, Player, and Ties.

Visual Blackjack Instructions

There's no easier way to teach your visitors the ins and outs of the game of Blackjack. Teaches the objective of play and rules of the game, hitting, folding, splitting, doubling and everything else to get a new player started.

Visual Craps Instructions

Craps is one of the more intimidating table games at any casino, but it doesn't have to be! Help your visitors learn the ins and outs of the game easily with our visual instructions. The shooter, the bets and rules explained.

Visual Roulette Instructions

Teach your visitors how to play Roulette. When to bet, and the different betting options and their payouts explained.

Visual Video Poker Instructions

While it's not the most difficult game to pick up, our visual instructions make the process even easier. A visual representation showing how to bet, start the game, hold/discard, and pay tables explained.

Visual 7 Card Stud Instructions

Poker is one of those games thats definitely easier to get a feel for once you've seen it in action. Our Seven Card Stud tutorial shows new players everything they need to know from the door card down to seventh street.

Visual Texas Hold'em Instructions

The most popular poker game in the world is still a mystery to lots of people who've never played it before. Our animated tutorial makes it easy to learn the basics of play and the mechanics of Texas Hold'em without having to sit with real players.

Visual Omaha Hold'em Instructions

People who are new to poker have a hard enough time with Texas Hold'em, but Omaha can be even more confusing. Our visual trainer walks viewers through a virtual hand, explaining everything from the blinds to making your final hand.

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