Adding To America Online (AOL):

Adding To America Online (AOL):

Make sure you are receiving your newsletters! Read on to learn how you can make sure your Internet Service Provider or Spam filter is not blocking the gambling newsletter from

  • Open your AOL mailbox.
  • Go to keyword: Spam Controls.

Version 9.0:

  • Open the latest online-casinos e-mail.
  • Click the Add Address button (on the right) to add to your "People I Know" list.

Alternatively, you can just send an e-mail to: , and that will add me to your "People I Know" list automatically. To do this: Open the latest e-mail, then:

  • Click the Reply button (it's in the top right corner).
  • A new email window opens with the wrong address in the "Send To" box.
  • Replace the address in the Send To box with:
  • Click Send Now (in the top right corner).
  • Even if the e-mail you send doesn't get through to me, the act of sending it does the job of putting into your "People I Know" list.

To add to your whitelist/safe list, please choose the appropriate service provider from the list below and follow the simple directions:

Adding to your mailing list:

Have you ever wondered where all your mail has gone? Well, it;s possible that due to the current influx of spam mail your
Internet Service Provider has installed high tech spam blockers to prevent their customers from receiving mail messages they don’t want.
Unfortunately, as a result of this action, genuine e-mails can also be filtered out.

How does this affect you?

Unfortunately, if you are waiting for the latest newsletter with casino promotions and events and they don't seem to be coming in,
then it's likely that our legitimate e-mail messages you've subscribed to are accidentally being blocked.

How can this dilemma be corrected?

To guarantee that you receive all of your e-mails, all you have to do is add our e-mail
address found below to your whitelist/safe-list; your list of pre-approved e-mail addresses that are allowed to send mail to you.