Decision Will Take Time in USA

Published Tuesday, February 03, 2009 -

What is the present stance of the Obama administration on online gambling? That question is just about anybody's guess. There is one safe bet though and that is, nothing is going to change very fast. Far more pressing issues are on the table right now. Regulating online gambling activities may be on the back burner for now.

On the other hand this new administration may take it upon themselves to try to generate revenues, from this already lucrative source. We are not sure what the odds are for a reversal of the previous government's attempt to stop the flow of funds to offshore companies. When regulation finally does come to pass, being optimistic, it will come because the government will see a need.

A ban on something does not make a situation better, it just pushes it underground. There are many web pages devoted to this subject showing proof that the decision for or against legalizing online gambling is on many peoples minds.

Europe seems light years ahead while in fact Europe has online gambling issues too. Gambling online is getting big mobile and fun. Change in the laws though, are anything but fast. The lobby groups for online gaming in the U.S.A. have some fine and sound arguments to scrap the current legislation. To regulate this industry is the best option. Where do we place our bets?

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