NCPG Awareness Week Hits the Internet

Published Wednesday, February 18, 2009 -

Each year, the National Council on Problem Gambling estimates that two to three percent of the U.S. population has a gambling problem. In raw numbers, that means six to nine million Americans will at some level or another be having trouble coping with gambling activities.

From March 1st through 7th, 2009 the NCPG will present the annual National Problem Gambling Awareness Week. This year Awareness Week will hit the internet on YouTube which currently features a dozen Public Service Announcements (PSAs) regarding the issues. Social networking is the key focus for the You Tube presentation.

Awareness Week Chair Jeff Beck commented, "We decided to use YouTube because it is popular with kids and young adults who are at greater risk for gambling problems. We already have a dozen videos and hope that recovering gamblers will create their own spots to highlight the theme of Real Addiction, Real Recovery." Social networking is the key focus for the YouTube presentation.

Linda Abonyo NCPG Program Manager says, "Online social networking sites provide a cost effective and confidential forum for individuals to interact with peers and experts without having to leave their home or office. More and more people are finding it easier to communicate through e-mail, online forums, and text messaging, so it makes sense that we should consider reaching out to our constituents through these outlets."

The NCPG is an old institution dating back to 1972, but it is obviously still thinking young. YouTube and the internet is the way to get help to those that need it. Awareness is the first step to solving problems before they get serious. We should all applaud any effort to make gambling and of course online gambling safer and more responsible.

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