Information Cards a New Security Technology

Published Monday, March 16, 2009 -

Information Cards, may be the next step in stopping would be personal information highjackers. As with all online transactions the growing need for more secure ways to play online casino games is ever present.

Research suggests that fear of online fraud is eroding consumer confidence in the web and impacting online economic activity including online wagering. In 2006, 12 percent of 16-to-74-year-old European Union residents reported avoiding online buying out of security fears, according to recently released findings from Eurostat, the European Commission's data gathering office.

Personal information can be made more difficult to steal and even less valuable in the first place to cybercriminals. What if it could be largely supplanted by more secure modes of online data transmission and identity authorization?That's the promise held out by new technology commanding a growing groundswell of industry support called Information Cards.

Think of Information Cards as virtual versions of the physical cards we carry around in our wallets for identification and transactions. Information Cards can corroborate a person's identity online in a way that does not rely on easily accessed usernames, passwords or other pieces of personal information.

Instead of requiring manual entry of personal information or usernames and passwords, digital Information Cards employ strong cryptography to ensure that only authorized parties can access the identity assertions they relay thus helping prevent interception of data in transit. These cards also provide the ability to reduce the volume of data transmitted by consumers by allowing online service providers to specify the minimum information they need to authenticate someone's identity. As we all love to use the internet for all sorts of activities including gambling, it is a sure bet that as the web grows so will our need to keep our personally identifiable information safe and secure.

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