St. Patrick's Day Wagering on the Simpsons Special

Published Tuesday, March 17, 2009 -

March 17, 2009, St Patrick's Day, everywhere people are at least a little Irish, including that loveable cartoon persona Homer Simpson.

On a special Irish-themed episode of 'The Simpsons' will Homer be biding "Begorrah!" or "top o' the mornin'" to us all when the show debuts on Irish and U.K. TV tonight?

Online Irish bookmakers will be glued to the set as they are offering odds on what Irish cliche Homer will use first. This sounds like fun to most would be wagerers on St.Patrick's Day. In the show's 20 year run on the tube this will be the first time an overseas audience will be able to view an episode before those in the U.S.A. In this case a whole week before.

Online gambling firms in Ireland are not strangers to wagering on the "Simpsons" TV show. One is still "feeling the pain" from the massive payouts faced when baby Maggie shot Mr. Burn's many years ago. Celebrating St. Patrick's Day this sneak preview pays homage to the show's foreign fan base. Marking the event Executive producers Al Jean and James L. Brooks, as well as the voice of Bart, Nancy Cartwright, will be in Dublin to attend the massive St. Patrick's Festival Parade, complete with a huge 'Simpsons' float. The "show has always been hugely popular over here, and everyone watches it," said Anne Browing, a Dublin-based spokeswoman for the St. Patrick's Festival. "We're all very excited because the episode nicely showcases some of our biggest landmarks." Tourist marketing agencies are happy that highly publicized new episode spotlights attractions such as the Giant's Causeway, the Blarney Castle and of course the Guinness Brewery.

The episode entitled "In the Name of the Grandfather" centers on Grampa's desire to return to Ireland to have a beer in the Tom O'Flanagan's Pub of his youth, a wish Homer sets out to fulfill. "Homer and Grampa get drunk," Al Jean told the BBC. "They buy the bar and then they find, as it turns out, in Ireland, pubs aren't so popular anymore because you can't smoke in them. So they're really up a creek." Although Marge isn't likely to be a happy camper, Irish fans are sure to love it.

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