Land Based Casinos Ready to Go Online in U.S.A.

Published Sunday, March 22, 2009 -

Richard Hauser a gaming expert claims that big land based casinos will try to use their brand power to overwhelm the smaller foreign-based online casinos. The companies that are not seeing profits from their new resorts, are now turning to online venues as a new source of income.

Giant casino corporations are expected to try to dominate the industry as they anticipate the turn around on the rules of engagement in the United States.

The American Gaming Association, the leading advocate for the big Nevada and New Jersey casino operators is going through major changes in it's approach to online gambling. Formerly a strict opponent, the American Gaming Association is now cautiously supporting a form of licensed and regulated Internet gaming in the USA.

Strong political connections to these land based gambling companies, has led to speculation that the lobbing by these big companies will push legislators to adopt a licensing policy in their favour. The deep pockets of these firms and the argument that the failing land based gambling economy needs new revenue sources may very well be the required stimulus for the change.

A watchful eye is being trained on these developments by the European online gambling operators, represented by the Remote Gaming Association. The RGA will want the US to honor its pledges to free trade in services, or else it may continue its grievance before the European Commission. The EC has recently completed an investigation into US Internet gambling policies, and may pursue the case to the World Trade Organization if protectionist measures surface.

Experts on the subject warn there are some big fish out there in the pond and they are ready and able to eat the small ones whole if given the opportunity. Right now those major companies are using all the tools they have to ensure that they survive.

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