Full Tilt Poker Gets the Axe

Published Monday, March 30, 2009 - Online-Casinos.com

Full Tilt Poker has been put on the list of sponsors not allowed. The communication MMAPayout.com received recently by email from the UFC said, Until further notice, FULL TILT POKER will not be allowed for any upcoming events.

While MMAPayout did report a ban on Spike, this move will apply to all cards, and applies to both fighters and the company itself. The UFC has for some time kept sportsbooks and online gambling, gaming businesses at a distance.

With a shrinking advertizing market, the UFC recently changed their policy and brought in Full Tilt as a top shelf sponsor for the fight company. Full Tilt has also become a major sponsor of fighters, with their logo everywhere on fighter hats, shorts, and T-shirts. The situation changed as MMAPayout.com learned that UFC television partner Spike TV has stepped in and stopped Full Tilt from being a sponsor on its' broadcasts.

The ban Spike was invoking was causing problems for the for fight company.They were unable to get signage on the Octagon Mat or naming rights on the replays during the event.

Full Tilt Poker has been able to skirt a federal ban on online gaming by the duality of their usage of the .net/.com brands. The .net brand is used for educational/entertainment purposes and is the brand that is advertised through all of the company's media. The .com is the money site that would raise the blood pressure of regulators, with the .com accessible through using the software from the .net.

The omissions of Bud Light and Full Tilt Poker aren't really any surprise considering the intended audience of this game is quite broad. Both would raise unwanted social issues regarding drinking and gambling; this even aside from the UFC's current poker sponsor debacle.

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