MGS Brings Mobile Gambling to Venezuela

Published Sunday, April 26, 2009 -

Not long after announcing it has strengthened its position in the Caribbean region with the launch of interactive mobile lottery services in Curacao, Netherland Antilles, Managed Gaming Solutions announces it will launch mobile gambling operations in Venezuela. Managed Gaming Solutions is making great strides in the Latin American and Caribbean online gambling markets. Recently the company signed an agreement in Surinam, South America.

Tero Turunen, MGS's executive chairman stated, "We are very pleased to announce another country launch in this exciting region, and are confident to achieve soon a similar user acceptance as in Surinam, where shortly after the roll out already several percentage of the whole population were playing our games. We are now in a very good position for future business growth in the emerging markets and are convinced, that we are on the right track to become the fastest growing lottery related gaming provider in this region",

The 'CANTO' or Caribbean Association of National Telecomunication Organizations market area has about 16 million mobile subscribers today, which is expected to grow to almost 19 million subscribers by 2011.

In a strategic move with Grupo MVTV C.A., a Venezuelan privately owned lottery operator, Managed Gaming Solutions will serve as Venezuela's exclusive system and service provider of mobile lottery.

In Caracas, Venezuela, Tero Turunen, Managed Gaming Solution's executive chairman declared in a company statement, "Venezuela is a very promising market that offers huge opportunities for our products, but at the same time the gaming industry also faces some challenges due to unlicensed lottery operators organizing illegal games,"

Mr. Turunen said, that it was important for the Venezuelan government to issue Managed Gaming Solutions and Grupo MVTV a mobile lottery game license for the reasons mentioned. Mr.Turunen also added, "The most convincing argument for granting the license has been our fully auditable lottery operations, where every single lottery ticket sale can be easily audited by the government in order to ensure that the lotteries are played according to the governmental regulations,"

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