Clarion Cancels SiGNAL Launchs BetMarkets Asia

Published Wednesday, May 13, 2009 -

Clarion Gaming, the producers of the International Casino Exhibition, World Poker Congress and the Asian i-Gaming Congress among others has cancelled SiGNAL 2009. The prestigious event was due to take place this May 19-21st. The Summer iGaming Networking and Learning event was to be held at the elegant InterContinental in St. Julian's Malta. It is thought that the tough economic times are to blame for the cancellation.

Touted as an informal, relaxing session for potential partners to meet, greet and spend time in the glorious Maltese climate it claimed to be more outdoor patio than conference room. Its key focuses were to be on free form exhibition space, liberalised, small group discussion formats selected by participants, informative sessions on customer retention and site visits to locally based companies plus the prerequisite lunches and parties.

The line-up of speakers was to include Betfair European Head of Compliance Roger Parkes, and founder and CEO of egaming 2.0 Alex Czajkowski among others.

The networking and igaming event received tremendous feedback from companies prepared to get behind and support it, but it lost traction among the igaming community and service branches due to gloomy economic concerns. It seems that many felt the registration fee ranging from €200-550 for three days would be too hefty of an investment with monitary uncertainty lying ahead. It remains unclear whether there will be any rescheduling for later this year or next.

Clarion Gaming and Beacon Events plans to launch a new event BetMarkets Asia in Macau from the 25-27 May 2009. This is the sister event of BetMarkets, Clarion Gaming's premier sports betting conference and expo. BetMarkets takes place in Europe in March and welcomes over 200 professional from the land-based and online betting communities. A number of South East Asian countries are making moves towards opening up their markets and with casinos opening up in Taiwan and Singapore, the indications are there that these countries may open up to betting operations and offer a fuller range of services. Some countries are softening their stance towards betting regulation allowing for the opportunity for operators to expand their markets.

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