Chinese Society Embraces Online Revolution

Published Saturday, July 18, 2009 -

Li Datong a writer for News says that the attempts in China to control internet content with the now infamous 'Green Dam' filtering software may have backfired and has caused a peoples revolt of sorts in the great nation. The campaign by China's netizens against the governments actions is a signal of their emerging political power.

Technically aware observers revealed the ultimate goal of the Chinese government showing us that 6000 words to be filtered were of a political nature. Well-known intellectuals called for the details of the policy-making process to be made public so its legality could be scrutinized. A form of direct challenge was proclaimed, "for the freedom of the internet, for the advancement of internetisation, and for our rights, we are going to acquaint your censorship machine with systematic sabotage and show you just how weak the claws of your censorship really are." Chinese officals are looking for a rough ride this year with many historic events regarding opposition to the party line coming up at this time. In anticipation of possible outbreaks of trouble, "stability maintenance offices" have been set up throughout the country.

China's government does not hold real elections and there is no media oversight, this allows officials to do whatever they want. Long standing discontent and mistrust, are not easily dispelled and they rock the foundations of power. This may be the real reason online opinion has started to receive official respect. The country has seen that rapid development and improved living standards have been accompanied by increased distrust. True reform will not arrive until the pressure is such that the party's highest leaders realise there is a crisis of governance, and in the coming ten years, online conflict between the authorities and the people will become more common With the internet the citizen has a voice. It has become the most effective way of creating a more civil society in China. Online debate is making the Chinese people aware of a range of opinions. A new citizenry is arising. In the long term, there can be no better catalyst for political reform.

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