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Published Wednesday, July 29, 2009 -

The Strategic and Economic Dialogue going on between the USA and China has announced both countries consider free trade and honouring international commitments to be high priority and in both nations best interests.

Cabinet-level officials from the USA meeting with their equivalents from mainland China told reporters that the two agreed on the importance of free and unobstructed trade. Mean while both countries impose measures to block competition and access to the online gambling industry. The online gambling industry, finds the two nations among the most repressive in free trade, and the most likely not to live up to World Trade Organization rules.

Timothy Geithner the U.S. Treasury Secretary, said after the discussions, that the two nations talked about currency policy and the requirement to maintain fair competition across all national borders. Both groups of delegates assured the other that their governments are moving to improve international trade conditions and reject any protectionist acts. Mr.Geithner went on to say, " The United States and China are among the biggest beneficiaries of the global trading system and share a common interest in ensuring that global trade and investment remain open and rules-based,"

Much of what the officials are saying at the high level talks seems hollow when one considers the actualities taking place today. Both in the US and China policies toward online gambling are not open or free when it comes to trade. The USA faces disputes with the European Union over its failure to honour free trade in services commitments in regard to online gambling. China has created the 'Great Firewall of China' or the 'Green Dam' as some call it to filter and censor the Web, with online casinos and gambling included in that ban. Indeed this would not be the first time politicians have said one thing and done another.

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