Online Gambling on Soccer in the USA Surging

Published Monday, August 10, 2009 -

The Confederations Cup, was an event watched around the world as Team USA played mighty Brazil and almost took the title. If America had won that game the world of soccer would have been changed forever. Soccer as it is known in the USA has become something that Americans are now very interested in and are going to online sportsbooks in spades to place their bets. This is good news for online bookmakers with the upcoming 2010 World Cup ready to start. Numbers are definitely there to prove the interest in soccer in the USA has been growing by leaps and bounds.

72,368 fans came out to watch the game between Real Madrid, a well appointed team from Europe and the vastly improved US soccer team, DC United at FedEx Field in Washington, DC, reportedly the most to ever see this club play.

DC United President, Kevin Payne, said recently, "I'm so adamant there's a strategic play to this," "In some ways it could be argued, and I've had this argument in the past with coaches going back to 1996, in some ways these games are more important than our league games. How am I going to convince those people to support D.C. United other than by proving that we can compete with these strong teams? It's not an ideal situation, but it's part of the process of developing our league and our club." Payne concluded, "We can't just do that by talking about it. We have to get out there and compete," "They are better than us, but we're worthy of support from people who care about the game." Online gambling from Americans on the sport has taken it from being a maybe I will take a stand on my team to sure the odds are getting better for a big win.

The odds listing in the USA were the US team at +10,000 to win the 2010 World Cup. With that bet a sportsbook would pay out $10,000 for every $100 wagered. That's huge when one compares it to Brazil or Spain which would only pay out $450 dollars for a $100 dollar wager.

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