Massachusetts Governor Wants Gambling Study Done

Published Sunday, December 13, 2009 -

Deval Patrick, the State of Massachusetts governor has been vocal about his opposition to gambling, now in a surprise turn around he is urging legislators to request an independent cost to benefit analysis of the proposed gambling expansion within Massachusetts. Gambling expansion is the trend for revenue strapped states, and Massachusetts may be next to allow new forms of entertainment within their borders. Online gambling could be one of those forms of entertainment. Neighbouring states such as Connecticut, already have casinos up and making money which has residents expecting a benefit from the inclusion of casino gambling on land, and possible online wagering.

According to an Associated Press article recently, it explained that the state deserves more detailed information before "dramatically expanding gambling."

Lobbyists from both sides of the expansion debate are being heard with opponents to gambling working hard to convince people of the evils and perils associated with the past time of wagering. Two former government employees ex-Governor Michael Dukakis and former Attorney General Scott Harshbarger have now come out as being anti-gambling. The United to Stop Slots in Massachusetts group has been busy gathering its anti gaming individuals together so they can make their stance known.

Online gambling is only one aspect of the cost benefit study that is being urged by Democrat Deval Patrick.

Increased crime, increased addiction to gambling, underage gambling, and certain financial ruin for those that are householders already in a serious financial pickle are the usual detractors words of wisdom. Those who see that gambling can have a positive side have declared in it's defence there will be more jobs, more tax revenues, and the increased option of a good experience close to home. Maintaining that in other parts of the world gambling does not cause significant social problems. Both sides keep the argument for or against wagering alive and vital to individual communities.

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