Online Poker's Isildur1 Will Return

Published Tuesday, January 26, 2010 -


Does Isildur1 have any alternative legal recourse to recover the money lost playing poker last year to Brian Hastings? This is a question that is probably on a few backers minds and it is speculated that jurisdictional issues could prevent Isildur1from bringing forth a claim.

After a lost of $4M to a competitor who later admitted that he cheated the interesting Swedish poker professional said that he would be making a formal complaint to Full Tilt Poker officials. Isildur1 has yet to reveal his true identity, and it is most unlikely to do so. Isildur1 a Sweden national, has chosen to remain anonymous in the hope of avoiding paying the large taxes imposed in Sweden on his online gambling winnings.

This great player did a lot of good for the game of poker by raising the bar just a little higher each time he played. In his prime Isildur1 took in over $5million in winnings within two months of playing at Full Tilt. Isildur1 would accept all challenges and was frequently seen challenging the world's top online professionals including Tom Dwan, Patrik Antonius and Phil Ivey, in heads up action, together, all at once.

The questions started coming when Hastings' revealed to the press that he beat Isildur1 by using a report prepared from a database of hand histories using hands played by himself and fellow poker players Brian Townsend and Cole South. It was noted that compiling a database of hand histories is considered cheating, and the collection of such information is a violation of Full Tilt Poker's End User License Agreement.

Isildur1 will not finish last, it may take a little time but it is a sure thing a poker player with the skill he has will be back. High stakes poker is the most exciting to watch. It's do or die with the edgy drama few have the nerve to stand. Isildur1 says he will return probably this time with his own table where he can invite players to a challenge.









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