Techlink Bidding to Supply Greek Online Gambling Solutions

Published Sunday, June 13, 2010 -

Techlink Entertainment Ltd. based in Sydney, Nova Scotia Canada, is rapidly become the supplier of choice for the online gambling industry ready to explode in Greece.

A powerful new Informed Player protocol class created by Techlink, was recently approved by one of the gaming industries largest international trade association the California based Gaming Standards Association. Known as the Game-to-System (G2S) protocol extension, the technology is compatible with all gaming environments. It is player focused in that it provides benefits to the player, the venue, operator and the jurisdiction. The company has been operating for over ten years and holds patents rights to its proprietary technologies in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

The firm was founded in 1994 in Canada by John Xidos who is of Greek origin the company has rolled out another piece of technology in Greece that will give the players more control. The Greek government according to the Cyprus Mail says that Techlink is one of several companies currently in discussions with the Greek government to supply technological solutions once the required legislation is passed by the Greek parliament.

Gameplan the Techlink product is fully integrated and includes a powerful central system. It is able to be incorporated into virtually any gaming network despite equipment make and model and interfaced with virtually all types of electronic gaming machines.
An advanced centralized management control system provides a unique technological platform that allows players to access crucial operating information through an e-card.

John Xidos president of Techlink speaking to the media in Athens, said, "Greece pays huge fines to the European Union because of its inability to control the use of illegal games. We have been studying the Greek gaming market since 2002, because we understand that the government wants to end this unusual situation. Consideration is being given to the development of a new legislative framework for technical and gambling games. We have a proven technology appropriate to market regulation."



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