Swedish Online Gambling Demand Growing

The change in the laws regarding online betting has been slow in coming in many parts of Europe and Scandinavia with certain jurisdiction holding out on reforms that comply with international e-commerce business standards set by the European Commission.

Politicians are seeing the advantages of a regulated betting industry and are complying slowly but surely. Sweden’s Svenska Spel’s online monopoly is soon to be reformed and a new market created. Since 1994 when the Swedish Lotteries Act was introduced the Swedish gambling industry major tenets are the restriction of foreign gambling entities inside Sweden's boundaries and the prohibition of Swedish gambling enterprises outside of the country. This is done with the intent of keeping profits at home, where they directly benefit the government.

Historically the government has kept a tight grip on internet betting in Sweden. Svenska Spel maintains control over online gambling and if Svenska Spel decides it will comply and open its doors to the rest of the operators who pay the fees there will be better choice for punters in Sweden. The law in the jurisdiction makes it hard and risky for citizens to participate in online games offshore.

However recent figures released by the gaming regulator in Sweden Lotteriinspektionen have indicated that there are more punters turning to offshore international operators. There was local activity decline at the state-owned online monopoly operator Svenska Spel, which revealed sales had fallen 5% to SEK 2.16b. due to its land-based operations, which declined 9% year-on-year, while internet gambling operations rose by 6%. Again the same trend was noted in the horse racing sector with online activity up by 10 percent and terrestrial revenue declining by 10 percent. The lid will eventually come off the cookie jar in Sweden and the consumer is pushing the demand for more online products.


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Online Betting On Trump's Demise Surges

Gambling on something that seems obvious to even the bookies can pay off for the savvy punter watching the odds. The current fascination with current President of the USA has led to many a bet especially in the United Kingdom.  Paddy Power Betfair the iconic Irish gambling operator saw the potential for a political betting market as soon as Mr. Donald Trump became President Trump.

The loose cannon approach that the Donald is now famous for has bookies and punters sitting on the edge their seats as every tweet he makes reveals the drama that is very American. The fascination has extended to parts of the world that the Americans defend and consider valued friends. Donald Trump has many aspects and so there is a number of prop bets concerning his presidency as the 45th commander and chief of the greatest nation on the planet. Paddy Power lists Trump impeachment at 2/1 and a resignation at 15/8.

Paddy Power Betfair  told MarketWatch recently, “Impeachment has been a hugely popular topic ever since Election Day — when it was 16/1, immediately after news of Trump’s victory emerged," adding, “By the time of his inauguration, the price was at 10/1.” “We’ve been betting on impeachment for all recent U.S. presidents but, even at the height of the Lewinsky scandal, Bill Clinton was only ever 6/1 to be impeached.”

There are other online gambling operators such as the U.K.’s Ladbrokes which issued a press release that Trump is now “odds-on” to leave office before the end of his first term. Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes commented, “Political punters are wondering how many more scandals can Trump overcome," Bridge continued, "And despite the short price on offer, money has poured in for the president to be impeached, leaving us with little option but to cut the odds.”


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Ladbrokes Australia Gaining Local Traction

Ladbrokes that well recognized and stable gambling company is making some big waves in Australia. When the firm merged with Coral and became the Ladbrokes Coral Group the company experienced a surge in the expansion plan. Now Britain`s biggest bookmaker, the Australian division has back up becoming Australia’s most innovative bookmaker offering  a wide range of sports betting opportunities.
Ladbrokes.com.au is managed in Australia, with offices in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane, by a team of local sports betting experts. The website and software have been developed specifically for Australia.
The appointed of veterans Jason Scott as interim chief executive and Greg Sedgwick as its non-executive director is seeing results. Ladbrokes chief executive, Jim Mullen, said back in February, "The Australian business continues to go from strength to strength and has delivered impressive growth since we brought it in 2013.”

Exposure deals are most important in the sports betting sector and the partnership with Australian National Rugby League (NRL) team the Newcastle Knights back in late March was a good start . The Ladbrokes logo now appears on the back of Knights playing jerseys. Chief marketing officer at Ladbrokes Australia, Jason Kibsgaard commented, “We are a proud Queensland-based company and, while we support many clubs across the country, we make sure first and foremost we are on board with those in our own backyard.”

Now Ladbrokes has made another deal with a three-year partnership arrangement with golf’s PGA of Australia. Ladbrokes will now have the naming rights to the PGA Pro-AM Series and PGA Legends Tour as the official online betting partner of the group. General commercial  manager, at the PGA of Australia David Pryles, commented, “To have an internationally renowned brand and market leader partner our Pro-Am, Legends events is a huge boost to professional golf in Australia.” “This alignment will benefit both PGA Professionals as well as amateur golfers and it’s great for the profile of our sport.”



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Investor Confidence in Online Gambling Strong

Investors in online gaming and gambling are constantly searching for the holy grail of return on their investments and with so many choices there is bound to be a treasure chest among them. Research and dedication to the validity of company claims and projections is the way to find the hidden gems available on the market.

The new way of trading stocks online has small time investors reaping rewards using the algorithms developed for the stock market trends and categories. Online gambling stocks are by some accounts a good investment because of the licensing and controls the government has imposed on the industry making operators accountable and transparent. There are many aspects of the online gambling casino industry to put money into whether short term or long term.

The information provided by the internet gives the interested investor insight into a type of betting that is coming into its own lately. The $100bn Digital Games Market for example is making headway into the wagering world.  Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games account for almost 25% of the digital games industry this year and eSports or the competitive playing of video games market, will reach $3.5 billion by 2021.

A new study from Juniper Research Future Games Market: MMO & MOBA 2017-2021 and its author Lauren Foye described the focus, “MOBA games have evolved from user-made campaigns to a staple of the eSports industry, with considerable investment by games developers and publishers. Investment is driven by the fact that, in some cases, eSports viewership surpasses many popular sports.”

Investing in the future of eSports has been profitable for those who took up the cause early but  the timing may still be right to get in on the investor action in this forum. It has been suggested that emerging technology and business model innovation along with a youthful audience will drive this sector’s traction in the coming years.



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Online Casino 888 Takes U.K. Gambling Commission Hit

Recently the U.K.’s Gambling Commission the government watchdog that keeps the industry thriving on the up and up announced it will investigate a subsidiary of 888 Holdings regarding the firm and its compliance of rules set out for self exclusion from online gambling web locations.  The Gambling Commission is reviewing whether the business is satisfying the social responsibility requirements set by the Commission with effective procedures available to help bettors manage their gambling activity.

The commission's Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice have required all licensed gambling operators to avoid misleading consumers about promotions which has been the focus of the crackdown on the online gambling industry and its practices. Operators must state in clear terms what a 'free bet', 'bonus' or similar offer really means and what punters must do in order to qualify for these deals.

Customers have the choice whether to ‘self exclude’, preventing them from betting for a defined length of time, a minimum of six months is common. Online gambling operator William Hill recently pointed the self exclusion option to be diminishing the company’s profits. The ‘time out’ option is also available to punters and operators must offer the time-out choice for 24 hours, one week, one month or as many as six weeks.

The penalty in the public’s eye is clearly administered with the 888 stock taking a hit of seven percent after the announcement of an assessment into the firm by the U.K. Gambling Commission.

888 said it was “dedicated to providing players with a responsible as well as enjoyable gaming experience” and the subsidiary would be “proactively engaged” with the Gambling Commission in its review.

Brokerage Peel Hunt said it expected a fine for the company and changes to its policy and practice. "It appears this public process is now the Commission’s preferred way of regulating the gambling industry and fines and bad publicity are part of the cost of doing business," Peel Hunt added.




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NetEnt Acquires License for British Columbian Online Gambling

NetEnt Americas LLC is a leading digital entertainment company, providing premium gaming solutions to the world’s most successful online casino operators. Since its creation in 1996, NetEnt has been a pioneer in driving the market with games powered by a cutting-edge platform. NetEnt is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm (NET–B) and employs 900 people in Stockholm, Malta, Kiev, Krakow, Gothenburg, Gibraltar and New Jersey. NetEnt launched its first NetEnt Casino in 2002, its first mobile game in 2011, Live Casino in 2013, and by 2014, had handled 21.4 billion transactions. In 2015, NetEnt entered the US market and today has a global presence.

The strategy that the firm has been pursuing to expand its network has been confirmed once again with its involvement in the online gambling industry in British Columbia. NetEnt has been approved by the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch as supplier to the British Columbia Lottery Corporation.

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation is a Crown corporation, owned by the provincial government. Revenues from BCLC supports communities, education, and health care. British Columbia is the third largest province Canada with around 4.6 million people. The BCLC provides government authorized lottery games in the province since 1985 and has arrangements with more than 20 service providers at over 40 locations in the western province.

CEO  and NetEnt President, Per Eriksson, said recently, “I am very pleased that we have reached yet another important milestone in our expansion on regulated markets. We are the online casino supplier with the largest presence on regulated markets in terms of number of licenses and certifications that we hold, and entering the province of British Columbia in Canada is another important step for us.” NetEnt recently launched a marketing campaign designed to “help cement” its reputation as a “leader and innovator in the tech sector” while positioning it as a “first choice for top talent in a highly competitive field.”


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Prime Minister Vows To Make British Online ‘Safest Place'

Data is the glue that keeps the internet together with gambling being one application that gathers it to make products better for the consumer and business for the operator. The transition to digital gambling for some consumers is difficult with online gambling operators working hard to make online gambling applications user friendly and navigable. Data is important and necessary to create an environment for the online gambler that is custom formed to suit your needs which can make being on the internet enjoyable.

Navigating the information highway can be terrifying to the uninitiated let alone playing for real money at an online casino. Taking the time to read the fine print about the use of your personal data and the security supplied by the online casino is important for peace of mind while playing or posting.

An example of the internet’s pervasive way is illustrated in the U.K’s Prime Minister’s vow to make Britain the ‘safest place in the world to be on the internet’. Theresa May has promised a crackdown on internet giants by giving the public the right to have their social media history expunged.

The current government says it will impose an industry-wide levy on social media firms if they fail to introduce the requested reforms. The recent taxes and levies that the gambling industry has just encounters would raise funds for to public awareness of potential dangers of online activity. May is using the data provided by countless information sources at her disposal to promise to make Britain ‘the best place in the world to do business online’ by improvements to the system and its access rights.

Educating oneself about the big data digital environment that gambling now is part of should be a requirement like getting a drivers licence before getting behind the wheel of a fast car. Knowing which pedal works the brakes is important just like wagering online.




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Amaya Will Move To Toronto Renamed The Stars Group Inc.

Amaya Gaming beat analyst estimates with revenue at US$317.32 million, up 10 per cent from last year which is great news for investors in the online gambling enterprise.  Amaya has to move to Ontario and the booming metropolis of Toronto and an identity change for its brand.

The renewed entity will be rebranded as The Stars Group Inc. an effort by Chief Executive Officer Rafi Ashkenazi to reconfigure the firm after numerous upheavals in its development over the several years. Amaya’s CEO inherited numerous issues associated with stepping down of the previous CEO David Baazov after the storm clouds gathered over the insider trading charges and lack luster earnings.

A new management team has been hired to deal with a mercurial online poker market. Industry veteran Robin Chhabra was appointed to the newly created position of Chief Corporate Development Officer of Amaya. Mr. Chhabra will lead and oversee Amaya's corporate development function focusing on mergers and acquisitions. He will reporting to Ashkenazi who is bending the company back into shape slowly but surely. Diversifying past poker online casino games and sports book accounted for 27 per cent of sales, up from 21 per cent over last year.

Amaya has a reputation for technology-based products and services in the global gaming and interactive entertainment industries and is a massive undertaking with many different products and 17 jurisdictions to manage. Ashkenazi’s strategy is to pay down the enormous debt the company has been managing handling it with care. Keeping a firm this diverse in a declining poker market has been a struggle especially with the uncertainty surrounding the online gambling market in the USA. The Amaya brands have more than 108 million cumulative registered customers globally and collectively are the largest internet poker room in the world. Amaya Gaming also offers other gaming products, which include casino, sports book and daily fantasy sports rounding out the firm’s commitment to total online gambling entertainment.

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Legal Online Poker Possible In the Empire State

The issue of legality for the online gambling industry in the many US jurisdictions is changing rapidly as numerous states such as New York, South Carolina and others are making efforts to expand their respective gambling markets by introducing online betting. Legislative bills pertaining to gambling rules to include internet betting have been introduced in both New York State and tourist oriented South Carolina known as The Palmetto State.

Massachusetts has also come into the modern age of wagering with its announcement by State Treasurer Deborah Goldberg that the government there plans to introduce legislation and studies on internet gambling. Goldberg said in January “Between the impending arrival of [Massachusetts] casinos, increasing competition from daily fantasy sports, the overall shift to online versus point-of-sale transactions, and our ageing lottery demographic, we have no choice but to pursue new solutions,”

It appears after the press release of May 11th the Empire State New York has made a giant leap in efforts to legalised online poker after a bill that would do just that advanced to the Senate. It was reported that the New York Senate Finance Committee this week passed Sen. John Bonacic's Online Poker Bill S 3898 by a positive vote of twenty seven to nine. The Senate Racing, Gaming and Wagering Committee also approved the bill in a unanimous vote.

Poker players in the State of New York are delighted with the results but will probably have to wait a bit longer because as with all legal issue they take time. The amendments to this particular legislation include proposals to classify some types of poker games, as skill and make them legal online in the state. Ten operators will be offered a license for the New York online poker market. Intestate gambling compacts for legalised online poker is also part of the bill.


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Online Gambling Strategy Defined

The strategy needed to win at online gambling involves a number of approaches. Fooling oneself into believing the slot machine is about to payout can drain the spirit as well as the bank account in the blink of an eye. Random number generators are certified to be fair and operators know that slot machines are the best source of income for an online casino so they comply with the standards set by regulatory bodies.

Playing against the house online is a difficult path to win with. Winning at "online" roulette or blackjack is very hard as it is all random.  Sports betting is also difficult to win at because the bookies have the best researchers and computer programs working on the odds. The point spreads, outright winners, and over/under bets available online, where the house takes a cut of usually 4 percent or less are configured to favour the predictions of the books. Player props are more likely to have lines that are not completely accurate, but these types have small betting limits and more of a cut to the books of 5 percent or more.

Choosing a skill based game that has an element of luck can take more time to get good at but the online gambling rewards may be greater. Poker being a very popular skill based gambling activity that some professional poker players make a tidy sum at. While beating the house is like lottery it is near impossible the next best step is wagering against other people directly. The category includes poker, direct wagering, and fantasy sports for example. Skill based wagering does require some skill and some gamblers are naturals that know how to access the incredible resources available at online gambling portals such as 0nline-Casinos.com. Taking the time to learn the games can lead to a satisfying and sometimes rewarding online gambling experience.

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