New Online Casino PlayOJO Moves Into Denmark

It is always a good sign for the online gambling industry to see the new launch of a virtual casino offering come on stream successfully. The pressure from all directions in this extremely competitive business can overcome and make a project go sideways very easily.

The February first 2017 launch of is an example of a new casino on the internet that has made a mark by creating an innovative reward system for players. Casino software developer and supplier SkillOnNet powers the new enterprise which has an experienced team in charge. Licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority with offerings in almost every language PlayOJO casino can handle most transaction currencies and methods.

PlayOJO was designed as a transparent and trustworthy location, "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" brand. Players can see what is being offered and know exactly what they get and its all in the open. "The brand puts them in control of their own funds and their own money," commented, Ohad Narkis at SkillOnNet

“The vision behind this brand is to create a brand that offers players a fairer alternative to what is currently available in the online casino market,” said, Narkis as quoted by Calvin Ayres’ Bodog representative Becky Liggero.  "We create a much more simplified relationship between the casinos and the player and very importantly, we bring trust back into the industry," Narkis continued.

Now the firm is already rolling out a new destination in the Scandinavian market by launching in Denmark.

Narkis, PlayOJO, co founder commented,  “We are delighted to have flicked the switch on PlayOJO in Denmark, further strengthening our position in the Nordics.

“Our unique approach to responsible gambling, and the open and honest way we reward players, sets us aside from our rivals.

“We will be supporting this launch with increased marketing activity in Sweden, as we look to gain a larger share of the Scandinavian market.

“We are confident Scandinavian players will accept our brand principals and unique value proposition with open arms.”







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Irish Pubs Creating Online Gambling Issues for Punters

The regulations for online gambling services in Ireland are being adjusted to include internet betting. Ireland’s gambling industry is currently controlled by laws that date back to 1931 and 1956. The regulatory framework does not provide an adequate set of rules for the regulation of online gambling.

Back in 2013 the Gambling Control Bill was introduced in the legislature with a focus on revamping the nation’s gambling industry. Since then however the country’s main legislative body, has made little progress on the bill’s implementation.  Lawmakers are making noises that they might act soon on the bill.

David Stanton, the Irish Minister of State for Justice, stated last May that he would try to advance the legislative piece so that the bill is voted on by the end of this year. The recent report from the Sunday Times revealed that a number of complaints have come about indicting Irish pub holders are taking illegal bets at their venues, Additionally, it appears that some pub owners have been taking advantage of promotional screens installed by bookmakers.

It is alleged that pub owners have been taking wagers from customers without having authorization to do so. The promo screens provide odds on major sporting events, and encourage punters to place bets at the local retail outlet. Bookmakers and an Irish support group working with problem gambling customers said this creates an issue for problem gamblers.  The risk for the people acting as bookmakers is substantial with fines of up to €150,000 or a sentence of up to five years in jail, if caught.

Chief executive officer of Problem Gambling Ireland, Barry Grant, said he had come across at least half a dozen cases of gambling addicts that relapsed due to the availability of gambling facilities in local pubs.

“We have had clients and service users bring this up, particularly in rural areas, where we are talking about relapse prevention,” commented Mr.Grant.


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Unikrn Stikes Gold With New Cryptocurrency Product

The internet gambling industry has a new kid on the block called eSports and it has taken awhile to become main stream but it has definitely arrived. The introduction of eSports has attracted a new set of entrepreneurs such as investors Mark Cuban,  Ashton Kutcher, Binary Capital and Indicator Ventures, and others. Launched in 2014, Unikrn which offers real money betting on eSports events in the UK and Australian markets has matured and branched out.

Last June Unikrn and Betgenius signed a partnership to drive customer engagement by leveraging esports data analytics, content, pre-match and live betting markets. This and other significant changes has allowed Unikrn to flourish in the new online gambling sector.

Now just a few months on the company is offering another virtual product. The Ethereum co-founder and Mark Cuban have put millions towards Unikrn’s  eSports betting platform’s digital token sale. The Seattle USA based company launched its initial coin offering (ICO) pre-sale recently for the UnikoinGold tokens. The digital currency is designed as a decentralized token on the Ethereum platform, meaning that it can be bought, sold and traded on digital currency exchanges that are with Ethereum.

The preliminary sale of the virtual currency which are for exclusive use on its skill-based betting platform was limited to the larger block chain groups.

Canadian Unikrn founder Rahul Sood said they, “felt would work to build commercial opportunities for the UnikoinGold ecosystem,”  Unikrn also said it plans to open the coin sale region by region and gradually. Ethereum co-founder Anthony Diiorio, Blockchain Capital and Pantera Capital also participated in the ICO.

The company is well on its way to finding more capital for its growth with partner CoinCircle with a plan to sell $100 million worth of its cryptocurrency tokens. UnikoinGold is the extended version of the original virtual coin Unikoin, which was launched back in 2015 and now known as UnikoinSilver.


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Online Gambling Prohibition Imposed In Uruguay

Officially known as the Oriental Republic of Uruguay this upscale country in South America has been a leader as a changing progressively social nation. Online Gambling is not mentioned in the wagering regulations in Uruguay and the government does not offer licensing opportunities to provide internet gambling services. Instead, players in Uruguay who want to gamble on the internet use offshore online gambling websites. Not all international gambling sites will accept players form Uruguay, and of the sites that do, not all will offer Spanish services.

Things regarding gambling laws in Uruguay have changed in recent months with the government of Uruguay adopting a strict ban on online gambling. As part of a budget package signed into law recently new enforcement powers to national authorities to curb offshore sites. The Uruguayan Senate voted 30-6 in favor of the country’s new Accountability Law, including revised gaming regulations. The bill previously approved by the lower house, and was signed into law by Uruguyan President Tabaré Vázquez.

A new 0.75% tax on gambling turnover obtained from officially approved gambling venues and the operations of the state-owned National Directorate of Lotteries and Quinielas will be imposed. The national lottery operator is the only operator officially approved to operate online gambling, for sports betting only.  Law 19.535’s Article 244 states that “casino games such as poker, roulette, slots” and similar products are “absolutely prohibited” via any remote channels. International operators have been filling the wagering space in Uruguay’s gray market for years with the absence of regulations.

The Uruguayan Casino Control Commission report revealed stakes placed at local casinos amounted to more than U$6 billion in 2016, up 6.5% year-on-year. Product demand for Lottery and Supermatch, wagers grew to a total of about U$10.8 billion last year, reflecting an increase of U$281 million over last year. The country’s unregulated market is expected to be even greater.


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Gambling and Baseball...This Day In History

On this day many years ago gambling and sports were on a collision course when eight Chicago White Sox baseball players were indicted for fixing the 1919 World Series. Known as the "Black Sox scandal,”  it made it clear that there was something wrong with the system. In the days when players were being paid very little the club owners were reaping the benefits of players locked into contracts and with no hope of making more money players went rogue and cheated despite the risk. Some Chicago White Sox team members were accused of intentionally losing the 1919 World Series against the Cincinnati Reds in exchange for money from a gambling syndicate led by Arnold Rothstein.

Of the eight baseball players indicted was "Shoeless" Joe Jackson, a star outfielder and hitter confessed in sworn grand jury testimony to receiving $5,000 cash from the gambling syndicate. He later recanted his confession, protesting his innocence to no effect until he died in 1951. The extent of Jackson's collaboration with the match fix is still controversial. The appointment of the first baseball commissioner was the result of the scandal but the motivations behind the creation of the office were more than a mere desire to rebuild public relations and restore the lost integrity of baseball. Federal Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis, was given nearly unlimited authority to act in the "best interests of baseball"

It is no wonder there are problems in the sports betting industry still today with not just match fixing being an issue facing Major League Baseball but as is witnessed many times in other sports the use of performance enhancing drugs. The indefinite suspensions imposed by Landis remain the most to be imposed all at once in the history of organized baseball, it was the most suspensions of any duration to be imposed until 2013 when thirteen baseball player suspensions of between 50 and 211 games were announced following the doping-related Biogenesis scandal.

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Bede Gaming's Successful Partnership Strategy

The internet gambling business is a game of connecting the dots and some operators are finding that partnering is a safe bet to success. Bede Gaming is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission to supply remote gambling software and it has been connecting the online gambling industry since 2011. The partnership approach has served this premier software company very well in past and continues with the latest developments proving that the direction is solid.

The Rank Group back in June of this year cited its change over to the Bede Gaming platform as one of the key reasons behind recent revenue growth. The private business is based in Newcastle upon Tyne, in the United Kingdom, including offices in London and Sofia, Bulgaria.

The Chief Executive Officer at Bede, Michael Brady said then, “Our company’s mission is to become the first-choice gaming platform in regulated markets and Rank’s digital growth is proof that we can achieve this goal.”

Last month Bede Gaming agreed to a deal with Ezugi a leading technology provider specializing in live dealer casino gaming. Ezugi’s full suite of live casino games will be integrated onto Bede Gaming’s ‘PLAY’ content platform.

Commercial director at Ezugi, Sagi Ifrach, said, “We’ve been admirers of Bede Gaming for some time now and it’s great to be working alongside such a high-performing gaming platform.

“Partnering with Bede was a no brainer for us and following a straightforward integration, our games are now available to their customers via Bede PLAY.”

“Enhancing our partners’ offerings is what we strive for and this will clearly bring fantastic opportunities for both Ezugi and Bede.”

Now we see Bede Gaming expanding once again with another content partnership deal with online gambling games developer CORE Gaming. CORE’s entire suite of HTML5 titles will offered on the Bede PLAY platform and delivered to Bede’s various operating partners via a single integration.


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Online Gambling Growth Reason For Big Mergers

The common belief that investing in an online gambling company is a risky proposition is false news when you examine the growth of the bigger firms over the last decade or so. Some firms have managed to grasp a big part of an exploding internet betting market early and continue to break records.

The billions of every currency including virtual that passes hands in the internet gambling industry is simply enormous and so are some operator’s profits. The governments that engage the industry by trying to reduce the possible generated harm done to the vulnerable and young have been doing a reasonable job in regulated environments with the cooperation of the responsible operators.   

The burgeoning market in some jurisdictions, because of smart phone expanded use has the big firms who can afford to advance technically fast enough reap the rewards of the growth. The rapid interest in this type of entertainment and recreational activity is the reason for the rapid merger policies of firms such as Ladbrokes Coral and Paddy Power Betfair. Changing government regulations on gambling across different jurisdiction is one prime factor restricting online gambling market growth.

Start up internet casinos card rooms and sports betting operations are having an increasingly difficult time negotiating the path to riches running a licensed establishment on the internet. The increased fees legal delays and political concerns associated with a start up can devastate a new enterprise’s budget in short order. The market is changing constantly and investing in an online gambling firm that is solidly rooted may be well on the safe side but that can change at any time as any real gambler knows.

As it is with any investment gambling on a hunch is not all that reliable so doing a little research can pay off and it is a little more fun knowing where and what you spent your money on.  

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Germany's Online Gambling Legislation Saga Continues

Germany has been trying to amend its online gambling laws for years without much success. The northernmost Schleswig-Holstein state in Germany has once again refused to alter the Interstate Treaty on Gambling. The state revealed plans for the introduction of an extended gambling regulation framework including online of it own.

In 2012 the Treaty proposed the legalization and regulation of online sports betting services within Germany’s borders. Fifteen of Germany’s sixteen states voted for the legislation which resulted in the European Commission stating the restricted regulatory framework violated EU principles of free trade within the Union.

In March of 2017, the Interstate Treaty on Gambling was amended in part, to satisfy the European Commission’s requirements by 2018. The restriction on the number of online gambling licenses was doubled from 20 to 40 but the recently elected Schleswig-Holstein government indicated that it would probably not approve the recent changes to the gambling treaty.

The Schleswig-Holstein legislators are saying the Interstate Treaty on Gambling doesn’t go far enough to address the issues facing vulnerable people who are at risk or addicted to gambling. The politicians are convinced the latest move to amend the law doesn’t make the legislation E.U. compliant. The stand alone government says other forms of online betting including casino and poker should be regulated and offered to punters in Germany by 2018.

The Schleswig-Holstein state wants to impose its own gambling laws that would comply with the European Union’s requirements by allowing more wagering offers from a larger suppliers list.

The future of Germany’s online gambling industry is unclear because of the conflicting views of the rogue state and the requirement that all of Germany’s jurisdictions must agree on the legislation for it to pass as law. The Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics recently published a 300-page review of the new gambling law.






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Australia's Tabcorp Tatts Merger On Hold Again

The gambling industry in Australia has been going through some serious reconfiguring over that past few years making it difficult for some operators to expand. The $11 billion merger of Australian gambling giants Tabcorp and Tatts is being looked at again by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

The previously approved merger of the two firms is now in jeopardy after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission appeal was upheld by the Federal Court. Two appeals by the ACCC and rival betting operator CrownBet were lodged in July and Tabcorp has repeatedly explained to its shareholders it was "committed to the transaction" and confident the merger will be completed although not before the Melbourne Cup begins.

A spokesperson explained, "Tabcorp will be arguing that the tribunal does have the jurisdiction as the full Federal Court authority says the time limit is satisfied if the original decision was made in that time frame,"

A statement from the company said, "Tabcorp has engaged with the various gambling regulatory authorities over the past 10 months, in order to satisfy the requisite requirements and secure the relevant approvals in order to implement the transaction," "The necessary pre-implementation notifications have been provided and the probity assessments for the proposed combined group, as well as its subsidiaries, directors, officers and 'associates' have been completed."

The ACCC chairman Rod Sims commented on the Federal Court decision, “The ACCC is pleased that the Full Federal Court has set aside the decision.

“The ACCC argued that the tribunal had made an error in failing to assign less weight to benefits which would be retained by Tabcorp, its shareholders and the racing industry, and not shared with consumers more broad.”

The concerns about the immense market power the merged entity would obtain, and the subsequent lessening of competition are the safeguards the government has in place for the benefit of the consumer.  

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Ladbrokes Coral Opens Tech Center In Here East London

There are many internet gambling products available for every particular taste. The development of online games is becoming a competitive and interesting field for research and gambling operators such as Ladbrokes Coral is embarking on the techno path.

Ladbrokes Coral has seen the benefits of education and innovation for their business. Ladbrokes Coral is bringing together its sports product and technology teams to create a new entity. Now located in Here East, the former media centre for the London 2012 Olympics, on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in East London LC2 will be made up of a dedicated group of very skilled software engineers, analysts, architects and sports product specialists. The premier team of 140 from each brand sector will hopefully expand after increasing the position of the LC2 findings. First class software engineering capabilities will keep the firm on the leading edge of innovation unique products for the market. Delivering  a range of programmes and products including CRM, ePOS and digital sports book platforms is on the team’s primary agenda with the aim of building on the results. The merging of the professionals focuses on faster communication, improved accessibility and collaboration.

CEO of Here East, Gavin Poole, commented on the opening, “As Here East continues to draw in innovators from more and more sectors, Ladbrokes Coral’s new digital product development centre fits well within the campus. Their newly joined up sport-technology team builds on Here East’s reputation as a centre of innovation for established companies and start-ups to collaborate, test new ideas, prototype new products and learn from each other’s expertise.”

Ladbrokes Coral CIO, Graham Calder, also commented,  “With the creation of LC2 our goal is to deliver excellence for our customers by leveraging the best digital technology, to hire the best digital talent to build the best digital future. With our passion for sports, we can’t help but be inspired by the great sporting legacy that comes with being a part of the Olympic Park.”






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