Coolbet Hooks Up With Microgaming Poker Network

The odds are relatively low on a start up venture success in the online sports book field and the competition is fast and furious. There are some innovations that do stand out however and one trait that attracts loyalty in the virtual online gambling world is transparency. A recent announcement that a relatively new online sports book Coolbet had hooked up with Microgaming Poker Network to the cheers of the poker community. MPN has a long held record for reliability. 

The Coolbet brand was launched back in 2016 and is owned by StayCool OÜ. The firm works with its own custom sports betting platform that targets the Nordic jurisdictions. Based in Estonia, Coolbet also offers casino and live Us online casino gaming, and now poker on the MPN community.

Coolbet was the first sports book to show the turnover and amount of the bets for a specific match. “That is unique and part of what makes us special. We want to be completely open with information to our customers. In an industry with still lots of secrets and where you don’t know which persons are behind a company we do things the opposite. It’s all about trust.” said, Jan Svendsen, the CEO of Coolbet.

The Director of Network Games at Microgaming, Jean-Luc Ferriere, commented on the partnering, “With their management group having 90 years’ combined online gaming experience, Coolbet has a clear strategy when it comes to its customers and target markets. The MPN is the perfect home to help Coolbet achieve its goals.”

Anders Karlsen, Coolbet’s COO, also spoke on the alliance, “By joining the MPN, our brand and our players will benefit from a highly experienced and knowledgeable poker team. We want to bring sports book players closer to poker and vice versa, and we believe we can achieve this strategy by working with the best in the industry.”


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UK CMA Questions Online Gambling Operator Promotions

The online gambling industry in the United Kingdom has successfully created an environment that the casual gambler feels safe and comfortable enjoying. This is in part due to the number of safeguards imposed by the UK Gambling Commission and the Competition and Markets Authority.

The CMA launched an investigation in 2016 which questioned the £4.7 billion online gambling sector and whether it was breaking consumer protection laws through the promotions. The investigation was conducted after complaints about betting firms "trapping" players' money and making them play for longer times. The CMA has announced that operators must stop misleading online 'free bet' offers or face reprisals. These proposed changes will benefit players who will not need to play extended games before fund withdraw is possible.

The bonus offers were made to attract and retain more players which gave bonus funding after gamblers invested their own finances. Firms that fail to implement the changes will experience regulatory reprisals from the UK Gambling Commission. Ladbrokes, William Hill and PT Entertainment have agreed to comply and change their promotions.

George Lusty, the CMA project director, commented,  "Gambling always carries a risk, but players should never face unfair restrictions that prevent them from getting at their money.

"Firms mustn't stack the odds against players by putting unfair obstacles in their way or making it difficult for them to stop gambling when they want to.

"We welcome the commitment from these leading firms to address the problems our investigation uncovered, by making important changes to their terms and conditions.

"We now expect others to follow, and look forward to the Gambling Commission's continued work to make sure all operators in this sector play fair with their customers' money."

Gambling Commission executive director Sarah Gardner also commented, "We expect all Gambling Commission-licensed businesses to immediately review the promotions and sign-up deals they offer customers and take whatever steps they need to take, to the same timescales agreed by the three operators, to ensure they comply.”


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NFL Commissioner Focused On Integrity

The approach of the fifty second Super Bowl American football match has brought attention once again on the continued debate over legal betting on sports in the USA. The USA is in the process of a possible expansion of its national sports betting laws with the State of New Jersey leading the cause. The Garden State is calling for nationwide regulation of sports betting by overturning the federal 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA).

The law effectively bans sports betting throughout the United States with the exception of four states, three of which have sports lotteries, including Delaware, Montana and Oregon, with the fourth exemption being the state licensed sports books operating in Nevada.

The major professional sports leagues in the country were against this expansion but a number have recently stated that they could support the change, if it were of benefit to the respective competitions.

Recently the NBA basketball league revealed its idea of the possible changes if the Supreme Court opts to introduce wider regulations.

The National Football League’s Roger Goodell is currently the Commissioner and has now made his opinion known reporting that he does anticipate change, but called for an ongoing focus on integrity in the sport.

Goodell spoke to ESPN, “To me it it’s very clear, which is about the integrity of the game, you don’t want to do anything that’s going to impact negatively on the integrity of our game.

“You want to be certain that there are no outside influences on our game and that fans don’t even have any issue with that, they understand, whether there’s a perception or not, that there’s no influence in our game - and that’s something that we stand firmly behind on the integrity of our game.

“We see changes going on; obviously I don’t think 10 years ago most people would have looked at having an NFL franchise or an NHL franchise in Las Vegas.”




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Impeachment Of Trump May Come Sooner Than Expected

There have been a few interesting presidents elected in the USA but none has brought the world of gambling into the spotlight like the election of Donald Trump. Before he was elected the campaign was show of utter drama that upset the status quo in Washington and without a doubt brought a great deal of attention on the possible outcome. The new leader of the western world has disturbed a huge number of politicians and people with some of his outrageous tweets and speeches. Millions of women marched recently on the one year date of Mr.Trump’s inauguration as president, making it obvious there are number of people that don’t like him.

It is illegal in the USA to bet on politics but in Europe the pastime is enjoyed and the impeachment of Trump is a going concern for many bookies. Although the general public is keen on the positive aspect that the president will be impeached the opinion of those who interpret the actual data in Washington don’t think that it will happen any time soon. At Slate, Ben Mathis-Lilley looks at the data and lays out odds of Trump being impeached and it appears the facts suggest caution, for now and Mathis-Lilley puts the odds of Trump being impeached at 45 percent.

Washington Post writers David Weigel and Sean Sullivan both point out that the topic of impeachment rarely comes up in Washington and that most congressional Democrats are wary of even saying the word.  In Europe there is a feeling that the odds of Trump being impeached for wrongdoing is making a strong showing as the State of the Union address comes closer with the added feature that Trump has been accused of trying to fire special counsel Robert Mueller who is investigating the charges that Russia was involved in his election campaign. Listening to the news is futile these days though as Trump disregards most of it as fake.

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Super Bowl LII Building Betting Momentum

Arguably the biggest sporting event in the USA American football’s Super Bowl LII will be played at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota on February 4th 2018. This will be the 52nd Super Bowl and the 48th modern-era National Football League (NFL) championship game. The National Football Conference (NFC) champion Philadelphia Eagles will play the American Football Conference (AFC) champion New England Patriots to decide the league champion for the 2017 NFL season.

This Super Bowl is an instant success for online gambling fans as the number of things to bet on prior to the game continues to be outstanding. For the third time in four seasons, the New England Patriots will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl after a victory against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Patriots have won each of the past two Super Bowls they appeared in (Super Bowl 49 and 51) with cliff hanger endings surprising a lot of punters.

The Philadelphia Eagles have not been as successful as the Patriots, with the franchise only competing for the Lombardi Trophy once since 1982. The Eagles’ last Super Bowl was in 2005 at Super Bowl 39, a game they lost 24-21 to the Patriots. The odds changed significantly when quarterback Carson Wentz suffered an injury that ended his season. The Eagles are now considered the underdog for this competition.

The sports books have advanced computer models that they employ to decide on the betting options. The computers look at all the variables and come up with a strategy that the odds are based on although there are always variables and changes that cannot be foreseen.

It is an interesting year especially for fans of New England’s quarterback Tom Brady who is favoured as a first-ballot Hall of Famer. It is hopeful that Brady, if the Patriots beat the Eagles in Super Bowl LII, will become the first quarterback in NFL history to lead the NFL in passing yards and also win the Lombardi trophy in the same year. 


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Rugby Football Union SIgns On With ESSA

The Rugby Football Union is the governing body for rugby union in England. Founded in 1871, it was the sport's international governing body prior to the formation of what is now known as World Rugby in 1886. It promotes and runs the sport, organises international matches for the England national team, and educates and trains players and officials.

ESSA and the Rugby Football Union have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that will enable ESSA to employ its monitoring and alert system to pick up on suspicious betting activities around Rugby Football Union governed events.

ESSA is a not for profit organisation, whose members operate through retail, on-line and telephone channels, certified in anti-money laundering and regulatory requirements that protect betting and sports integrity. The role of ESSA is to provide an early warning system with the specific aim of detecting and deterring the corruption of ESSA members’ betting markets through the manipulation of sporting events.

RFU legal and governance director Angus Bujalski commented, “While no instances of betting related match-fixing have to date been identified in English rugby union we need to continue to be vigilant,” Bujalski continued, “We have already put in place a range of measures to raise awareness and to set clear rules to maintain the integrity of the game.

“This MoU is another important milestone in that process and complements our existing work. English rugby has so far been free of betting related match-fixing and we are working hard with our partners such as ESSA to ensure that it remains that way.”

Khalid Ali, general secretary at ESSA, also said,  “No one can or should be complacent in the face of criminal elements intent on corrupting any sport to defraud betting companies.

“The RFU is among a group of sports bodies that have made important and effective strides in this area and ESSA remains committed to working in partnership with those responsible organisations.”


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UK Gambling Commission Proposes Improved Regulations

The United Kingdom has been regulating the online gambling industry for years now and the UK Gambling Commission recognizes that the industry has changed and it needs to upgrade the rules of engagement.

Recently the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) revealed the proposed changes to licensing conditions and codes of practice (LCCP) for operators. A deadline of April 22 has been offered to stakeholders and members of the public to submit their opinions on the proposed changes to the rules.

It has been suggested that UK gambling operators may face harsh financial penalties for breaching the UKGC advertising rules.  The UKGC is in the process of implementing its vision of a ‘fairer’ gambling market.   The Commission is promoting a consumer oriented approach and a zero-tolerance policy that violates social responsibility requirements. This particular aspect of the new directive, licensees’ adherence to socially responsible (SR) marketing activity is a focus for the Commission.   Licensees are now being told they “must” comply with codes as directed by the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) and the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice (BCAP).

The revised social responsibility code provision says violators could face “the full range of [the UKGC’s] regulatory powers,” including big financial penalties, if advertizing for gambling products are considered unsatisfactory.

Marketing efforts containing misleading bonuses or ‘free bet’ offers, has been revised to indicate “licensees must ensure” that it’s not misleading. Furthermore, all “significant conditions” related to these offers and products must be “provided transparently and prominently to consumers.”

All the conditions must be “clearly indicated” that conditions apply and online operators must ensure that these conditions are revealed in full “no further than one click away.”

Operators are also prohibited from contacting consumers via direct electronic marketing without their informed and specific consent, and operators will have to provide “evidence which establishes that consent.” Opportunities to withdraw consent must be provided with penalties for violations of the rules. It was also made clear that “licensees are responsible” for any improper activity by their affiliate partners.


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Second Edition Prague Gaming Summit March 29th 2018

The must attend conferences for the online gambling industry include the second edition of the Prague Gaming Summit coming up on the 29th of March, 2018. The second edition of event is being described as “the most successful boutique-style gaming event in Prague” The conference is designed to give the latest insights about the regulatory updates in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

The one day conference has a great variety of networking possibilities via the event and the networking dinners and social gatherings. Operators and software providers will be offered information on what to expect in the coming year and how applications can be made for required licenses. The summit will repeat the 2017 feature of a round table discussion with the Czech regulators to discuss any relevant questions that arise during the period. The eastern European jurisdictions have a great deal to offer but are complex and sometimes difficult to navigate. Clarifying the situation in the recently regulated market in the Czech Republic is an important aspect of the summit which addresses the latest amendments to the yet to be perfected regulatory platform. Noting the government response and how the rules affect the taxation and the competitiveness of the country’s gambling industry.

Along with the Czech Republic there will be a panel to discuss the latest developments and insights of the Slovakian, Austria and Slovenian and Polish gambling market. Ideas about how to negotiate icensing and potentials in these emerging markets will be shared by experts in the field.

Innovation has always been a key component of the gambling industry and The Innovation Talks series will provide recent information about technology that is being adopted in the industry to increase revenues and attract new clients.

There will also be a panel forum on key strategies that operators can employ to retain and engage new consumers of gambling products and services.  Regulations in many jurisdictions have included measures to insure Responsible Gambling programs are implemented and updates to these programs will also be discussed.





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NBA Goes One Further With US Legalized Sports Betting

The big upcoming issue in the USA online gambling industry is the legalization of betting on sports and there are some heavy hitters chiming in on the subject. News sources from every corner of the USA have been telling us about the National Basketball League’s backing of the proposed legalizing of sports betting nationwide. This is an argument the public has heard of before and now as the Supreme Courts’s decision comes near the big league executives are making louder noises.

There are many jurisdictions in the USA that have or are legalizing online gambling indicating that there is the possibility that online sports betting may eventually come to America.

Recently executives from the National Basketball Association (NBA) outlined their vision for legalised sports betting in New York State using it as a model for sports betting across the whole of the country.  
NBA Senior Vice President and Assistant General Counsel Daniel Spillane said recently in a written testimony to the New York State Senate Standing Committee on Racing, Gaming and Wagering,  “We support the passage of a comprehensive sports betting bill that would serve as a model for a 50-state solution—whether that happens in Congress or on a state-by-state basis."
Spillane also said, “Our conclusion is that the time has come for a different approach that gives sports fans a safe and legal way to wager on sporting events while protecting the integrity of the underlying competitions.”
 A sticky point in the proposal that has caused some concerns is the requirement that operators pay each sporting league 1% of the total amount bet on each of its games. The money would be invested in compliance, enforcement, monitoring, investigations and education.

 American Gaming Association President Geoff Freeman responded a statement in which he was less than supportive of a 1% levy on sports betting: “We are pleased that the National Basketball Association (NBA) today joined with the gaming industry in support of vigorously regulated sports wagering.“



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ORYX Gaming Signs Yet Another Content Deal

January has been a year of expanding opportunities for the online gambler with ORYX Gaming is a leading turnkey solutions provider for the gaming industry making content deals with a number of internet gambling sites. ORYX Gaming offers casino, sports book and lottery solutions with a wide portfolio of proprietary and 3rd party casino, slot, live dealer content, virtual sports and instant game products. 

This month alone has seen the firm which is a multinational company with offices in the US, Estonia, Malta, and Slovenia create content deals with EveryMatrix, ComeON!, iSoftBet, Wunderino, GAMEIOM, and possible others in the works. The whole ORYX’s library of proprietary and third-party content has been integrated into these platforms. ORYX’s omni channel cross-product platform has many punters happy about the expanding developments.

The CEO of ORYX Gaming Matevz Mazij, commented on the EveryMatrix deal,  “EveryMatrix is one of the leading iGaming software providers and signing a deal to integrate ORYX’s content library is testament to our worldwide position. We cannot wait to see their clients’ results when utilising our unique portfolio of games.”

Stian Hornsletten, CasinoEngine CEO also commented, “We are excited to partner with ORYX Gaming as we align visions and focus on our combined knowledge to meet operator’s requirements. This represents another solid step in our journey to keep expanding our CasinoEngine suite by adding ORYX’s high-quality selection of games”

iSoftBet which is certified in Italy, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Alderney and the UK, and meets the strict protocol challenges of all regulatory bodies was also pleased with the content arrangement.

Michael Probert, Head of Business Development at iSoftBet said, “The inclusion of ORYX Gaming falls perfectly in line with our goal of providing our operators the best and most exciting content available on the market, we at iSoftBet  are proud to be partnered with such an innovative and forward thinking company.”






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