Online Gambling Operator SportPesa Gains Major Traction

African online sports betting operator SportPesa is once again on the move with the recent announcement that it has secured a regional deal with the Spanish football operator LaLiga.

It wasn’t long ago back in July of 2016 that SportPesa expanded its professional football club agreements with the addition of English Premier League side Southampton. Southampton chief executive Gareth Rogers commented then, “This partnership will allow the club to continue to build its partner portfolio for commercial success on an international scale,”

Also in July of 2016 Sportpesa agreed a shirt sponsorship deal with English Premier League football club Hull City. After that deal was solidified the chief executive officer of SportPesa, Ronald Karauri added, “This is a big milestone for SportPesa as it marks the scaling of a Kenyan brand into the global market. “The SportPesa platform will now be available in the United Kingdom and later in the year present in several African countries. One year from now we will have presence in at least four continents.”

The company is realizing its objectives set out in Ronald Karauri’s comment last year. SportPesa will be the official African betting partner for the premier LaLiga on the continent.

Adolfo Bara, LaLiga’s commercial and marketing general manager said, “This is a very important agreement for LaLiga, as this further solidifies our commitment to the African continent,” Bara continued, “It is paramount for LaLiga to constantly get closer to its fans all over the world and we're sure that this new partnership will contribute towards that.”

Ronald Karauri the Sportpesa CEO, also said, “We believe that this partnership will bring into Africa LaLiga, which is a globally recognised leader in football talent development.

“It ties well with our company’s objective of developing sport in Africa by bringing in the invaluable professional experience of one of the top leagues in Europe.”



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UK Academics Say Attention to Problem Gambling Needed

The old saying about the fox taking care of the hen house is an apt description of what some experts are saying about the condition of the gambling industry in the United Kingdom. Experts in the field which monitors problem gambling have been vocal lately about the real lack of oversight in the betting industry because the industry says it is taking care of any foreseeable issues. There is an apparent gambling problem in the UK, and academics are calling for further scrutiny.  British punters according to a Guardian news report have lost £12.6 billion to wagering in 2016.

The focus on the issue of problem gambling has been brought by the recent revelation that footballer Joey Barton was banned for 18 months from the professional game. He was found to have broken Football Association rules by placing punts on matches for over ten years. Barton admitted to the charges, then added that action should be taken over an “explosion of sports betting” in recent years. University of Glasgow, Professor Gerda Reith has done gambling studies for over two decades said: “Technology advances at such a fast pace the structures that are tasked to control it don’t keep up,” adding, “That’s a fact of life but I think by not recognising that it’s such a problem we’re creating a problem; we’re not facing up to the potential for harm, particularly with regards to remote gambling that could lead to problems in the future.”

Bristol University’s Dr. Sean Cowlishaw commented, “There needs to be recognition there are conflicts of interest that need to be actively managed.” “Most of what we know [about gambling harm] is through research and evidence heavily influenced by industry.

“Industry funds all the research in the country through Gamble Aware; the amount of money put up is incredibly small and the industry has been able to maintain control over the topics addressed.”



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Progressive Online Slot Mega Moolah Pays Record Sum

The online slot business is one of the most entertaining experiences in the internet betting industry. There are a massive number of slot games with some that pay out better than others. The major payouts come from progressive slots which accumulate the jackpot until someone wins. The internet provides a way to track the progressive jackpots and how much they reward the player who risks a few coins. One of the most important things to look out for when playing progressive games is the casino's payout policy. There are many casinos that limit the amount that they will pay out to winners in a calendar month.

There are different software providers for progressive slot including Microgaming, Playtech, Net Entertainment and Gamesys all have winning games such as Mega Moolah and the Gold Rally Jackpot which is famous for simply paying out big money time after time. It is one of the few slots that paid out a jackpot higher than a million dollars, and it has done so on several occasions.

A recent announcement that Microgaming’s Mega Moolah jackpot of €8,012,153.35 which amounts to $8.7 million has been won breaking a online gambling record prize. Apparently the prize was won with the small investment of €6.25 while playing the slot on the Tipico network.

Last August, the Mega Moolah  jackpot of  €7.968,311.26 was one by another lucky player. David Reynolds the Games Publisher at Microgaming spoke about the win referring to the quick climb of the slot's jackpot "It’s incredible to think in just over a month the mega jackpot climbed from 4.3 million (as at 21 March) to 8 million (as at 25 April)." Winning at a progressive slot game requires just three elements. Selecting the highest coin value offered, selecting all of the pay lines and the number of credits to bet per line then spinning the reels and waiting for the winning combination.

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Unikrn eSports Betting Plans To Acquire LEET

eSports is something the youth of today are definitely into and they continue to accelerate the growth of the new gambling genre. Companies have sprung up to facilitate the interest in video game betting, firms such as Unikrn the world’s leading esports book maker recently announced that they agreed to a deal to acquire LEET, an eSports startup.  

LEET's event staff makes sure all the tools needed to run a tournament, including match verification, dispute resolution, payouts, and age verification are readily available. Services such as marketing on social media platforms allow a player to focus and it contributes to the experience. LEET is known for its data analytics and overviews of an entire user base, it lets the customer search for individual users, or view data for each event.

LEET works with terrestrial casinos in Las Vegas by enabling them to run their own in-house esports tournaments. LEET facilitated the Downtown Grand which was the first casino in Las Vegas to offer eSports.

Kingsley Edwards, Founder and CEO of LEET commented, “Our company has seen growth throughout 2016 with our casino events business and we’re looking forward to an even better 2017 and beyond with Unikrn”, Edwards continued to add, “It’s clear that casinos are in need of a modern strategy to engage young adults. Unikrn and LEET provide exactly that with our complimentary suite of esports products, community reach, and talented team.”

Rahul Sood, CEO & Co-Founder of Unikrn also commented, “Building a presence in Las Vegas is incredibly important to Unikrn. We have been working for two years to build Unikrn, and LEET will help accelerate our business as the world’s best bookmaker for esports.” Sood added, “Carson and Kingsley are fantastic founders, I’ve met them multiple times at almost every event we attend.  This deal just made sense, and we’re excited to have their talents along with the entire LEET team as part of Unikrn Vegas.”


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BtoBet Gambling Tech Expanding Again In Latin America

The rise of interest in the South American continent’s online gambling potential includes some European internet betting operators. One company that has been pursuing the penetration of the gambling market in Latin America is BtoBet, a firm that uses a high technology platform that provides a uniquely positioned tactic for the retention of clients and a multitude of personalised marketing strategies.

The firm is Malta based but has a number of offices in other jurisdictions such as Rome for its sports betting and Macedonia for tech development as well as its other enterprises in Africa and Columbia.

A recent announcement by the firm reveals the company has partnered with ENFIELD group, a licensed gaming company based in Paraguay, operating offline and online gaming activities in the territory under the local regulating authority Conajzar. Enfield Groups brand Apostamina will be powered by the BtoBet cloud based platform. BtoBet’s use of artificial intelligence platform has given many operators an edge over the competition. The excellent business opportunities and partnerships that gelled last year in Columbia, Btobet has confirmed it will be present at Fadja 2017. Now Latin American operators to have a time to witness a live demo of it’s the omnichannel, multi-currency, multi-jurisdiction and multi-brand iGaming platform and Sportsbook software that BtoBet has developed.

And commenting on the partnership with Btobet, Nicolas Enjamio Enfield Groups brand Apostamina’s COO said, “After months of deep analysis, evaluating at least 10 different betting platforms, we opted for BtoBet’s futuristic software which offers farsighted features, projected into the future. When a technology company looks into this type of venture online, it is important to be able to see how the platform provider sees the future of e-commerce and the internet. BtoBet is the perfect technological partner for us, providing high-level and easy-to-use solutions and a responsive supporting team to help operators when needed.”


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Eastern Europe A New Online Gambling Playground

The potential of for online gambling is massive in Eastern Europe as more mobile upper middle class individuals indulge in the internet and betting. The European online gambling market is a robust and healthy one that covers almost half of the entire world’s activity. The online market has a little more than 17% of the total gambling market, with terrestrial operators owning the majority share of 83 percent.

The advantage operators have in the Eastern countries is the attitude towards gambling in general. The people of former socialist states are finally getting to play as they wish on the internet. The social trend in most Eastern European countries is to work hard and play hard which includes betting. Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania and others are making an effort to get into the online gambling industry by passing more equitable tax laws for regulated international participation. All of this type of engagement leads to a more prosperous economy to the region in general. The fact that there is less disposable income in this sector the gambler is more likely to risk a greater percentage for quick riches. There are political problems in some places but the online gambling sector is still relatively young and its audience is also young, tech savvy and engaged in the digital economy. The digital online betting industry in most of these nations is primarily led by Western European enterprises.

The leading issue for the firms that want to play it by the rules in the different languages and various jurisdictions is the time needed to invest in the process. Many layers of bureaucracy keeps the licensing and regulatory platform building moving at a snail’s pace. The most patient online gambling operators with deep pockets will keep their place in the eastern European market because the potential is obvious.

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Gambling On Virtual Currencies Like Bitcoin

Virtual currencies are the future and as financial advisors know things go up and things go down. Currently the crypto money known as Bitcoin has the attention of the world’s economic analysts.

The online gambling public is aware of the use of virtual currencies to make their gambling transactions private. The glitch in the early expansion of the use of Bitcoin was its vulnerability to the usual problems inherited with something new especially something that disrupted the mainstream financial institutions. Now however, some of the mysteries of the blockchain concept have been sorted out and the coin has a new shine about it. The value of Bitcoin has reached a reasonable level of stability and the online gambling industry loves the idea of it becoming even more valuable.

It seems that each time the virtual money has made headlines media takes over and the price of a coin rises. At the beginning when the coin was invented it became a monetary phenomenon that some gamblers made a fortune on while others lost their shirts. The recent news that the governments of Japan and Russia are accepting virtual currency use has created the usual interest surge and the resulting  increase in Bitcoin’s value. The hard line attitude of Russia’s Central Bank and government looks to have turned the corner with a recent revelation in a Bloomberg interview by Deputy Finance Minister Alexey Moiseev who said they are looking for a solution to recognizing the crypto money as a legal payment method by 2018.

Japan made digital currencies a legal method of payment last April 1, meaning it can now be used to make purchases and remittances while being exempted from sales tax. The use and interest reverberated around the globe and stabilized the value greater.

India is the big holdout for now but there are rumours that could set off another buying frenzy. Now it is hovering at $1300 USD and it sounds like a good bet it will again.

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Malta Gaming Authority Proactive Strategy Revealed

The effort the countries that joined the European Union have put into making Europe an economic power are in jeopardy with the exit of Britain. The sentiment among some politicians in the Union mirrors the isolationism of the new Trump administration in the USA. There are some areas that may feel threatened by the competitive nature of e-commerce development such as Gibraltar, Isle of Mann and Malta. These are small jurisdictions that have created an economy by providing services to the online gambling industry.

Malta is a good example of a forward thinking country which leads the way in providing a regulatory platform for internet betting. Recently the Malta Gaming Authority chairman Joseph Cuschieri spoke at a parliamentary committee for financial affairs conference revealing the economic impact of the online gambling industry. Cuschieri said gaming added €56.3m in direct taxes to the 2016 budget. The total contribution of about €120m came from gambling related activity. As many as three thousand Maltese citizens work in the industry locally.  

Malta has been a proactive regulator and online gambling hub so it comes as no surprise that Cuschieri maintains that the MGA must act, “to avert the threats and reap opportunities at a global level.” The strategy that the MGA will adopt has the goal of making the MGA “future proof”. The MGA is studying new game types, virtual reality, and will create a more efficient regulatory process while securing the necessary agility to adapt to advancements in technology and market demands.

Virtual currencies and the blockchain concept are also on the MGA agenda for discussion. Cuschieri said,“in-depth studies of the role which crypto-currencies can play within the Maltese regulatory regime.” The MGA hopes to unveil its plan to introduce “virtual currencies in a gaming context” later in 2017.  Blockchain technologies are of vital interest to the Maltese government with the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat stating, “the fact is that it’s coming. We must be on the frontline in embracing this crucial innovation… We must be the ones that others copy.”




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Gaming Realms and Spin Games Integrate Technologies

Gaming Realms develops, publishes and licenses next-generation mobile gaming content and their mobile technology powers content distribution and monetization across both the real money and social gaming markets. The company has offices in Seattle Washington USA, Victoria Canada, Guernsey and London England. Gaming Realm has created a proprietary data platform to build and engage global audiences that are expanded even further via strategic lottery, media and platform partnerships.

A recent announcement by the firm has brought the content aspect of the online gambling industry into focus with its content deal with Reno, Nevada USA located Spin Games which is well known for the design and development of world class gaming content.

Spin Games has entered into an RGS-RGS integration and technology licensing agreement with the Gaming Realms firm. The two companies will combine the power of their RGS technology assembles. A spokesperson for the companies said this arrangement will encourage “rapid deployment” of content into Spin Game’s many regulated markets. Gaming Realms will also see a benefit from the Spin Games connection in other sectors.

Chief executive officer of Spin Games, Kent Young, commented on the deal, “Being able to combine our technologies and have the ability to execute RGS-RGS integrations with Gaming Realms will allow for rapid deployment of Gaming Realms content via the Spin ROCTM,” Young continued, “We are delighted to have the ability and opportunity to enhance our technology solutions with content partners such as Gaming Realms, enabling us to provide superior state-of-the–art intelligent content solutions to our customers.”

Gaming Realms’ Deputy chairman, Atul Bali, also commented on the arrangement,  “We are excited to offer our award-winning game portfolio to regulated market operators through high quality distribution partners such as Spin.”

Spin Games has been on a roll lately with its recent partnering deal with Incredible Technologies to deliver slot content via Spin Games’ Remote Games Server on April 10th.



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Game Account Network Approved By New Jersey's Regulator

Getting a licence to operate an online gambling enterprise in the USA is the holy grail of the industry for some entrepreneurs. Established in the United Kingdom in April 2001, GAN operates a network of gaming websites dedicated to person-to-person games of skill for real money. The Game Account Network consists of blue chip eGaming operators and attracts thousands of connected players in over 130 countries. GameAccount offers its partners a customized stand alone white-label service or a fully integrated single-wallet service for sports book, casino and poker operators looking to provide high-stakes skill-gaming to their established customer base. The GameAccount skill gaming software is provided only to regulated and licensed operators targeting non-U.S. markets until now.

GAN is pleased to announce it has received a privileged gaming licence to operate from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE). GAN submitted an initial licence application back in 2013 and has experienced the in depth investigation by the NJDGE in recent years clearing the path to a license. The award-winning developer and supplier of enterprise-level B2B Internet gaming software, services and online gaming content is proud to have gained approval for its services in the USA.

The CEO of GAN, Dermot Smurfit, commented, "We have long maintained that a key benefit of choosing GAN is the guaranteed integrity and strong compliance profile of our current and historic business activities, clean source of investment funds and the unquestioned suitability of our major shareholders, directors and employees to be licensed in New Jersey. Here is the proof of those long-standing statements. GAN has been thoroughly and professionally investigated by the NJDGE, and we welcome the grant of our first privileged gaming license in the U.S. In the heavily regulated world of internet gaming, the significance of this gaming license cannot be underestimated and is a major asset for our Company and will deliver our shareholders significant value over time."








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