Mitch Garber Earns His Pay At Caesars Interactive

Online gambling executives are well paid and they for the most part earn the big money because they see the future and know how to steer an enterprise to success. The big operators rely on the smartest people to put a perspective on a strategy and hammer out plans. There are many kinds of executive approaches that have served the online gambling industry well in the past and the talent exhibited by some individuals is remarkable.

Mitch Garber is one of those side line visionaries that can see the patterns long before everybody else does. A native of Montreal in Quebec Mitch Garber has found that staying in one place for a long time has lots of advantages. Timing has been everything for Mr. Garber he was early into the online gambling industry as a lawyer with a firm that pioneered in the field of online gambling business law.

The interest in providing services to the growing internet betting business became more defined for  Garber when he changed professions  and in 1999 started a payment processing company called Surefire Commerce, Inc, with the brand name Firepay. Firepay was one of the first massive payment processors in the online-gambling industry. US prosecutors removed the firms potential in the USA. Garber is well known again for his timing when he exited the position as CEO of the controversial PartyGaming which was at one time doing very well before the leadership fail during the Teufelberger and Ryan episode.

Mitch Garber has been playing the future card for Caesars as he heads up the interactive division among other things. A not so recent but savvy buy he recommended and secured for Caesars was Playtika back in 2011 for a mere 100 million. Caesars Entertainment put another 150 million into the company to build it up. It sold for 4.4 billion last August. Right now Mitch is doing very well thank you and so is Caesars.  

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Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Prague May 19th 2017

The best part of the internet gambling industry is the great variety of betting products available to the consumer and the number of platforms that it runs on. Gambling has evolved and matured along with forms of monetary transactions. The Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies are taking a major role in the evolution on online gambling and for many connected punters the use of the virtual currencies is an essential element.

The web based betting industry has seen the potential of the use of virtual currencies like Bitcoin and have endeavoured to learn more and provide a better experience for the consumer. The upcoming Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Prague this May 19th is sure to attract those online operators who want to know more about the current situation in central Europe. This conference will be third blockchain conference in the Czech Republic created by "Smile-Expo". It is part of a series of events dealing with Bitcon and blockchain that have been hosted by Kiev Tallinn and Saint Petersburg Russia. Participants include IT developers, entrepreneurs, investors, software creators and others. Speakers are managers of well-known fintech firms that utilize online crypto currencies and technologies.

Online gambling and casino start ups that plan to use this form of money and transaction platform  would be wise to attend and gather the necessary components for success. In the exhibition area software and equipment developers present their products and solutions.
Equipment and technology displays are available for visitors to determine their needs to optimize their business, to engage with the current trends while increasing profits. All the aspects of creating innovative IT products will be on the agenda from the conception to reality the insight is provided for government people and many others. Bitcoin/blockchain is being legalized in many parts of the world and knowing more about it only makes financial sense.


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Tourmoil Again For Legal Online Gambling in the USA

It is hard to believe that America is once again facing a legal crisis over online gambling with the rumours swirling that the Attorney General Jeff Sessions will move for the Restoration of America’s Wire Act which prohibits internet wagering federally.

The news of the possible win by advocates of a total ban on online betting has many government  officials worried that if Sessions does go down the prohibition road it will be a disaster for their state economies. The legal situation for internet betting in the USA was more or less clarified in 2011, when the online gambling market in the US was reopened when a law was passed allowing each state the right to legalise internet gambling. There has been lots of discussion in the governments of a number of states that are considering the option of allowing the pastime with New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware being the only ones so far to introduce regulated online betting for real money.

The economic benefits are clear for the states that have introduced interactive betting with New Jersey posting good financial returns from the activity. According to the Huffington Post there is a lack of public support and opposition from the National Governors Association to the possible move by Sessions.

The Huffington Post quoted Chris Grove, a consultant for stakeholders in the US gambling market who said that should the ban be reintroduced, it would threaten thousands of jobs and negatively impact tax revenue for those states that have regulated online gambling. Grove commented, “A federal ban on regulated online gambling would be a tremendous loss for consumers and states,” Grove added, “It would be a massive victory for the illegal, offshore betting industry, which has no interest in competing with state-regulated sites.”

 The regulated version of the online betting industry in the USA is a much safer option than back to the days of the wild west.


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Brazil Struggling With Regulated Gambling Legislation

The South American jurisdictions have been on the online gambling operator’s radar for some time now. Operators are eager to enter the betting fray in countries such as Brazil which has enormous potential for profit for the industry. The country has been struggling with efforts to legalize gambling and has made some progress in both chambers of the country’s government where they have been discussing legislative proposals that would legalize different forms of gambling, including online gaming and sports betting.

A bill originally introduced by Senator Ciro Nogueira Lima Filho in 2014 included both land-based and online casinos, proposing that they should be legalized. Debate over a modified version of the bill # PLS 186/2014 continued last year and was approved by the Special Committee for National Development. However a final vote on the legislation did not happen in 2016 which fostered hope that the discussions would continue in 2017.

Opposition to the legalizing of gambling in Brazil has been fierce with the moral argument being the loudest voice. Opponents say that gambling is harmful to the general population causing issues that are commonly associated with drugs and alcohol. Proponents of the legalization effort argued that if the gambling market is regulated, it would attract international investment and generate needed tax revenues easing the economic crisis Brazil is experiencing.

Creating a regulatory platform would also feature measures for preventing and combating money laundering and corruption in Brazil. Currently the population of Brazil does not have an outlet for the urge to bet with as many as 200,000 punters travelling to neighbor country Uruguay to gamble at legal  casinos. There are state-run and owned lotteries, poker, and horse race wagering which are legal in Brazil but are considered skill based betting. Bingo was also declared legal in the 1990s, but was then prohibited in 2007. The large population of around 208 million people Brazil could evolve into the world’s most lucrative regulated gambling jurisdiction.




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iGamingCloud Platform Integrated With Red Tiger Gaming

There are new firms offering online gambling products coming onto the internet each day and some of them have proved to be very successful in attracting new punters looking for quality entertainment. One such company, Red Tiger Gaming, was founded in 2014 by a group of industry veterans. Red Tiger Gaming Limited is headquartered on the Isle of Man, and holds licenses provided by the UK Gambling Commission and Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission and it is a white label offering.

The online casino software pioneer and Gaming Innovation Group have signed an agreement that will see Red Tiger provide innovative content for the cutting edge iGamingCloud platform.The Red Tiger slots and table games will be integrated into iGC’s portfolio of brands together with the brands that run on its white label service.

There are a number of table games and slots involved in the process of giving more to the consumer such as ‘Arcade Bomb’ ‘Lucky Wizard’ and others including roulette and blackjack. GIG is intent on giving Red Tiger access to the progressive jackpot opportunities and the ‘Smart Spins’ bonus application.

IGC managing director Ben Clemes commented, “Red Tiger has been fully integrated into the iGaming Cloud platform enabling our operators to access the fantastic Red Tiger content and tools,” Clemes continued, “Our operators can setup free spin and bonus campaigns within iGaming Cloud, allowing for a seamless gaming experience.”

Account director at Red Tiger, Carl Ejlertsson, also commented on working together,  “We are delighted to be working with such a smart and fast growing company and have been really impressed with their professionalism from our first engagement with them right through the integration process.

“Like us they are growing super-fast and taking on the old school of the industry with creative new approaches to giving the very best to every player.”






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BMM Testlabs Providing Certified Gambling World Wide

The regulated online gambling industry has a partner that is indispensable for fair gambling activity. Operators depend on standards set by government organizations that make sure the games punters are playing online are safe fair and dependable. The service providers for interactive casino operators include the compliance testing companies which is necessary for every enterprise.

There are many certified firms that are registered for the service with BMM test labs being at the forefront of the industry. The company was established in 1981 to provide services in 13 countries in the regulated online gambling market. The company has built a new testing facility in Moncton New Brunswick, Canada and last month announced it has received approval for testing games and equipment in Chile’s gambling industry in South America. Now in April of 2017 the independent gaming certification lab  has been granted approval to test and certify select aspects of the Italian gaming market.

The agreement BMM has established with the Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli extends to the remote play sector, as well as bingo, devices without cash prizes and other equipment. The firm has been working in Europe since 2007 and provides certification in more than 440 jurisdictions around the globe.

Senior vice-president, Europe and South America at BMM, Marzia Turrini, commented on the new deal, “Over the last three years, BMM has been the only gaming lab in Italy to provide gaming providers with VLT platform and game pre-certification testing according to SOGEI guidelines.

“With the Italian gaming regulator extending certification capabilities to independent test labs, BMM is extremely well placed to use its market leading experience and proven VLT testing expertise in Italy to serve all major gaming providers and concessionaires.

“We support the Italian government’s strong regulatory leadership and hope to see Italy continue as a thriving gaming market, with many new exciting product choices for players driving continued growth in the market.”



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New Jersey Online Casinos Breaking Records

Considering the online gambling industry has been around for a relatively short time it has had a tremendous impact on economies all over the world. Not only is the internet gambling industry a high tech and in many ways a clean business it employs thousands and contributes greatly too many social programs that without betting proceeds would not exist.  

One jurisdiction in the USA that introduced online gambling a while ago was the Garden State of New Jersey which has recently announced it has been doing very well with the offering.

The month of March 2017 has set new revenue records for the state with The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement announcing that $21.7 million (€20.3 million) in online gambling revenue was realized in the last month. It appears that online gambling has matured in New Jersey with these numbers surpassing the previous record of $18.8 million established in January 2017. The calculation is a 40.2% year-on-year increase on the $15.5 million posted in March of the previous year. This is very encouraging for the coffers of the State.

New Jersey has been trying to have legalized sports betting included in the offering but has been unsuccessful thus far. Internet gambling first quarter revenues were up 32.1 percent to $59.3 million USD since the same time last year in 2016.

Offline casino revenue in March was around $200.1 million, up 6.7% on the $187.5 million posted in the corresponding month from last year. The total gambling win in the jurisdiction for March came to $221.9 million, up 9.3% on last year, while in terms of year-to-date, the total stands at $631.9 million, an increase of 5.7% over the previous year. While stats are improving in New Jersey the prospect of a possible prohibition of all legal online betting in America is present with the new Trump administration in charge.



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Paulinho Caught Promoting Illegal Online Betting in China

The online gambling industry is risky business in China where it is strictly forbidden along with other activities people participate in. The rules are the rules there and the Chinese government has been assuring its population that the country is free of the vulgar influence of the internet and all it provides access too.The internet however does invade and make its way too many Chinese citizens who run the risk of penalties and hardship.

Now the headlines are pointing to a former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder who has flaunted the two illegal activities, gambling and adult entertainment. Japanese adult film actress Tsukasa Aoi and Brazilian football star Paulinho were caught in a picture together promoting an illegal Asian online betting operator.

The Tottenham Hotspur let Paulinho go to Chinese club Guangzhou Evergrande two years ago so his actions are going to cause issues for sure as the government has been cracking down on online betting in the jurisdiction. The player is back on track on the field after a difficult time with the Spurs and is being looked at by the German giants Bayern Munich. If deportation from China is in the cards he may have somewhere to land.  

The prohibition on gambling by players by the professional organizations and FIFA’s banning of player involvement in any way with the gambling industry should have kept Paulinho from the decision to back Letou, an illegal betting enterprise. Paulinho may be asked a few questions by his Chinese Super League club sponsors and other authorities to explain his antics in the bedroom in a nation that finds these activities offensive.

The obviousness of the betting promotion seems somewhat contrived possibly to compel a quick change for the promising midfielder’s career. There may be other more dire consequences for this particular football star if the police decide to press some charges.





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Legal Online Gambling Coming to Ukraine by Next Year

Gambling whether online or offline is big business for governments all over the world. Government run gambling enterprises keep social programs alive in many jurisdictions creating a sort of dependency on the revenues. In the case of the Ukraine the debt the country owes the International Monetary Fund is to be paid back in part with revenues generated by gambling.

Ukraine has had economic, military and political issues for the past two decades including a revolution in 2014 that witnessed the overthrow of pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovich. Ukraine received the first $1 billion installment of the economic relief package recently.  A review of the state’s economy by the IMF revealed that the country must “break with the legacy of weak governance and stop-and-go reforms” in order to generate sustainable growth. The Ukraine has made it known to the International Monetary Fund that it is ready to legalize gambling in the following year. Economic reforms are part of the strategy to sell the IMF on the proposed $17.5 billion financial assistance package offered to Ukraine. The Ukrain’s Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman maintains that Ukraine is moving up, but it still has to convince the IMF of it initiatives by legalizing all forms of gambling.

IMF mission chief for Ukraine, Ron van Rooden commented on the current situation in the jurisdiction, “The economic and social costs of the crisis have been high,” Van Rooden continued,  “The government has undertaken important reforms under very difficult circumstances, but it has to do much more to recover the lost ground, to bring incomes closer to those in the neighboring states, to improve social conditions, and to build a modern market economy.”

Back in 2015 the nation failed in an attempt to legalize with legislation allowing land-based casinos, sports betting and online gambling. Operators protested the high licensing fees and taxes which halted progress on gambling reforms.



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UK Gambling Commission Seeks Input For Strategic Plan

The U.K. Gambling Commission was set up under the Gambling Act 2005 to regulate commercial gambling in Britain in partnership with licensing authorities. The body is an independent non-departmental public body sponsored by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport in Great Britain. Those gambling websites trading with, or advertising to, consumers in Britain must have a current Gambling Commission licence. The recently posted 2017-2018 business plan for the Commission has included a request for the gambling industry to participate in the formation of a long term strategy for the organization.

Success of the United Kingdom’s regulatory platform has depended on its ability to keep high standards and ensure consumers and the industry are protected and treated fairly. The endeavours of the Commission have led to a better understanding between the public and the wagering industry as well as improved rules and requirements.  

Interested stakeholders in the gambling sector as well as the consumer are asked to add to the three year program by filling in an online form by the deadline date of May 5th.

Chairman UKGC William Moyes commented on the business plan and the invitation to contribute,  “By no means are we starting from scratch with our long-term strategy, but we are calling on all our stakeholders to share their views about how we and our partners can have the greatest impact for consumers - who are at the heart of everything we do at the Commission.” Moyes continued, “These highly valued contributions will help us to continue to improve how we deliver our core responsibilities.

“There is also a need to build and maintain consumer trust against the backdrop of changing consumer behaviour.

“To do this, we wish to encourage the industry to be increasingly innovative to continue to keep gambling safe, fair and crime free.’’


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