Masters Golf Betting Odds Take Dramatic Turn

Every year there is some odd thing that happens that disrupts the predicted path of the odds makers for the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta Georgia. The odds on favourite for this year, the eight first Masters was the 32 year old American pro Dustin Johnson but the tournament has taken its toll with Johnson experiencing a back injury when he took a spill down some stairs at his rented home.

The competition for the coveted Green Jacket has changed with a flurry of bets heading to contender Jordan Spieth with Rory McIlroy coming in just behind him. Dustin Johnson still remained in third place. That’s old news for some bookies who are looking closely now at a player who was a long shot a few days ago, Justin Rose.  

The ins and outs of golf odds and especially the Masters at present are unsteady with the slightest thing upsetting the program. Golf is as exciting as it gets when it comes to sports betting. Anything can happen on a course and the stakes are high both physically financially and mentally for the competitors. Sergio Garcia, shares the lead with Justin Rose entering the final round. He is still behind Rickie Fowler, who trails the co-leaders by one shot and will play with Jordan Spieth in the final go. The odds rundown has dramatically changed in that last forty eight hours standing now at 5/2: for Justin Rose 3/1: Jordan Spieth, 4/1: for Rickie Fowler, and 9/2: for Sergio Garcia.

There are sport books on the internet that are giving varied odds on the Masters Tournament such as Paddy Power offering 11: 4 for Justin Rose. Shopping around for great deals and bonuses is easy on the internet.


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ESports Betting Made Safer With Technology

The internet has provided the world with what millions of players are enjoying every day, games that entertain and challenge. The introduction of eSports betting has been keeping the online gambling industry on its toes anticipating possible issues during the development process. Match fixing and skin wagering has become a problem that is being addressed by Genius Sports and FACEIT who have partnered with the Esports Championship Series (ECS) to explore and improve data and statistics usage.

The arrangement focuses on the development of a Counter Strike:GO analytics platform by Genius Sports that will provide real-time, data-driven predictions, with a plan to integrate the data with the league ahead of the coming season beginning April 14th.

The Esports Championship Series will benefit from the Genius Sports Esports Bet Monitoring System, allowing it to keep in touch with real time betting markets and receive warnings of unusual betting patterns. The two participants maintained that the technology supporting the system is the first of its kind to be used in a professional eSports competition.

FACEIT co-founder and chief business officer Michele Attisani commented on the initiative, “We are very aware of the challenges all leagues face as the industry grows and we felt this was a logical next step to safeguard our fans and stakeholders,” Attisani continued, “Genius Sports is the trusted and go-to platform for all major sports leagues, their unrivalled experience in this sector alongside the newly-developed technology specifically designed for CS:GO makes them an integral partner for ECS as the league continues to grow.”

Mark Locke, Chief executive officer of Genius Sports, also said, “As well as help ensure players and fans are treated to a fair and transparent game, ECS league representatives are equipped with information and tools necessary to maintain a clean, honest and exhilarating contest.”

ESports is new to the gambling public and vulnerable to corruption and scandal, technology will help solidify a good reputation for this popular activity.  




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Gambling Software Abuse Investigated By UK's ICO

The internet betting industry has had some serious interruptions regarding its integrity and honesty. Over the last few years rumours have been surfacing regarding the abuse of the data obtained by operators while gamblers use their services. The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), which oversees data protection in the jurisdiction is in the process of investigating software employed by online bookmakers that downloads onto a customer’s hard drive unnoticed by the consumer.

Garreth Cameron ICO’s Strategic Liaison Group Manager has said the ICO wants to determine if rumours about the data abuse are true or just sour grapes coming from punters. Cameron commented, “Our enquiries will focus on looking at whether the companies in question have been very clear, very transparent about their use of these technologies,”

A BBC article has focused on the subject targeting Skybet and Totesport as possible users of the software known as ‘iesnare’ which downloads onto computers automatically which was developed by Oregon USA firm Iovation Incorporated. Bookies maintain that the software has no purpose other than to look for fraud and money-laundering activity.  

Brian Chappell, who runs the rights website Justice for Punters maintains that the bookies are using the software illegally, “I actually cleaned my hard drive on my laptop and I intentionally went on the Skybet website before I went on any other internet site and within two seconds, iesnare… now called iovation… they keep changing the name… and there it was,” Chappell said.

“If you open an account with a company and they restrict your account, another thing you might like to try is that you open another account with them using another name,” he said. “Because it’s the same IP address you’re using, it will identify you as a person who’s had an account closed down.”

Defending its reputation Iovation told the BBC it had “no access to information, such as the winning and losing history of players, nor do we have access to specific betting details.”



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Masters Golf in Augusta Betting Favourites

The green jacket is a coveted prize of any great professional golfer and they don’t come that easily. The Masters at Augusta National Golf Club is the venue for the golfing drama being played out on the links in the Empire State of the South beautiful Georgia USA. The top two betting favorites to win the Masters this year are according to some online sports books Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson neither have taken home the prize.

Johnson tips the scales slightly to his side after the 32 year old American born won the U.S.Open last year and tied for fourth place in the 2016 Masters Tournament. The wins recently in 2017 are impressive. The last three PGA tournaments gained him victories in the WGC-Match Play and the WGC-Mexico Championship events including the Genesis Open in back in February.

McIlroy hasn’t been quite as ambitious as Johnson with his earnings topping a little better than one million dollars compared to Johnson who has made over five times that amount of cash. McIlroy has been doing respectably well making the top ten three quarters of the time at the PGA events he played. The 27-year-old Northern Irish pro is a member of both the European and PGA Tours and was world number one in the Official World Golf Ranking for 95 weeks straight.

Jordan Spieth is also in the running for another green jacket for him. Spieth won his first major at the 2015 Masters Tournament with a score of 270 (−18), earning him $1.8 million. The 23-year-old Texan tied the tournament record set by Tiger Woods in 1997 with his victory in Augusta in 2015.

Brit Danny Willett, who won last year’s event with a 5-under par 283 but this year he lacks the luster he once had. Other possible contenders are Hideki Matsuyama, Rickie Fowler, Jason Day, Jon Rahm and Justin Rose. Watch the tournament unfold, anything can happen at the Masters.




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Pool Sharing Possible With Portuguese Poker EC Approval

The online gambling industry and in particular the poker aspect of betting with real money legally has been experiencing a few wins and losses recently. The gambling service providers that have exited certain markets because they are considered grey markets have found new venues to sell the goods and services to punters.

PokerStars has the strength of resolve to expand and continue to be the biggest online poker provider anywhere. PokerStars not so recent launch in Portugal last November has been described as a success and with further news that the newly regulated market for internet gambling has been approved by the European Commission is icing on the cake for PokerStars.  The world’s largest online poker room went live shortly after being granted a license by the Portuguese gambling regulator Serviço de Regulação e Inspeção de Jogos (SRIJ).

The approval of the submitted technical standards paper by the EC also makes it possible for Portugal to enter online poker shared liquidity agreements with other regulated markets within the Union. Again good news for operators in a government regulated environment that the possibility of an international online poker network is seeing significant progress with Portugal entering the market.

The slow progression from an unregulated situation to a comprehensive system that would allow for shared liquidity is finally coming to a conclusion. There was a three-month standstill period after the Projeto de Regulamento que define os Requisitos Técnicos do Sistema Técnico do Jogo Online was reviewed and now the time has come for poker players in Europe to enjoy the fruits of their patience. Politicians see the benefits of cooperating knowing there is strength in numbers. Operators will now have an opportunity to compete in a regulated environment giving the consumer of gambling products a more varied and secure choice. It’s a sure bet that the idea of pool sharing with France, Italy, and Spain has online poker players and operators in Portugal excited.


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Major League Baseball Online Betting Begins

The Major League Baseball season has begun in the USA which is giving every sports book a chance to give the punter a team, a player or any number of other events related to baseball an opportunity to wager. The predictions are varied but comprehensive with lots of room for comparisons and choice of odds and bonuses.

Online sports betting has been creating more action now that the MLB season opener Sunday. The St Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs are ready to battle on the diamond again after the Cardinals held on for a 4-3 victory on Sunday. According to current odds for example at the Cardinals are +133 home underdogs with the total set at 7.5 across most books.

It may seem early for some wagering fans of baseball to make bets but at the same time now is when the ground floor opportunities are made available. Long range prediction bets can be risky but can pay off big time. There are 161 games left after the Opening Day culminating in the World Series parade which some punters find overwhelming but others are fascinated watching the trends.

Baseball can be contagious when the finals are being played out after the long hot summer of chasing a pennant. Online sports books are eagerly offering bonuses for early bird sign ups. The most valuable player choice for the award in 2017 may be Corey Seager, a short stop with the Dodgers or Kris Bryant, a third base, Cubs member. Some punters will argue that last year’s number one player Mike Trout now with the Angles who is only twenty five years old and considered a legend in his own time will win the award this year again.   

To bet on baseball the gambler must learn the names of the players and the stats for them and the teams to make informed and hopefully successful responsible bets.







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Columbian Gambling Executives Charged With Corruption

Just last month the government of Columbia announced it planned to block over three hundred online gambling web locations that did not comply with the rules set out by the regulator. Colombia is considered one of Latin America’s more progressive gambling jurisdictions.

In October of last year the Government of Columbia created a clear framework for companies that want to operate e-gaming enterprises in Colombia, including sports books, poker, fantasy sports, esports, online casinos and others. The country now has approved legislation to oversee all forms of online gambling within its borders. Colombia’s gambling regulator Coljuegos requested that the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications block 325 online gambling domains including major online gambling operators such as 888, Bet365, PokerStars, Unibet and William Hill.

Corruption has been an issue for many developing countries emerging in Latin America and Columbia is one of those jurisdictions affected by greed and dishonesty. Colombian media has revealed that 31 individuals have been arrested following raids on a dozen establishments suspected of offering illegal gambling action. Police reportedly seized almost 200 illegal slot machines operating under the Coffee Hub brand.

Detained officials included Diego Rafael Pérez, a current vice-president of Coljuegos, along with the regulatory body’s former president Rodrigo Vélez, and six other current executives at the regulator. Also Germán Mongollón and César Torres, both formerly served as president of Etesa (Coljuegos’ regulatory predecessor prior to 2012) were held in custody. Luis Gustavo Moreno, anti-corruption director at the Public Prosecutor’s Office says the executives were awarding gaming licenses to “paper companies” in exchange for financial benefits.

An estimated 40k illegal slot machines are reportedly operating in Colombia. Coljuegos reported that authorities had seized 676 illegal slots since the start of 2017. Gambling operators who operate with the required licenses can face prison sentences of up to eight years. Coljuegos current president Juan Pérez Hidalgo stated recently that unauthorized illegal online gambling operators was stripping the government of over $100m in lost tax and licensing revenue annually.





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NetPlay TV Acquired By Betsson Online Gambling

The interest in expanding for a number of online gambling businesses has never been more acute. The acquisition of assets that combine to make a stronger company is not always that simple but with resolve companies do merge to become more successful and efficient.  

Betsson AB is a Swedish company that offers a number of online gambling products, such as casino, poker, bingo, sports betting and scratch cards through several completely owned Malta located subsidiaries.  Betsson has been growing in recent months by entering the online betting market in Spain recently by acquiring the locally licensed online gaming operator Premier Casino. Ulrik Bengtsson, CEO and President of Betsson AB said at the time, "Spain is one of Europe's largest gaming markets and especially casino is growing fast. Betsson's strategy of building and running locally strong casino brands, for example in the UK and Italy, makes me confident that we will build leading brands also in Spain. This acquisition is in line with Betsson's ambition to increase the share of locally regulated revenue,"

The latest news regarding the company’s growth is the announcement that the deal first announced on 2 February 2017 that sought to purchase the UK interactive gaming operator NetPlay TV has been finalized. Prior to the High Court approval the acquisition offer was approved by NetPlay’s governance board and investors. Now the transaction has passed all conditions of the UK High Court of Justice, allowing for the firm to complete the arrangement.

The £26 million acquisition, will see Betsson take over the NetPlay assets, adding Jackpot247, Supercasino and Vernons to its multi-brand portfolio following the firm’s expanding strategy.

CEO Bengtsson commented on the deal, “With the addition of NetPlay and the continued organic growth, UK is on its way to become one of Betsson’s most important markets. Also, this acquisition is a good example of our strategy to acquire subscale operators where integration with Betsson’s systems and processes can realise synergies”,




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GiGse Total Gaming Show San Diego USA April 26-28

The time has come around once again when plans are being made to attend the next addition of the GiGse Total Gaming Show. The amount of information and expertise the organizers of this amazing show have put together is truly staggering. The list of speakers attending the 2017 Total Gaming Show is formidable and the venue is one of the most beautiful anywhere. The Marriott Marquis Marina in sunny San Diego, California USA will host the event come this April 26st through to the 28th.

GiGse Total Gaming delegates attending the symposium will experience over 40 hours of what Clarion’s Head of Content, Ewa Bakun, described as ‘constructively disruptive…

GiGse, is organised in partnership with Gamcrowd, which is introduced a future thinking platform called Launchpad which has provided a number of successful gaming innovators with access to experts most notably NumberFire, BlueBat and Imperus.

Clarion`s Bakun, is responsible for this  feature of GiGse explained, “GiGse is all about the future and has a proud reputation for tracking the latest gaming innovations whether they are from established companies or proposed by start-ups and new entrants. "With so much focus now being paid by casinos to ways of acquiring and retaining younger generations of players, North American gambling executives are on the hunt for approaches and technologies that help to achieve that in an optimal way.  The GiGse LaunchPad offers a path for new entrants into the gambling space and an opportunity for casinos to seize upon disruptive trends and preserve their foothold in a wider entertainment consumer offering."

The best products, experts and industry leaders in the online gambling industry will be present at the show. On the agenda all the sectors are covered, such as implementing and optimising social gaming casinos, monetizing, skill-based gaming, virtual reality, eSports and DFS. Loyalty and political cohesion including tribal casinos and innovation are on the schedule. GiGse is not a show to be missed by vendors, operators, regulatory or government professionals.







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Legal Sports Betting Under Attack In USA

Sports betting whether online or off in the USA is legally limited to Nevada and possibly Delaware Oregon and Montana. New Jersey has been fighting the restriction but has made no real progress in the legal situation in that state.  A poll conducted in 2011 revealed that among other varied opinions just over half of New Jersey voters said that they approved of the idea to legalizing sports betting at Atlantic City casinos and racetracks, while 31% opposed the concept.

There have been scandals involving sports betting in the past in the USA which included tennis baseball and football which has led to the major leagues such as the National Football League and Major League Baseball being opposed to legal wagering on sports. The opposition is based on maintaining the integrity of sports competitions in America. The issue of legal sports betting still comes up usually after big events such as the Super Bowl when massive amounts of gambling happens much of it done illegally.

The commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell, has once again stated that the league is “strongly” against the legalisation of sports betting across the USA.  Other jurisdictions in America including New Jersey, New York, Michigan and South Carolina have launched measures to change what some politicians consider unfair sports betting laws.

Goodell wants the status quo regulations to remain in place maintaining that a more inclusive wagering field would harm the NFL reputaion and integrity.

Goodell was quoted by the press recently in Phoenix, Arizona, “I think we still strongly oppose legalised sports gambling,” Goodell added, “The integrity of our game is No.1; we will not compromise on that.

“That is a major risk for us; I think we have to make sure that we continue to stay focused on making sure that everyone has full confidence that what you see on the field is not influenced by any outside factors.”




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