GiGse Total Gaming Show San Diego USA April 26-28

The time has come around once again when plans are being made to attend the next addition of the GiGse Total Gaming Show. The amount of information and expertise the organizers of this amazing show have put together is truly staggering. The list of speakers attending the 2017 Total Gaming Show is formidable and the venue is one of the most beautiful anywhere. The Marriott Marquis Marina in sunny San Diego, California USA will host the event come this April 26st through to the 28th.

GiGse Total Gaming delegates attending the symposium will experience over 40 hours of what Clarion’s Head of Content, Ewa Bakun, described as ‘constructively disruptive…

GiGse, is organised in partnership with Gamcrowd, which is introduced a future thinking platform called Launchpad which has provided a number of successful gaming innovators with access to experts most notably NumberFire, BlueBat and Imperus.

Clarion`s Bakun, is responsible for this  feature of GiGse explained, “GiGse is all about the future and has a proud reputation for tracking the latest gaming innovations whether they are from established companies or proposed by start-ups and new entrants. "With so much focus now being paid by casinos to ways of acquiring and retaining younger generations of players, North American gambling executives are on the hunt for approaches and technologies that help to achieve that in an optimal way.  The GiGse LaunchPad offers a path for new entrants into the gambling space and an opportunity for casinos to seize upon disruptive trends and preserve their foothold in a wider entertainment consumer offering."

The best products, experts and industry leaders in the online gambling industry will be present at the show. On the agenda all the sectors are covered, such as implementing and optimising social gaming casinos, monetizing, skill-based gaming, virtual reality, eSports and DFS. Loyalty and political cohesion including tribal casinos and innovation are on the schedule. GiGse is not a show to be missed by vendors, operators, regulatory or government professionals.







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Legal Sports Betting Under Attack In USA

Sports betting whether online or off in the USA is legally limited to Nevada and possibly Delaware Oregon and Montana. New Jersey has been fighting the restriction but has made no real progress in the legal situation in that state.  A poll conducted in 2011 revealed that among other varied opinions just over half of New Jersey voters said that they approved of the idea to legalizing sports betting at Atlantic City casinos and racetracks, while 31% opposed the concept.

There have been scandals involving sports betting in the past in the USA which included tennis baseball and football which has led to the major leagues such as the National Football League and Major League Baseball being opposed to legal wagering on sports. The opposition is based on maintaining the integrity of sports competitions in America. The issue of legal sports betting still comes up usually after big events such as the Super Bowl when massive amounts of gambling happens much of it done illegally.

The commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell, has once again stated that the league is “strongly” against the legalisation of sports betting across the USA.  Other jurisdictions in America including New Jersey, New York, Michigan and South Carolina have launched measures to change what some politicians consider unfair sports betting laws.

Goodell wants the status quo regulations to remain in place maintaining that a more inclusive wagering field would harm the NFL reputaion and integrity.

Goodell was quoted by the press recently in Phoenix, Arizona, “I think we still strongly oppose legalised sports gambling,” Goodell added, “The integrity of our game is No.1; we will not compromise on that.

“That is a major risk for us; I think we have to make sure that we continue to stay focused on making sure that everyone has full confidence that what you see on the field is not influenced by any outside factors.”




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UKGC Finds Flaws In Complaint Resolution System

The gambling industry does an effective job of keeping everything fair and compliant by following the rules and maintaining a respectable honest operation. The customer is the most important part of any business and the relationship that the consumer has with a gambling enterprise is vital to keep the loyalty of that patron.

In order to keep all the cards on the table the United Kingdom has set up its Gambling Commission to track the record of gaming operators when it comes to resolving disputes between the punter and the casino or sports book. After the regulatory body took measures to look at the process for complaint resolution by the gambling industry licensed by the UKGC it has asked for operators and alternative dispute resolution providers to make it better for consumers to resolve problems. The Commission revealed the current system is “not working for consumers”.

Flaws in the system were found after the research that the system was difficult to access, time consuming and it wasn’t clear if the complaints process was “independent and transparent”.  The chief executive officer of the UKGC, Sarah Harrison, commented, “Our findings present a strong case for the gambling industry to take swift action to ensure the way in which customer disputes are dealt with is fit for purpose, and importantly, places consumers first.

“What we want to see is an industry that values and seeks out feedback from customers; that swiftly and effectively resolves customer complaints, and that uses the learning from those customers to raise its standards and deliver ever higher levels of customer service.”

Harrrison continued, “Over the coming months we will be working closely with gambling operators, ADR providers, trade associations, consumers and their representatives. We will also be looking at complaints processes in other sectors where redress arrangements may be working better.”

“But most importantly, we are also welcoming views on the proposals from consumers directly.”



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Sky Betting Employs Signal’s Customer Identity Solution

Serious business always requires serious input into marketing and one of the most important aspects of the online casinos industry is marketing. The online gambling industry has spearheaded many different approaches to marketing its previously untapped attributes. The marketing of the internet alone has made many billionaires that have dominated the distribution of internet access.

Technology is constantly being upgraded to accommodate the intense and expanding volume of data on the internet. There are millions and millions of bits of information flowing through the airwaves every single second and sorting out what is pertinent to a particular business is a monumental task. Enter marketing specialists that use the data to build a list of possible clients for example the betting industry.

Marketers need to stay informed and be inspired by the data-driven research that gives the marketing industry direction and success. The marketing of big companies such as online gambling operators has been managed by professional executives that have been given the task of Customer Relationship Management which allows businesses to manage business relationships and the data and information associated with them.

The United Kingdom’s online betting operator Sky Betting has announced it has invested in Signal’s customer identity platform. The Signal’s Customer Identity Solution unites data from across the offering providing a single customer identifier and management solution. More effective targeting of audiences is achieved through real-time media and marketing campaigns. The platform is able to build a customer data foundation based on a deterministic identity graph with persistent identities created based on a variety of data sources.

Head of data at Sky Betting,  Andrew Walton was quoted as saying, “We have huge contact point with a large percentage of the UK gambling population both through our existing base or those betting with competitors,”

Moving ahead of the competition means being that much faster at getting the customer to notice your brand in the increasingly noisy digital world.


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Ladbrokes Coral Digital Sector Boosting Bottom Line

Ever since gambling was introduced to the internet online betting operators have been merging and forming ever more efficient and larger companies. The proof of the success of the merger and acquisition model is revealed in the bigger profits reported by the new and hopefully improved entities.

A recent financial report by the UK gambling services provider Ladbrokes Coral stated it has achieved double digit revenue growth in 2016 enhanced by the merging of the digital and European retail operations. The merger of Ladbrokes and Gala Coral Group was a complicated and lengthy one requiring the firms to sell 360 retail environments before approval last November. The new enterprise has extensive digital concerns made up of,,,,,, and  Revenue was up one-third while costs decreased by more than one-quarter. Ladbrokes Coral maintains it has a 12% share of the UK’s online gambling market.

Mobile sports betting is still the most significant contributor in the sports punting sector with the overall online sports betting revenue reportedly hitting a gain of 51%. Ladbrokes Coral is the UK’s retail betting leader with 41% of the betting market share. The UK government’s Triennial Review may disrupt the profit margin of the company. It has been suggested that online betting importance will increase as a growth driver and profit contributor with operators investing in their digital platforms and improving their efforts to migrate traditional retail gamblers to the online sector.

The CEO at Ladbrokes Coral, Jim Mullen said proudly referring to the financial results from 2016 as “a very successful start” following the merger, which he called at the time  “the start of a journey.” Mullen also mentioned the integration of the two iconic brands was proceeding as expected, with evolving cost savings of £35m in 2017, £90m by 2018 and £100m annually by 2019.








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Online Slot Suppliers Lose Marvel Comic Content

The business of providing content for online gambling web locations is big and profitable with many contracts being signed to make the offerings varied. Many slot machines on the internet feature comic book characters that give the player exciting themes and entertainment.

The deals to allow content to be converted to slots for gambling venues have been coming fast and furious as the popularity of online betting has expanded. The recent news that Playtech, one of the world’s leading software suppliers of games for the internet gambling industry has announced it will discontinue offering games from the Marvel Entertainment franchise comes as no surprise to the online gambling industry.

The writing was put on the wall back in 2009 when the Disney conglomerate acquired the rights to all characters in the Marvel catalogue. Disney is protecting its image as a family oriented firm politically active in Florida where Disney World is located by lobbying politicians to vote against authorizing casino gambling anywhere near the Disney resort.  In 2013, Disney officials reported that the company had “discontinued plans to initiate or renew slot machine licensing arrangements” related to its intellectual property content.

Playtech’s licensing deal with Marvel Studios has now expired and it has told affiliates of William Hill and Coral to remove all Marvel-related promotional materials by April 1st, 2017. Playtech was thinking ahead when it signed a content licensing deal with Warner Brothers Consumer Products. The company has the rights to DC Comics characters such as Batman and Superman which Playtech expanded upon in February to include more characters

The content portfolio for Playtech also includes the new Age of the Gods titles claiming to have “the same Marvel features with a new godlike look and feel.” Consumers of online slots for real money still have enormous choice and should not be too upset with this change in content selection.



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'In-Play Facts' Gives Online Sports Betting New Life

Information is a key component of sports betting and the punter who uses info wisely could possibly make a better bet. Knowing what is going on and having help to sort out the massive amounts of information can make betting a more enjoyable experience.

Leading digital sports content and media group Performa Group has just announced the launch of what is considered an innovative approach to sports betting called In-Play Facts. The Perform Betting Solutions division of Perform Group announced the new bet offering in association with Bettorlogic.

Bettorlogic builds databases for major sports in order to create editorial content specifically for those who bet on sporting events. Analytical and modelling skills enabled this firm to create software such as Livelogic that generates wagering prompts in a timely manner. Utilizing live video and augmented visualisations the ‘In-Play Facts’ offering gives punters a data-driven in-play betting experience whether viewing the whole game all at once or for just a limited time. In-Play Facts is to be powered by data provider RunningBall, which will take into account the current event status, and head-to-head results, form, league table position and historical data for as many as five previous seasons.

Ross MacEacharn, CEO Perform Content commented about introducing the offering to sports punters, “Our latest innovative betting product, in partnership with Bettorlogic, enables the betting industry to enhance the in-play experience by using data in new, ground-breaking ways. We are always striving to be at the forefront of innovation, and this builds on our expansive product portfolio which is used by the world’s leading bookmakers.”

Partnering software firm Bettorlogic’s CEO Andrew Dagnall also described the benefits for online sports betting fans that In-Play Facts will provide,  “The opportunity to watch the live stream of a football game and receive meaningful reasons to have a bet, we believe is a valuable service for punters. Livelogic is designed for the in-play customer and helps create additional reasons for punters to have a bet.”


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Prague Hosting First VR/AR Gambling Conference

Coming up fast on April 3rd 2017 in Prague in the Czech Republic is the interesting VR/AR Gambling Conference. Attending this conference would be a must for anyone interested in the future of augmented online betting and how to excel in its development. The upcoming VR/AR Gambling Conference 2017 is dedicated to exploring the next wave of internet gambling innovation in the industry. The conference is a gathering of leading professionals in the VR/AR online gambling field from all the corners of world. They esteemed developers attend to make an effort to create a new approach in design and innovation for the technical aspects of the virtual gambling sector. The two sectors of the conference include a developer section for innovators and business section for the other aspects of the field such as marketing.

At the conference the Networking demo zone will impact participants with tests of VR/AR novelties and products compelling information to alleviate the main obstacle in the way of virtual reality expansion a limited number of VR headsets owners.  Each participant will be able to become a part of VR casino projects already underway.

The list of speakers begins with co-founder of KWP Limited, Kevin Williams who has expertise in market analysis and technology evaluation as well as other skills. He will be expected to speak at length on the topic of “Mixed realities gaming’s technology jackpot”. Other speakers include Initech CEO, Ishay Tentser who will deliver for the developer segment of the event a presentation called “Personalisation via chatbots brings more leads and a better gaming experience”.

Virtual reality and augmented reality have been taking a long time to mature but that time has come and will be explored fully at the first conference dedicated to the activity. The online gambling industry is embracing the technology which is rapidly seeing the pot of gold at the end of the internet rainbow.   

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Polish Regulatory Crunch Pushing Online Gambling Exits

The legality crunch is coming in the European online gambling industry with new legislation being applied in various jurisdictions in that region. The amended Polish Gambling Act has caused disruption for online betting operators who are leaving the Polish punting market ahead of new rules coming into effect April 1st 2017.

Late last year the Polish parliament approved regulations that imposes new domain and payment blocking measures for gambling operators that have not acquired a Polish license. The European Commission does have issues with the Polish monopoly Totalizator Sportowy which will establish an online casino in there.

The mass exodus of online gambling operators from the market in Poland is unnerving for the industry as a whole. An example is Malta licensed EnergyBet which recently announced its exit from Poland declaring the jurisdiction a “highly restrictive and hostile regulatory environment.” Other major internet betting operators as leaving too with Bet365 and William Hill recently informed players from the jurisdiction to take their money out before the April 1st deadline while the affiliate marketing partners of the entities were asked to remove all banner advertizing and text links related to the Polish aimed offerings.

The Totalizator Sportowy lottery monopoly will be the biggest issue for the European Commission but for the operators it is the imposing 12% tax on sports betting turnover. The Remote Gambling Association and a number of Polish cabinet ministers have voiced opposition claiming the tax is making the market viability impossible for internet betting service providers. The government has set July 1st 2017 to start imposing the blocking measures on unauthorized operators.

The punting public in Poland are now being offered more choice if going through the State run Totalizator Sportowy with the amended Act now letting gamblers access online casino, poker and bingo products.  One of the few companies moving ahead and acquiring a Polish internet betting license is the Fortuna Entertainment Group.

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Fortuna Online Sports Betting Moves On Romania

Sports gambling is the most difficult to master because there are too many factors that combined make a system of any kind a help for the avid player. Online sport betting books have algorithms and experts plus instant access to vital stats in a timely manner. In play betting for example offers an exciting element for the sports punter. The history of sports sponsorship began over 2.500 years ago.  many victors returning home to the city received tax exemptions, statues erected at Olympia in their honour, and many other upgrades in their lives. Now online betting firms such as Fortuna Entertainment Group, a leading regulated sports betting and gaming multi-channel operator have taken up the sponsorship role in exchange for exposure and affiliation.

The recent announcement that Fortuna Entertainment Group, the Netherlands based online gambling and lottery operator with subsidiaries in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland is making moves on the Romanian jurisdiction is interesting as the company continues its growth trend. The Czech Republic-based Fortuna subsidiary announced recently it was in the process of negotiating the acquisition of a number of Romanian online gambling firms with which it was already partnering solidifying its Romanian presence. This move was on the heels of acquisition of Hattrick Sports for €135m the parent company of the country’s leading betting operator Casa Pariurilor.

Now the company has solidified more access to the Eastern European market by becoming the official sponsor of the Romanian Football Federation. The deal will start right away and will stand for the next four years. Fortuna CEO Per Widerstrom made the announcement recently.  Fortuna is not new to the sponsorship role in sports, since 2014, Fortuna has sponsored Slovakia’s Super League, since renamed the Fortuna Liga. As online sports betting continues to amuse and amass a huge fan base Fortuna will thrive as it already has with one-third shares of betting markets in Poland and the Czech Republic.

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