Amaya Will Move To Toronto Renamed The Stars Group Inc.

Amaya Gaming beat analyst estimates with revenue at US$317.32 million, up 10 per cent from last year which is great news for investors in the online gambling enterprise.  Amaya has to move to Ontario and the booming metropolis of Toronto and an identity change for its brand.

The renewed entity will be rebranded as The Stars Group Inc. an effort by Chief Executive Officer Rafi Ashkenazi to reconfigure the firm after numerous upheavals in its development over the several years. Amaya’s CEO inherited numerous issues associated with stepping down of the previous CEO David Baazov after the storm clouds gathered over the insider trading charges and lack luster earnings.

A new management team has been hired to deal with a mercurial online poker market. Industry veteran Robin Chhabra was appointed to the newly created position of Chief Corporate Development Officer of Amaya. Mr. Chhabra will lead and oversee Amaya's corporate development function focusing on mergers and acquisitions. He will reporting to Ashkenazi who is bending the company back into shape slowly but surely. Diversifying past poker online casino games and sports book accounted for 27 per cent of sales, up from 21 per cent over last year.

Amaya has a reputation for technology-based products and services in the global gaming and interactive entertainment industries and is a massive undertaking with many different products and 17 jurisdictions to manage. Ashkenazi’s strategy is to pay down the enormous debt the company has been managing handling it with care. Keeping a firm this diverse in a declining poker market has been a struggle especially with the uncertainty surrounding the online gambling market in the USA. The Amaya brands have more than 108 million cumulative registered customers globally and collectively are the largest internet poker room in the world. Amaya Gaming also offers other gaming products, which include casino, sports book and daily fantasy sports rounding out the firm’s commitment to total online gambling entertainment.

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Legal Online Poker Possible In the Empire State

The issue of legality for the online gambling industry in the many US jurisdictions is changing rapidly as numerous states such as New York, South Carolina and others are making efforts to expand their respective gambling markets by introducing online betting. Legislative bills pertaining to gambling rules to include internet betting have been introduced in both New York State and tourist oriented South Carolina known as The Palmetto State.

Massachusetts has also come into the modern age of wagering with its announcement by State Treasurer Deborah Goldberg that the government there plans to introduce legislation and studies on internet gambling. Goldberg said in January “Between the impending arrival of [Massachusetts] casinos, increasing competition from daily fantasy sports, the overall shift to online versus point-of-sale transactions, and our ageing lottery demographic, we have no choice but to pursue new solutions,”

It appears after the press release of May 11th the Empire State New York has made a giant leap in efforts to legalised online poker after a bill that would do just that advanced to the Senate. It was reported that the New York Senate Finance Committee this week passed Sen. John Bonacic's Online Poker Bill S 3898 by a positive vote of twenty seven to nine. The Senate Racing, Gaming and Wagering Committee also approved the bill in a unanimous vote.

Poker players in the State of New York are delighted with the results but will probably have to wait a bit longer because as with all legal issue they take time. The amendments to this particular legislation include proposals to classify some types of poker games, as skill and make them legal online in the state. Ten operators will be offered a license for the New York online poker market. Intestate gambling compacts for legalised online poker is also part of the bill.


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Online Gambling Strategy Defined

The strategy needed to win at online gambling involves a number of approaches. Fooling oneself into believing the slot machine is about to payout can drain the spirit as well as the bank account in the blink of an eye. Random number generators are certified to be fair and operators know that slot machines are the best source of income for an online casino so they comply with the standards set by regulatory bodies.

Playing against the house online is a difficult path to win with. Winning at "online" roulette or blackjack is very hard as it is all random.  Sports betting is also difficult to win at because the bookies have the best researchers and computer programs working on the odds. The point spreads, outright winners, and over/under bets available online, where the house takes a cut of usually 4 percent or less are configured to favour the predictions of the books. Player props are more likely to have lines that are not completely accurate, but these types have small betting limits and more of a cut to the books of 5 percent or more.

Choosing a skill based game that has an element of luck can take more time to get good at but the online gambling rewards may be greater. Poker being a very popular skill based gambling activity that some professional poker players make a tidy sum at. While beating the house is like lottery it is near impossible the next best step is wagering against other people directly. The category includes poker, direct wagering, and fantasy sports for example. Skill based wagering does require some skill and some gamblers are naturals that know how to access the incredible resources available at online gambling portals such as Taking the time to learn the games can lead to a satisfying and sometimes rewarding online gambling experience.

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Red Tiger Gaming Content Added to PokerStars Casino

Consumers of online gambling products are loyal to a brand once they see that the brand, like a fine wine, is getting better with age. When investors purchased the PokerStars enterprise for billions of dollars they put their money into a company that had some experience both good and bad and a name.

Amaya Gaming is a firm committed to making its products more available with a positive approach to customer loyalty development. A new content deal with Red Tiger Gaming will see the PokerStars Casino expand its portfolio of entertainment products. Red Tiger Gaming Limited is headquartered in Douglas, Isle of Man since 2014 and has a veteran crew of innovative thinkers making Red Tiger a force in the industry entirely dedicated to continuously improving the player experience.

Amaya has the foresight to see the need for expanding the customer’s choice and keep the offerings lively.

The Director of PokerStars Casino Operations, Bo Wänghammar, commented, “We are proud to be launching Red Tiger Gaming products on PokerStars Casino. The partnership demonstrates our on-going dedication to supplying our players with the highest quality content in the industry for an unbeatable experience. The addition of having more Red Tiger Gaming products launched throughout the year, with exciting progressive jackpots is key to our ever-strengthening product portfolio.”

Carl Ejlertsson Account Director, of Red Tiger Gaming also commented on the deal, "We are delighted to be supplying PokerStars with our games. We believe our proven success of online casino development will enhance PokerStars’ journey to becoming operators of the world’s largest online casino. We look forward to a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship.”

PokerStars Casino and its parent Amaya Gaming has stepped up the action with other content deals with Microgaming and NYX recently. The addition of more quality content again points to a strategy for consumer attraction in a very competitive environment.




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BELATRA’s New Online Enterprise Powered By SoftSwiss

The old school gambling industry has been coming into the digital age with remarkable success much to the delight of internet punters. A leading and well established manufacturer of gambling equipment and software BELATRA is now making the move to the online gambling industry. Since 1993 the company from the Republic of Belarus with offices in the USA the Czech Republic Latin America and Russia has been producing high end gambling machines and software for the industry. Now the firm has decided it is time to venture into the world of digital gambling choosing SoftSwiss to power BELATRA’s new online enterprise.

The software provider SoftSwiss was launched in 2008 to develop online auction software. Headquartered in Curacao with software developed in Belarus, SoftSwiss has been developing its online casino software platform since September of 2012. SoftSwiss’s advanced solution game aggregator, provides more than 2000 game varieties which is always expanding.

Ivan Montik, Chief Executive Officer at SoftSwiss said, “Trying to be at the forefront of the iGaming business, we are always open for new partnerships, especially those with the recognized market players. The fact that BELATRA is launching its games online for the first time with SoftSwiss shows a lot of trust of the industry leading game developer and means a lot to casino operators using our software”.

The move to the digital gambling market for the previously land based manufacturer of gambling machines is a major step into the future for the firm. Management at BELATRA feel the time is right to expand into the virtual betting space. The collection of games includes more than 100 varieties including slots, video poker, hi-lo, roulettes, and others. Latin America and Russian have proven to be the major markets for BELATRA equipment. The exclusive partnership agreement the two companies have signed will benefit both the companies and the consumer.


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Online Gambling Problem Help Available 24/7

It can be easy to find help if there is a problem in one’s life but hard to engage with that help. Seeking encouragement to slow the game down for some people is a big part of the solution to the problem. Waiting for the right moment to change a bad habit as card players say knowing when to fold can be tense adding unnecessary stress on the situation. Making the move to find help for issues like spending too much time on the internet and not paying attention to work that needs doing can be the best thing ever for the pocketbook and health.

Online gambling is a serious entertainment trend that has pitfalls and fallout from the process of having some fun. For the majority of players online gambling is a harmless entertaining pastime. The industries attention to identify the issues created by too much advertizing for internet betting will ensure its future success and government oversight. The industry has a certain amount of reliability when it comes to honesty and providing information on the need for intervention and the warning signs of a hidden gambling issue. The secretive aspect of the internet and online gambling’s availability 24/7 anywhere makes the activity easy to hide and easy to participate in with a no limit on beverages or intoxicants.  

Gambling in Europe is a major activity and is estimated to be worth more than EUR 84.9 billion. According to research, the industry registers a growth rate of 3% annually, one of the highest growth rates anywhere on the planet.

Online gambling has grown in popularity due to the accessibility of the services and more than 6.8 million people are involved in gambling within the European countries. Many terrestrial gambling operators are now offering online services for those who need help 24/7. There is no need to be a victim to irresponsible activities that can do harm.


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143rd Kentucky Derby A.I. Assisted Predictions Revealed

Horse race betting is completely legal across the United States on a federal level and a very exciting two minutes of horse racing the 143rd Kentucky Derby is running today May 6th 2017. Churchill Downs, the racetrack that hosts the Kentucky Derby, also owns an online gambling company called Twinspires that will allow punters to bet on today’s race.

Twinspires offers a number of opportunities for each race, there are three most basic bets. Win wager: The horse you choose must win the race in order for you to win. Place wager: You win if your horse finishes in the top two and a Show wager where you win if your horse finishes in the top three.

The use of artificial intelligence to make a bet has been popular for a few years now with bettors waiting patiently to make their wagers after the computers do the job. In 2016, Unanimous A.I. used a technology called “swarm intelligence” to coordinate a group of racing fans to correctly predict the Kentucky Derby superfecta with the swarm intelligence beating 540-to-1 odds.  Now, the A.I. application has revealed its predictions for the 2017 race.

Founder of the A.I. program Dr. Louis Rosenberg described the prediction method, “A swarm of bees is an emergent intelligence that’s faced with a really challenging problem,” Rosenberg continued, “Every spring, a full colony of bees splits in two. A group of about 10,000 bees now has to find a new home.” Scientists  discoveredhow the bees were doing this, and it turns out their swarming approach to problem-solving looks a lot like the function of neurons in the brain. Dr. Rosenberg has created a similar approach for the Unanimous A.I. program. The program prediction has a confidence level of 75 percent that Classic Empire will take the win while McCracken, Irish War Cry, and Always Dreaming will come into the first four places. Unanimous A.I. did predict the results correctly last year and maybe again in 2017.





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PKR Poker Room Shutters Its Offering Due to Finances

Online poker rooms have been coming and going since the internet betting business began. It is not that often though that a reputedly stable online poker venue decides to close its doors because of financial difficulties. A statement sent by online gaming software provider Microgaming revealed that poker room PKR is offline indefinitely due to money issues.

Launched more than ten years ago, PKR has had a good run with a reputation as a standalone poker room that changed with the addition last February of the Microgaming Network, now MPN providing greater access to the current player pool. The owners PKR Ltd. and PKR Technologies Ltd. are currently taking financial advice to consider the options for the firm’s future.

PKR is based in Alderney and holds a license to operate from the Alderney Gambling Control Commission and licenses from gambling regulators located in the UK and Denmark. In 2007 PKR made a deal with online software provider Playtech which became the only platform provider for the company. In 2012 PKR had expanded its customer base to more than five million online international players.

Before joining the Microgaming network MPN PKR had a unique blend of homemade 3D software that created characters customized to emulate the emotions and moves of the player’s choice. This feature was PKR’s calling card for many participants in the PKR poker room. After the connection was established with the Microgaming-powered poker network, PKR retained some of the previous attributes of its own software while offering existing players a chance to reach a larger player pool.

The future of the company is in the hands of administrators who will be forthcoming with information about the poker room and where it will head form this point. Financial problems are fixable with investors looking to help turn around a situation such as the one PKR is caught up in.  





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playMGM To Feature GVC Online Betting Content

The introduction of online gambling in the Garden State of New Jersey has had a slow start to what is becoming a stable growing enterprise. Online betting in America has seen some amazing interest in the early days when companies from all over the world were giving gamblers the opportunity anywhere in the USA. The prohibition, in 2006, when legislation known as the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act was passed by the American government things changed dramatically for the online gambling industry. This created a great deal of confusion about the legality of online gambling in the US and many poker gambling sites closed their doors to American customers.

Some of the terrestrial casinos in the USA are making an effort to rejuvenate the gambling city of Atlantic City which includes offering internet betting. One of the large investors in the Atlantic City gambling market is the MGM Resorts International which owns a 50 percent stake in the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa. The casino hotel features 2,002 rooms and is the largest hotel in New Jersey. Borgata opened in July 2003 and is the top-grossing casino in Atlantic City.  MGM Resorts International has announced a deal with GVC Holdings to launch an online poker room and casino in New Jersey via the new playMGM brand.

GVC Holdings a multinational sports betting and gaming group has provided software and other services to MGM’s Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa and has also powered Borgata’s online casino and poker products since online gaming was regulated in New Jersey in November 2013.

Shay Segev, Chief operating officer of GVC, commented, “We are delighted to extend our relationship with MGM Resorts and to be launching casino and poker under the playMGM brand in New Jersey.

“MGM Resorts is quite simply one of the biggest and best names in the business, and we look forward to working with them for many years to come.”


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Mr Green Expands Into Denmark's Online Gambling Market

Based in Denmark, Dansk Underholdning Limited owns and operates bingo and casino games and it is now as of April 26th 2017 part of the Mr Green online betting company. Mr Green has been looking at entering the online gambling market in Denmark and has now taken a big step in that direction with this acquisition that was set out back in February. The company it has taken the reigns of is a mover and shaker multi-branded operator. Dansk Underholdning Limited range of gaming brands includes, and recently acquired

The acquisition completion announcement of Dansk Underholdning coincided with Mr. Green’s financial results for its first quarter of 2017. The results were good for the quarter with revenue coming in at SEK276.1 million representing an increase of 26.4% over the same period last year.

Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation rose 13.4% with a margin of 12.4%, compared to 13.8% in last year’s first quarter earnings. Mr Green did note however that earnings per share, before and after dilution for the first quarter, came to SEK0.53, which was down on last year’s results of SEK0.68.

The company Mr Green has acquired has been busy building its reputation with partnership agreements such as the one with NYX its online casino games platform and its partners via the NYX Open Gaming System back in February of 2016.

Terms of the new arrangement with Dansk Underholdning are being kept private, although Mr Green did suggest it expects the deal will be good for earnings per share and operating cash flow this year 2017.

Chief executive officer of Mr Green, Per Norman, said, “This is a part of our strategy of expanding to new geographic markets.” Adding, “Since our focus is to expand in locally regulated markets, an establishment in Denmark is a natural step.”


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