The board of directors for World Poker Tour Enterprises put the brakes on quickly when they heard the announcement made by Mandalay Media, Inc that it has increased its proposal to acquire WPT for $36.5 million, consisting of $28.5 million in cash, $5 million in Mandalay Media stock and perpetual revenue participation rights, guaranteed to be at least $3 million. The estimated value to shareholders per share is $1.77, including the guaranteed portion of the revenue participation rights. The proposal represents a premium of approximately 61% over the closing price of WPT`s common stock on October 26, 2009 and a premium of approximately 28% over the implied value at closing of WPT`s pending asset sale with Peerless Media Ltd. a subsidiary of PartyGaming.

Mandalay`s Co-Chairman Robert Ellin stated in a letter to the WPT's board of directors that Mandalay proposal is a "Superior Proposal." Mandalay stated that the proposed asset sale with Peerless provides no payment or distribution of any kind to WPT`s shareholders. The Mandalay proposal would provide significant cash and stock directly into the hands of WPT shareholders.

Mandalay Media is a publisher and distributor of branded entertainment for 3G mobile networks as well as TV programming and games. It has a network for distribution through one hundred and twenty mobile operators in forty five countries. The Mandalay Media offer looks very promising for share holders of WPTE. Mandalay has is ready and very capable of delivering a superior experience for the poker player. It has a team of experts that are making efforts to tap into the mobile and social networking components of playing poker online. Existing platform technologies as well as the firm's existing contracts and contacts will propel the WPT into a new era of connectivity. All this sounds almost too good to be true for poker players and the shareholders. Mandalay Media states this is not a binding agreement but urges the Board of Directors for WPTE to move quickly on this proposal.

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The online gambling company PartyGaming was dealt a severe blow recently when it's co-founder decided he would sell his stake in the firm. Analysts in the world of finance have weighed in with various opinions and are now coming to a consensus on the company's prospects in the market. It was noted by one analyst while the shares have suffered in recent sessions, the outlook for the group "has not deteriorated". This seems mainly due to the a situation developing in Germany where the state of Schleswig-Holstein has announced it wants to opt out of the Interstate Treaty on Gambling, which prohibits internet gambling. A little less than twenty percent of PartyGaming's revenue was from sources in Germany in 2008.

"The treaty needs to be unanimously ratified in January 2012 if it is to continue," one broker continued. The company has been on a slide since the huge sell off of it's shares. Brokers have had a hold ticket applied to the firm but now feel that the changes forthcoming in other markets such as the USA for the PartyGaming product will boost revenues and create a stronger company. Most of the analysts are saying that the slide has gone a bit too far and are now proposing the stock be tagged as a buy product thus turning the tide in PartyGaming's favour. The stock in the company rose with this news by a modest 4p higher, at 228.9p in London. In August 2009 PartyGaming entered into an agreement with the US Department of Justice to pay a settlement of one hundred and five million dollars to avoid prosecution in that country. It is still unknown whether the company will try to enter the US market should it open up. It is speculated that this is the reasoning behind the settlement payment which is spread over a three year period.

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Tain AB has been around for a long time in the world of internet gaming. Since 1999 the technologically driven company has been developing platforms for online gaming as well as solutions for sportsbook operations. Expekt's sportsbook was built by this company and is considered a real success in the world of online sports betting. The betting exchange was developed by them too with casino games introduced back in 2003. Then Tain developed their own poker software and started the Tain Poker network in 2005 moving from being just a product provider for one company to being a full supplier of services, support, banking and promotions.

The Tain Commons Platform (TCP) will be expanded it’s product, by integrating white label sportsbook OddsMatrix. OddsMatrix, established in 2008, is part of the EveryMatrix group of companies that also includes GamMatrix, a vendor neutral gaming management and payment processing platform, providing all the required back office tools needed to manage player accounts effectively and also BanaMatrix. Clients of OddsMatrix include Chili Gaming, Tower Gaming, NoiQ, BetFriends and others.
Stian Hornsletten, Chief Executive Officer of OddsMatrix, said, “We believe this a great opportunity to gain access to new clients and grow our customer base. Tain has a unique set-up with poker and casino sites, which will greatly benefit from accessing our fully managed sportsbook.”

Tain Chief Executive Officer, Christer Fahlstedt commented, “With the Poker industry currently undergoing significant changes it is increasingly important for operators to have a full offering. A sportsbook is an additional customer acquisition and retention tool as well as a route to new markets. OddsMatrix has quickly established itself and will be a very interesting addition to the range provided by the Tain Commons Platform.” Tain AB, offers a full range of hosting and support services in multiple jurisdictions including Malta, Kahnawake and Curacao. Currently seventeen operators are live using the Tain TCP/TPG systems.

















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A company that specializes in the online gaming sector, Play LA Inc. operates a network of multi-language websites across the UK and Europe for those looking for the unique sports betting news and odds. The advertising and publishing company also provides gaming tips and advice, tournament information and promotions on various online gambling web sites.

The United Kingdom and European established publishing firm has announced on it’s website that it will partner with online betting company Betfair as an advertizing partner for the Breeders Cup horseracing event 2009 coming up on November the sixth and seventh at the Santa Anita Racetrack near Los Angeles California USA. Betfair has also recently confirmed a partnership with Tracknet Media to offer US pool betting access to Betfair's 2.5 million customers during the race. One of the primary focuses for TrackNet Media is enhanced wagering integrity. TrackNet Media headquartered in Louisville, invests significant resources to monitor the entities that have access to the companies’ racing content and wagering pools. TrackNet Media ensures content offered is being used appropriately and in ways that provide compensation to horsemen and racetracks that produce the content.

The Betfair, Tracknet agreement will be good for next year's Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes horseracing events that will generate millions of dollars in new revenue for American wagering pools. Play LA is confident that the Betfair offerings will make both companies more visible and profitable with their joint venture approach. Expecting the search volumes and traffic to increase significantly the company will gain revenue from it’s advertizing spots.

Play LA operating eleven websites in Europe and the UK has also recently hired UK based digital agency Branded3 to manage the search engine optimisation and marketing for three of it’s UK websites, and is looking to improve its search rankings and increase traffic.









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Sports are really hot these days in the online gambling world. Sportsbooks are surging with early bets on the exciting matches coming. The NBA championships and the World Series are the peak of the sports betting season. October’s end and November’s beginning marks the start of the busiest time of the year for both the wagers on sports websites and for punters around the globe. The NFL season which continues, and the MLB world series along with the best basketball has to offer makes the options for the punter enormous.

The Breeders' Cup stirs as gambler’s imagination as those horses usually do. In Europe the local soccer championships are under way, along with the UEFA tournaments. No matter the sport of choice for wagering the largest array of sports betting options are going to be available very soon.

Apparently the NFL season has been a right off for most sports books. Mainly due to really good odds offered by the books. Many gamblers took home sweet sums of cash as the predicable performances by some of the teams this year has caused the sports books major grief.

Sportsbooks are attempting to recover by trying to get bettors to put their money on other sports. The World Series this year is an outstanding battle between two outstanding baseball teams. Wagering on the series is expected to garner three times the attention it got last season. The NBA season is just going fine with many underdogs pulling ahead and giving the punter something to bet on. Horse racing is making gains in interest by more and more average bettors. The ponies still attract a solid group of hard core racing fans. European football is a mainstay of sports books worldwide. To attract the wagerers to other sports, bonuses are being offered and the competition is strong for your dollar. Place your bets wisely there is a lot to choose from.

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Online gambling sites are being stopped by being not allowed to make transactions with their customers. The federal government, continues to seize consumers funds and is using fear as a destructive tactic to get consumers to not play at online casinos. Accounts allegedly connected to online payments from casinos have been seized by officials. The Baltimore City Paper, recently reported that $365,000 in two accounts owned by Atrium Financial Groups were taken under warrant.

The affidavit within the warrant shows that there is a deliberate intent being made by the Federal Government of the USA to disrupt and prevent payment from Internet casinos. Issued by U.S. District Judge, Beth Gesner, this warrant is not sealed and is available to the public.

Bank accounts are being located by undercover agents requesting payouts from online gambling sites. In a sting operation an officer from the Louisiana State Police opened a gambling account with online Golden Casino, then requested a payout. This is how Atrium was detected.

The police from Louisiana total swamped the Golden Casino with many tries to enter the casino and gain an account. Golden Casino has a good reputation for keeping its debts paid and it well established record always within the law. Protective software did not keep the police from slipping in. The officials have seized the accounts of Atrium but allowed deposits to continue and debits refused. This will continue to fuel the fears that some online gamblers in the USA that the issue of online gambling will continue to be debated but in the mean time the customer must remember to beware the banks and payment companies may be a little slow in getting your cash back knowing that once the government has your money it takes just about forever to retrieve it.

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Recently in France the company Unibet lost it's fight in court with Fédération Française de Tennis (FFT), or the French Tennis Federation. The company was ordered to pay a fine of 1.3 million euros, a substantial sum of money.

Unibet is considering it's options and may take the action to the Supreme Court in France or seek another judgement from the European Court of Justice. In a quote obtained by Gaming Intelligence Paul Van den Bulck of McGuire Woods, the legal representative for Unibet said, “We are reviewing the decision. There are a lot of decisions about trade marks and gambling that have to be analysed.” With this ruling by the Court of Appeal legal opinion is now divided with those on the side of the gaming operators and others going with the sporting organizations. In the arguments against Unibet the FFT were successful in maintaining they have a monopoly on the profiting rights of their events. Unibet thought that the existing Code de Sport only covered audio-visual rights.

France's new legislation regarding online gambling will be affected by the decision creating a new right for sport betting. Unibet was also found to have infringed the FFT’s trademark. Unibets lawyer argued it was not the use of a trademark but the just the use of the football club name. Unibet has been successful in defending it's use of the name of the football clubs Juventus and Paris St.Germain.

Unibet which is headquartered in Malta is owned by the Nordic OMX was first established in 1997 and has since grown into the Unibet Group. Together with the Nordic region, Belgium, Netherlands and France constitute their key markets with approximately 18 percent market share in France. Through their website and other platforms including mobile phones and digital TV Unibet offers various products associated with online gambling such as sport odds, live betting, supertoto, various casino-games, poker and bingo. The company's turnover in 2008 was GBP 123.4 million, and claims over 3.1 million customers worldwide. As of January 2009, Unibet has registered customers from more than 150 countries. It is hoped the company will continue it's battle in the courts.



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GTECH is a leading gaming technology and services company. with 6,200 people working in over 50 countries. The firm provides innovative technology, creative content, and responsible service delivery to manage today’s evolving gaming markets. GTECH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lottomatica, one of the world’s largest commercial lottery operators. With it's recent introduction of a new division called GTECH G2 the company is bringing together an offering of interactive games and services, from some of the world’s leading gaming companies.

GTECH G2 provides core platform gaming engines, innovative content and flexible support services to operations of all sizes and maturity. GTECH G2 under one brand combines the expertise of GTECH and its extensive lottery knowledge with leaders in the internet gambling industry. GTECH G2 puts together talent and experience to offer flexible and efficient solutions.

GTECH G2 group, which includes Dynamite Idea, Finsoft, Boss Media and St. Miniver in its subsidiaries, has recently launched Casino 4.10, the newest software upgrade and games bundle. Announcing that the recent additions will go online with the likes of Sportingbet and Gaming VC soon in November with seven new games and upgrades to it management system.

Head of casino operations at GTECH Dominic Mansour, said of the launch, “Our acquisitions of Dynamite Idea, Finsoft, Boss Media and St. Miniver have added a group of stand alone games to the existing Boss Media core casino products”.

Casino 4.10 gives the industry improved liquidity as well as promoting a tighter social network and better and larger tournaments bonuses with increased flexibility. Management System upgrades allows for player data to be offered in a single aggregate form giving operators a safe and fast ability to customize the offering to a huge variety of customers. The seven new games are all powered by the software update’s new slot machine and video poker engines, also supporting additional currencies on demand in addition to Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling transactions, and caters for in excess of twenty languages.



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Watercooler, founded by a team of social networking and community software professionals in Mountain View, California USA, in November 2006, was then considered to be just another application. Now the company is making a play with online gambling concern Betfair. The Australian operations of Betfair are about to put the some faith into the social networking supplier. The social networking application has enrolled 26 million punters in just 2 years in Australia, with the company boasting that it has 40 million worldwide connected sports and TV entertainment fans.

Watercooler's extensive network of online fan communities around sports and TV entertainment spanning the website with sites including Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo, Google, Bebo, Friendster, and hi5 makes this a comprehensive application second to none. Now the prospect of an online gambling community linked with like minded poker players, sports punters and others will enhance the gaming experience for everyone enjoying the social aspect of the games.

Back in August the company began offering fantasy football on Facebook. Bryan Bennett, Watercooler’s general manager of fantasy sports said back then about 15 million Americans play fantasy football, “and it made sense for us to develop the game further and leverage the Facebook communities,” Bennett added, “From a business perspective, brands want to be more contextual and integrated for users, and this addresses their needs because brands will be front and center.” English football enthusiasts are now utilizing Watercooler applications on Facebook. Watercooler makes it's money from advertising, subscriptions to premium content, including live score tallies and sports related goods.

Betfair is sure to benefit greatly by using this application to expand it's socially connected market. The efforts made by Watercooler thus far have given them a sure footing in the social networking world and they are experienced in providing what the new gambler likes and wants today.



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According to the Independent newspaper, Betfair and William Hill and unconfirmed Bwin are moving for licences in the jurisdiction of India. It's a little like a horse race, the thoughbreds are the post and ready for the gates to open. India is a huge and ready market for online gambling. These two seasoned businesses as well as others are primed for the action. India's growing population of 1.2 billion is also becoming some what wealthier in certain states. The Net has only come so far in rural areas, but is expanding in strides in the richer regions.

The region of India known as the Province of Sikkim will be the first area to offer online gambling licences. The Independent also reported there were thirteen companies competing for the possibility of three licences. It is expected that the granting of these licences in Sikkim will give the holders the ability to offer the services in the whole of India.

It is the law in India that any new initiatives in the country must have a local partner involved. The Independent reported that William Hill is rumoured to have talked with Global Torrent International, from Sikkim. Betfair, is thought to be partnering with Agilisys Managed Services.

Other potential licence holders have been keeping quiet for the most part, and it looks like some are waiting for the chips to fall before jumping in. There is a great deal of uncertainty related to the permits. The questions are many, how will Sikkim roll out it's regulations for the permits, will it permit multi state operations, will the people in Sikkim benefit from the introduction of the licences? These are a few examples of the hurdles that follow the obtaining of the permits. It is a potentially massive market that is going to go to the companies that have hit the ground running.



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