There are dozens of card counting systems out there for Blackjack, systems like the Red Seven or the KO Count don't require a true count conversion but the Hi Lo Card counting system takes a bit of learning. In the movie '21' students from MIT the well known academic institution in the USA decided they would learn the Hi Lo system and play at the Las Vegas casinos and try their best to beat the dealer.

Now as we all know movies are movies and are not always as factually accurate as we would like. All card counting systems rely on statistics to provide a player with the advantage over the house. When there is a greater chance of getting high card from the shoe, the player gains the advantage. The casino must hit below 17 and has a greater chance of going bust if there is a high percentage of ten cards in the shoe. Card counting seeks to capitalize on this fact by keeping a simple history of the cards played. The idea is to bet more when you have the edge.

In the Hi Lo system you begin a running count at zero when the cards are shuffled and placed into the shoe. For each card played, you add a corresponding point value to the running count. For the Hi Lo Card Counting system, the points go as follows, card face value of 2 through 6 = -1 point, card face value of 7 through 9 = 0 points, card face value ten through king, and the ace cards = +1 point.

With the Hi Lo Card Counting system, you must convert the running count to a true count. You calculate the true count by dividing the running count by the number of decks left in the shoe. The true count is what you use determine when you adjust your wager. To determine how many decks are in the shoe, you estimate the number of decks in the discard pile and subtract that number from the number of decks in play. Really, card counting offers only a slight edge over the casino. The best way to learn to card count quickly and for free is to go online and let the computer teach you card counting while you play.



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The London International Gaming Expo, ICEi is coming up soon in January of 2010. Plans are in place to host the Gaming expo and it is attracting a greater percentage of online gambling operators than ever before. Veteran gaming expo presenters Clarion Gaming expects IGE’s remote gaming exhibition participation to grow by 13.4 percent over last years stats.

This coming January from the twenty sixth to twenty eighth, the Earls Court Exhibition Centre will be the scene for one of the online gambling industry’s biggest events. Organisers from Clarion Gaming report that the event already has seen no less than forty four companies from twenty jurisdictions confirming show debuts at ICEi. That’s a big difference in numbers from 2009 say event promoters.

These newcomers will join a wide range of blue chip brands in remote gambling adding that extra portion of excitement to an already established event. New exhibitors will include Apex Asia, Auctionbringer, Betgenius,, Bettracker, Big Bang, Blue Ash Holdings, Certus, Contact Advisory Services, DOW Networks, Ecapay, e-Management, eToro, Euro Engineering, Everymatrix, Fair Champions, Fenlex Corporate Services, Gaming Solutions, Glue Finance, Iforium, Income Access, inpay, JBC, Kahnawake Gaming Commission, Laverock Von Schoultz, Living It Loving It, Mamo TCV Advocates, Numbers Play Hungary, Otto Malta, Pan-Index, Press Association Sport, Random Consulting, RSM Malta, RunningBall, Safenames, SecureBet, SGS Universal, Sherriffgaming, Star Partners, Studio 7 Productions, Tote Direct,, Vasco Data Security and Vuetec. Some of these new kids on the block are possibly going to be up there counting their lucky stars and making a lot of the gambling public happy they came on board.

The Expo will give these groups valuable contacts and networking knowledge that only an international gathering can provide. The expert advise from the older established online operators is invaluable and time saving for those looking for answers to all their operational questions.



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Sometimes lightning does strike twice in the same place. That’s the case for the latest lottery winner in South Africa. A South African businessman has found that lady luck smiled on him two times in seven years. The married thirty four year old gambler took a huge 30 million SA Rands home after coming up with the winning combination of numbers in the recently introduced Powerball lottery. The once in a lifetime experience was not so for the winner, who wishes to remain without an identity for now, as he won the Tatta Ma Chance lottery just a lucky seven years before. That eleven million SA Rand went to reinvesting at least 100 SA Rand a month on lottery tickets.

The mega win was one that defies logic as the odds were massive for a second time win. Taking home the first big win was one that over came fourteen million to one odds, but the second win was pegged at twenty four million to one odds. Spectacular really and case of what some are calling real luck. The lottery office in Johannesburg welcomed the winner and was surprised to hear he had beat the huge odds before. The quick pick ticket with a random selection of seven numbers was checked first at a local Limpopo province outlet. The now rich person said he would be securing the future for his four children and would then hopefully spend a portion of the prize in establishing a charity to help poor and hungry Africans. A spokesperson from the lottery corporation commented

"We offered to pick him up, but he decided to drive to our headquarters. We couldn't believe how calm he was.” Most people hope they win but to win twice in seven years that’s a different score. It is good to know the money will go to aiding a worth while cause.




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Playtech the world’s largest publicly traded online gaming software supplier, that offers cutting edge, value-added solutions to the online gaming industry's top operators. is based on a deep and stable partnership foundation with success based first and foremost on a commitment to achieving excellence through cooperative discourse with clients. They believe that the practice of fostering open channels of communication with licensees is the best means of generating profitability, as it enables them fine tune  management tools and product lines to suit the customers’ specific requirements. Playtech has established its presence in growing markets both geographically and in terms of product development by delivering comprehensive best of breed solutions to its market and developing a dynamic and diversified business model. The client-centric design of the Playtech gaming system provides operators with added value, and facilitates the optimization of their business performance.

Now Playtech will power a new casino 21 Nova Casino which will replace old favourite 32Vegas Casino. 21Nova Casino has much more to offer with a top-class customer-loyalty scheme that rewards gamers for each bet carried out and unbeatable welcome bonuses. Roulette, baccarat, black jack and more, together with a wide range of slot machines and video-poker, and live dealer games are all available through the new 21 Nova Casino.

The Playtech software’s sophisticated technology which ensures players can enjoy complete transparency and security during their time online; safe in the knowledge that cards are dealt randomly, slot machine line combinations are totally random, and it is the same for all available games. A product range of more than 90 games with more being added constantly this new casino deserves a try.

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Ladbrokes has been around in the world of gambling for a long time now and is now also being recognized as a good sustainable business. Ladbrokes has been ranked as a world leader in sustainability by the DJSI. Launched in 1999, the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes are the first global indexes tracking the financial performance of the leading sustainability-driven companies worldwide. Based on the cooperation of Dow Jones Indexes, STOXX Limited and SAM they provide asset managers with reliable and objective benchmarks to manage sustainability portfolios. Currently more than 70 DJSI licenses are held by asset managers in 16 countries to manage a variety of financial products including active and passive funds, certificates and segregated accounts. In total, these licensees presently manage over 8 billion USD based on the DJSI. SAM is a Swiss organization that takes care of billions of Euros in funds that was the first carbon neutral company in Switzerland since 2001.

Ladbrokes was one of three hundred and seventeen companies recognised in the index. Corporate governance, risk management, branding, climate change mitigation, supply marketing standards and labour policies are all part of the criteria used by the DJSI to judge participants in the index. Using the Industry Classification Benchmark as a baseline general and industry specific sustainability issues are analysed in the 58 sectors defined. Ladbrokes was praised in the index for its human resources practices, anti-money laundering and crime prevention policies and security systems, promoting responsible gambling and eco friendly operational standards. One of only two online gambling operations listed in the index Ladbrokes has come out on top in the world wide competition.

Chief Executive Officer of Ladbrokes Christopher Bell commented on the recognition from the DJSI. "Corporate responsibility runs through everything we do and I'm pleased that Ladbrokes has been recognised as the top ranked gambling company in the world in this area."



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Gov. Jon S. Corzine has decided he won't give up the fight to bring legalized sportbetting to New Jersey despite his recent loss to Republican rival Chris Christie. A federal judge allowed Corzine until Nov. 12 to file a complaint against a 17-year ban on sports betting, overruling resistance from the Department of Justice. “We’ll continue to move forward and file the necessary court papers by the due date,” said Robert Corrales, a spokesman in the governor’s office. adding, “It will be up to the incoming governor to decide if he would want to proceed.”

The now former governor Corzine filed a motion last April in support of a lawsuit arguing that a federal ban on sports betting in New Jersey and 45 other states is unconstitutional.

State Sen. Raymond J. Lesniak, the Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association, and three horse racing groups filed the original motion in March. Corzine stated then “We must do everything in our power to ensure both the casino and horse racing industries in New Jersey remain competitive, especially during the national economic recession,” The motion suggests that the federal Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act puts New Jersey at an economic disadvantage. Allowing sports wagering would garner more than $100 million a year in revenue for the state, besides jobs and a boost for tourism at its casinos and racetracks.

Sports betting is permitted in Delaware, Montana, Nevada and Oregon the chairman of the Washington, D.C.-based Interactive Media Entertainment & Gaming Association Inc. Joe Brennan Jr., said, adding, “New Jersey could potentially become a hub for online gambling in the U.S.,” and that sufficient demand for such recreational activity has so far been “off-shored.”

Brennan pointed to the example of San Jose, Costa Rica stating it has become the “the Silicon Valley of Central America” Hundreds of online gaming companies and related activities like processing and network technology have created tens of thousands of jobs.

“They certainly can do that in New Jersey,” Brennan said, adding that the state could tap into its “well-educated and technically trained work force, and access to the financial center of New York City.”



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Virtue Fusion the software company from Aldernay is a little surprised at their recent loss of an important account. Winner of the Best Bingo Software 2009 accolade Virtue looses out to Microgaming as the software provider of choice for Jackpot City Bingo. Virtue Fusion develops Bingo and networked gaming solutions for the online gaming industry, primarily contracting with existing online gaming operators, bookmakers, land-based operators and media companies. Virtue Fusion Alderney is one of the world's leading developers and licensors of Internet bingo products. It has a big network of key operators and peak traffic of over 7,000 concurrent players driving over €100,000,000 in total stakes per month.

Jackpot City hasn't really changed much from the pastel pink design concept other than of course the new Microgaming software and the generous welcome bonus package for new players who are now being treated to £25 free and a 200% bonus, up to £200 on initial deposits. Repeat deposits are now also rewarded with a 25% reload bonus every time.

"Everything we do at Jackpot City Bingo is designed to create a fun and exciting bingo experience based in an unrivalled community. Microgaming offers industry-leading features and functionality. They offer more chances to win. Basically, they’re our ideal partner, offering the technology needed to enhance our community and our reputation as a great place to play online bingo." The Jackpot City Bingo spokesperson stated.

The CEO at Virtue Fusion, Bob McCulloch, said in an nice way, "It is always sad to see an operator go, but we are very happy with our product range and have signed some of the biggest names in the gaming industry in the past six months. We received the Best Bingo Software prize at this year’s Annual Bingo Summit and deals with the likes of Endemol and Mecca have enabled our clients to show case the best bingo products anywhere in the world. We enjoyed a good working relationship with Jackpot City and wish them well for the future."



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The Gambling Affiliate Union (GAU), came into existence recently with the announcement that the organization has 100 affiliates already as members. Organisers of this Union have a goal to expand that number ten times in the next six months and to five thousand within a year.

Affiliate marketers are in a very competitive and tough world. Online gambling is a constantly changing industry that only strong and informed affiliates can survive in. Research and web site updates are time consuming and difficult but are required work in order for a business to stay ahead of the trends and to remain current. Affiliate programs are also a source of problems for affiliate accounts as arguments and disputes emerge regarding performance based rates of pay. There are problems with conditions and terms of agreements that are altered without negotiation after agreed upon contracts are signed. There have been many disputes over delays of payments to affiliates that groups like the Gambling Affiliate Union suggests may require legal action to resolve.

The initiatives for the formation of the Gambling Affiliate Union are spearheaded by Paul White, a UK-based online poker affiliate, and Paula Bliss, an affiliate promoting online casinos based in Northern America. Mr. White said, “I get extremely annoyed at times about how affiliates are treated and how they get walked over by some affiliate programmes. That is really the principle behind this: to make sure that affiliates get a fair deal from affiliate programmes. United, we have a stronger voice.” adding, “We’re not here to police affiliates and make demands that nobody works with certain programmes, because that would be counter-productive by making it hard to talk to the affiliate programmes. But we are willing to take legal action to protect members if absolutely necessary," GAU is intended as an arbitration service and is willing to take legal action against affiliate programs that repeatedly fail to pay affiliates or decline to negotiate.













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MECN and law firm Horten Group have joined forces to develop a new report that delivers full and comprehensive analysis of the opportunities available in the Danish online gambling market.

The consulting and research firm MECN and the Horten team say in the report that Denmark is a front runner in both Scandinavia and the European Union. They have suggested that Denmark is making the country a liberal one in response to the growing need for legalization of internet gambling activities they say will easy pressure from the European Commission. Denmark goes as far as to say it is the government's intention to open the doors to other wagering operations such as land based casinos in Denmark.

The report from the cooperative group also suggests that Denmark may be seen as a proving ground for other countries in Scandinavia and the E.U. that are considering altering their monopoly based and protectionist policies regarding online gambling. Interestingly other nations within the EU are looking at the Danish policies as a model for the implementation of taxation and levies for the independent operators and how the government will respond to the social impact of online gambling on their citizens.

It was pointed out in the extensive report that those online gaming operations looking at participation in the new liberal approach offered in Denmark will gain valuable experience and receive a reputation for being compliant and solid. The ability to partner with more than one country in the region could also be of great benefit to those companies working within Denmark.

The process and total content of the new draft legislation in Denmark is analysed in depth with specific detail being given to the market in all it's sectors including the lottery, internet gambling, slot machines, and casino games. Market analysis is provided in the research form 2008 numbers including legal regulatory requirements and tax specs.



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English Premier League, Liverpool Football Club has become another team to receive sponsorship from an online betting firm in the UK. Announcing it has a partnership with 188BET the Liverpool Football Club deal will run for a three-year trial period. The other English Premier League club to sign with an online betting operator is championship team Manchester United. The large betting exchange firm Betfair is their partner in football sponsoring.

Liverpool’s commercial director, Ian Ayre said of the deal with 188BET, “Given 188BET’s presence in Asia, we will develop a number of initiatives that will mutually benefit our respective organizations,”

This is 188Bet’s fifth such agreement signed with various other English teams. The online gambling firms out to sponsor football is becoming common place in the UK, Italy and Spain. The Isle of Man-based company 188BET is keeping up with what many see as a growing trend in advertising for online wagering. The Chief Executive Officer of 188BET, Andy Scott, stated, “I would expect online gaming sponsorship to grow. Online gaming has been subject to the economic downturn, but it’s been a little bit more resilient than other industries, so it is an industry that has cash in its pocket and an opportunity to invest.” adding, “As a global company, being able to hook up with such a global product as Premier League football is perfect.”

Fans of football in Asia can while watching live Premier League matches bet on the internet. 188BET is expected to gain interest from those clients through billboard adverts at games in both English and Asia languages. English Premier League football is thought to be the hottest sports product on the market today. Liverpool’s partnership with 188BET comes on the heals of a four year agreement with Standard Chartered Bank, thought to be worth, £80 million that will let the bank sponsor the club starting in 2010. This is the biggest sponsorship deal that the club has ever made.








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