The Czech republic is one of the most progressive countries in Europe with laws that are current and fair. One exception seems to be the laws regarding gambling. While 2009 was a record year for online gambling sites in the Republic owners of the web sites were not particularly happy with the results. They claim the outcome should have been much better blaming the second rate returns on outdated gambling laws and a less than respectable execution of the existing regulations. It was suggested that offshore online gambling sites were taking away players at the expense of the Czech operations. Unfair taxation is the most discussed issue among local firms, with licensed legal operators having to comply with a higher than normal tax regime within the Czech regulatory framework. This makes competing with offshore operators nearly impossible for the local online gambling industry. Lubomír Ježek spokesperson for Tipsport the Czech Republic's most profitable betting agency commented, "It is an incredible situation," adding, "We have to pay all the fees and taxes on one hand, and, on the other, we have to compete with bookmakers who do not have any such obligations to pay taxes here."

Larger advertising budgets from offshore companies offering online gambling in all forms have been targeting the Czech player with success making for a hostile and frustrated environment in the Republic. Local operators have been voicing their frustrations to government officials asking for changes and getting nowhere fast.

Jakub Haas a spokesperson for the Czech Finance Ministry said, "A new gaming bill has been on the table for a number of years, but with no success," adding, "The new bill attempts to create common principles for all the types of gambling, so online gambling would not be otherwise disadvantaged." Licensed online gambling firms in the Czech Republic have to pay a premium thirty percent tax over and above other taxes as well as having to contribute to social programs for the public good.








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The Swedish online gambling software provider Net Entertainment has posted a huge increase in it's profits according to recent financial statements from the company. The surprisingly successful report stated that after taxes were paid, profits were up a full 35 percent over last year. The operational profits were posted at an even higher rate moving the firm up 37 percent. Despite the hard times experienced by many online gambling operations Net Entertainment's revenue was up a remarkable 46 percent. All this translates into a happy management that is celebrating the success and hoping the momentum can be maintained. Johan Öhman Chief Executive Officer at Net Entertainment commented that the fourth quarter showed stronger performance than the third, and that the upward trajectory has continued into 2010. “We saw strong growth at the end of 2009 with a revenue growth of 12 percent during the fourth quarter compared to quarter three," Öhman explained to the press, "The increase was the result of organic growth by existing licensees. The number of game transactions increased by 23 percent during the same period. Combined, this result shows that there is a strong market development and demand for our products. This positive trend has continued in January 2010.” Mr. Öhman continued with his upbeat address, “We have a solid order backlog comprising, for example, Expekt and Microgame which, together with Sportingbet rolling out CasinoModule on additional geographical markets, will create new license revenues.

“The implementation of Seamless Wallet is ongoing with our major licensees. This functionality enables operators to place Net Entertainment's games in other parts of the web portal than the casino and thereby offer games to a larger share of their players, creating a foundation for increased gaming revenues from new player segments.

“CasinoCafé had positive development during the fourth quarter with increasing volumes; however, from a low level. Delta Invest continues the roll-out of CasinoCafe, which has been slower than expected, with focus primarily on the Ukraine market.”


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Warner Bros. Digital Distribution, has signed a multi-year licensing agreement with Microgaming, the well established software developer to create a series interesting video slots based on the popular The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. Tolkien’s world famous Lord of the Rings trilogy has been one of the most popular offerings to audience around the globe. Microgaming now has the right to develop online video slot games using animation material, themes and characters from The Lord of the Rings series. The Fellowship of the Ring, The Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers and The Lord of the Rings, and The Return of the King are all to be developed. A spokesperson for Mirogaming said, “It is a strategic and timely decision to secure exclusive, online video slot game rights to a trilogy that generated $3 billion in worldwide box office and was nominated for a total of 30 Academy Awards; of which they won 17, including Best Picture,” CEO at Microgaming, Roger Raatgever, commented, "We’re excited about creating state-of-the-art video slots from the best movie trilogy of the decade. We look forward to bringing The Lord of the Rings into the online gaming sphere, where our expertise in game quality and speed to market will ensure its success. The Lord of the Rings has a huge entrenched fan base with over 97 percent awareness of the film franchise, as well as phenomenal and unprecedented home video success.”  

Microgaming is always pushing the envelope by developing and maintaining a huge umber of games every year. The company is expected to launch it's usual number of internet games this month with offering that are timed perfectly with the action in the market. Winter Gold is a 5 reel 10 pay-line slot themed in time for the Winter Olympics, Love Potion, a lovely slot in time for Valentines day this month, and Hot Air, another new slot, which is themed on an aerial adventure aboard a hot air balloon.

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It is without a doubt a most controversial subject in most countries that are not licensing or regulating online gambling. In Canada in the province of Quebec on the Mohawk Nation's land within Quebec's borders online gambling has been supported for years.


Ordinary Quebecers currently have access to approximately 2000 online gaming and gambling sites. It is suggested that without regulations the growth of this activity results in negative consequences both for players and the community. Representing about 1,200 croupiers at three of Loto-Québec's four land based casinos, Jean-Pierre Proulx of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, has said that the government move to open access to online gambling is going to impact the business in a negative way. He feels that poker revenues will suffer and existing casinos will have trouble competing with existing online operations that have millions of players around the world. Proulx and other CUPE members contend that Quebec's online gambling offering will contribute to problem gambling. He says trained casino staff can identify and offer help to problem gamblers while an online casino does not have the same safeguards. Jeffrey Derevensky, co-founder of McGill University's International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems, said "it is very easy to track behaviour" and follow a person's gambling habits online. He added "Loto-Québec has assured me that they will be popping up warning signs to people when it looks like they will be gambling excessively,"

Opposition Parti Québécois leader Pauline Marois, has been critical of the present government for allowing Finance Minister Raymond Bachand to start up an online gambling industry in the province. Marois stated she was, "very disappointed Loto-Québec chose this path," The minister defended his decision saying internet sites that now draw about $80 million a year will generate about $50 million from its online poker and sports betting operations in 2012. The President and CEO of Loto-Québec, Alain Cousineau, said, "Loto-Québec will apply its internationally-recognized expertise in responsible gaming and ... will introduce a number of control and prevention measures,"



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HeadsUp Entertainment International, is set to launch Canadian Poker Player. tv. a new entertainment source for the thousands of Canadian Poker players. It is estimated that there are over 3,500,000 poker players in Canada, a country which is now the second largest online revenue generating country in the world in the poker industry. The network will work with Heads-Up's publication, Canadian Poker Player Magazine to offer current content. HeadsUp President and CEO Kelly B. Kellner said, "Both the magazine and our online network will give players from across the country a forum and showcase as we strive to build new poker superstars."

Soon to begin in the land of snow will be the online poker channel that will start off by scheduling over 20 hours of programming from some of Canada’s biggest poker tournaments, featuring the game’s most famous players. Canadians will be watching Gavin Smith, Joe Hachem, Antonio Esfandiari, Phil Laak and Huck Seed play cards win or lose. The Canadian Open Poker Championships offers up great showmanship with Roger Sarna and Joe Hachem. Moving throughout the country the show will feature head to head games between 'Yukon' Brad Booth and popular Huck Seed. The Stampede Classic in Calgary Alberta Canada home of cowboys and oil men is going to be aired and studied. The new poker channel will present the documentary showcasing the Canadian Poker Tour’s Invitational Finals shot in the Dominican Republic., which is prominent online poker room and casino will be the first sponsor on the site with an impressive array of commercials to entice us to play. Exclusive offers during the promotional launch period over the next few months are also there to build up interest in the new Canadian Poker Channel. Kellner, is very optimistic about the future of the new online poker channel and believes the new venue will create a new era for Canadian poker marketing. “We believe we will see changes in the way sponsors react to their customers and having the ability to reach large scale audiences with on-the-spot promotions. I am excited to be able to deliver a medium for innovation of content delivery.”


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Mastercard will no longer be processing online gambling transactions according to the latest news on the web. According to various sources the action taken by Mastercard coincides with a Federal appeals court ruling recently upholding a contempt order for refusing to comply with a grand-jury subpoena levelled against two former online gambling payment processing companies. The blocking of all deposits made by US citizens linked to poker sites and online casinos will be imposed, immediately as Mastercard starts to comply with the eventual Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act enforcement. In what seems like a never ending problem for the financial institutions Mastercard has attempted before to block online transactions but were thwarted by gaming sites who were able to remove the code identifying the transaction from their sites. Mastercard’s last attempt to block gambling transactions lasted about 2 months before gaming sites were able remove the code making them invisible again. Doylesroom, Bodog, Absolute Poker, UltimateBet, Cake Poker Network and Sportsbooks will be affected by this action by the credit card giant.

Visa continues to be widely used in the US at online poker and casino sites but it has been suggested they are working on similar plan to refuse transactions from online gambling sites or players. This will not be the end of punting in America or gambling on your favourite poker site. Alternatives to credit card deposits are still available at most gaming sites with Echecks, Ewalletexpress and Usemywallet some of the most popular. The use of electronic cheques is also gaining usage, they are deposited directly with the online poker site. These are quick, usually free from charges, and they can also be used to withdraw cash. Other options like Fedex checks or bank wires are also often used by players on the net. With America's Superbowl football game, coming soon this move by Mastercard will surely cost them millions of dollars in lost fees.  

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Many people would like to try a slot machine or play a game of cards at an online casino but don't have a lot of cash to spare. The social person may want to get into a poker game online with friends but doesn't know how to play the game that well now has a way of getting up to speed or just have some fun.

If you are even looking for ways to have fun and be entertained without spending your hard earned money or leaving the comfort of your own home, try your hand at some of the free slots at an online casino of your choice. Many offer tips on how to play well and many offer play for free. This is a great way to enjoy the online gambling experience without the need to put it on the line. It is no wonder why so many people around the world play free slots at online casinos every day. The bonus is not only do you get to play the slot machines for free but you also have the chance to win a cash bonus. So whether you are a skilled online gambling veteran or new to the world of online casino gambling, free slots can take your stress away. The popularity of free casino games can be verified by the number of bonuses offered by the best online gambling operations who are working hard to give the custmer a tusted and exciting time in the world of online gaming. These games are sophisticated and very entertaining for all skill levels. Various online gaming websites keep you informed about the latest new software and games available. Gaming software companies introduce many games every month keeping the player always looking for the newest good time. When playing free slots, players get credited with points that are translated into prizes or a big draw for all those who are interested in real money gambling.

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The 2010 Winter Olympics, also known as the XXI Olympic Games, will be held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with some events being held in the neighbouring town of Whistler. The Winter Olympic Games gives the world wide athletic community a chance to promote international cooperation and excellence. The Winter Olympics are held every four years and features sports that require snow or ice. Sports included in the 2010 Winter Olympics are Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Bobsleigh, Cross-Country Skiing, Curling, Figure Skating, Freestyle Skiing, Ice Hockey, Luge, Nordic Combined, Short Track, Skeleton, Ski Jumping, Snowboard and Speed Skating. From February 12th to the 18th 2010 the world will be watching the best of the best athletes compete for the gold medal. The winter games were introduced back in 1924 and people have been wagering on them ever since. Online sports books are servicing the demand well with good insight into the way things are unfolding the punters are eager to place their bets on these exciting and competitive events. Millionths of a second on a bobsled run could change the outcome. Since the introduction of the internet, online sports betting on the Winter Olympics has proven much more convenient and more substantial than older traditional methods. Participants can access information about their favourite athletes and their current status instantly. International wagering has come to the Winter Olympics, with many online sports books ready to make betting as much as an event as the games themselves. It's a captivating show to watch the athletes giving us a great opportunity to support our country's team. Whether your wagering on favourites like figure skating, speed skating or Canada's beloved sport, ice-hockey it will be simple to find a sports book for all your needs on the net. The build towards the competition has been long coming as US snowboard team coach Peter Foley, said after the team was announced, "We are going into the 2010 Games with one of the strongest athletic line-ups possible. We're hoping to go into Vancouver and build on the successes we saw in 2006." The German’s look to pose the biggest threat to the Americans but with such a formidable team the US team will certainly enter the Olympics as the bookies favourites.

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The Doyles Room sponsored player Hoyt Corkins, has upset a few poker players in a takedown of the WPT, Southern Poker Classic event. Corkin an easy going Alabama native stood up to the onslaught of 208 players to become the latest WPT winner and take in over $700,000 in the process. He is a veteran of the WPT circuit playing now for a number of years and this recent win makes his total earnings over $3 million. Doylesroom professionals have been doing well and with this win are now really showing what they are made of. Corkin now moves into contention for the WPT player of the year award which would bring the Brunson team some added fame and fortune. Another of the team’s most successful online poker players, Chris “Moorman1” Moorman, has had a great start to his year without doing too much as one of his co-players Tyler Reiman, finished second in the PCA for $1.7 million, of which he was entitled to a hefty percentage. Poker’s hottest team is always on the lookout for talent and it looks like they have a strong team already.

Betfair's team is looking strong too with Annette “Annette15” Obrestad taking down one event at the Aussie Millions, putting her into the chip lead race for the final table at the main event. Doyles room should have snapped up the young lady and her talent earlier because now she is old enough to play anywhere in the world she will surely cause them some distress. The Norwegian youngster is going to show us all a thing or two about poker in the next little while as she is already putting things in a different light for some players. Stakes are getting bigger every day and the games just keep on getting more exciting to watch and play. Watching the young players strut their stuff, is interesting as it compares to the old school tactics presented by some seasoned professionals.

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The USA it is a tough environment for the anyone who is connected with the former online gambling businesses that used to go on in that country. Since the Federal government decided to shred the operations of internet gambling in the States various deals have been made for those caught up in the new rules. The department of justice has been getting millions of dollars from companies and individuals that are considered in violation of the ban on online gambling.

Federal indictments were imposed without any apparent fairness, at random, targeting the big players and small. The Department of Justice and federal prosecution have not only made life difficult for the actual gambling operators but have also made payment processors of transactions of gaming online pay the price of prosecution.

A three count indictment, including a conspiracy to operate an illegal gambling business, conspiracy to commit bank fraud, and conspiracy to engage in money laundering was levelled at CEO and owner of Account Services Corp and KJB Financial Corp., Douglas Rennick. These two payment processing firms with Rennick as head had been accused of processing payments for online casinos and poker rooms, which is illegal under the UIGEA. Rennick had allegedly transferred over $350 million dollars from the United States to international gambling sites.

Federal prosecutors are aiming collect $565.9 million dollars in forfeitures. Rennick had been held in contempt of court after refusing to comply with a grand jury subpoena. Rennick and his attorneys had argued that Rennick's companies could meet the subpoena with non-compliance, stating that this would violate Rennick's rights under the Fifth Amendment, an integral component of the Bill of Rights. Under the Fifth Amendment, Rennick is protected against self incrimination. According to the Wall Street Journal, a panel of judges stated. "We disagree and affirm the district court's contempt order," So now Mr. Rennick having lost his appeal will go to trial, with 30 years of jail time hanging over his head should he not be acquitted. 



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